Letting your phone get between you and your child

Screen time’s effect on young children is still largely not understood – but what is clear is distracted parents on their devices can make an impact.

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37 thoughts on “Letting your phone get between you and your child

  1. I know a kid that screams and cries and hits people when he doesn’t have his iPad to play roblox and his parents just let it happen and laugh about it. He’s a monster. He isn’t fun to be around at all. Usually kids are the most curious sweet little things that love to play and explore. He wants nothing of it. He just wants his iPad and he gets violent without it!!!!

  2. Baby cute shouldn't be exposed to the harmful consoles as they give harmful effects. The children has to be in an environment that hones their locomotive skills and abilities, to be able to do the things that they enjoy to do, such as playing, running, or walking at their rooms in order to develop a healthy well being and a good perspective about life.

  3. This is why no baby should be given a cell phone to play with before 5 yrs old. After that, it should be very limited. And when parents are on their phone, children should learn to be respectful and quit interrupting mom. There's nothing wrong with Jr learning to entertain themselves bc mom needs to reply to a text or email. That the problem these days bc kids rely way too much on mom and dad to entertain them instead of them entertaining themselves.

  4. being born in 2004, obviously i had a family tv where i watched a lot of like baby looney tunes, sesame street grew up watching a lot of shows like drake and josh, spongebob, icarly, etc. but never had a tv in my room until i was around either 7-9 and never got a phone until i was 13, almost 14. it shocks me that parents actually defend their kids for letting them have their own phone. my question is, why should a 3 year old have an iphone 10s? if you really wanna give a kid a device, wait at least until they reach 1st-2nd grade and just give them an ipad without cellular data.

  5. I am so saddened and ashamed to say this but: Our younger generation are over computerized
    (You know too much of a good thing is not good)
    Hey a go figure point:::::
    WWW Means 666)
    Great now I see what is happening!
    Plus kids are killing their-selves more than ever before, go look it up!

    At any rate, back to me point: They sadly do not know how to feel these
    incredible emotional endorphins that can make you feel as if you are actually flying by connecting and expressing to one another on a spontaneous format with out the computer or phone selecting your data base picks of choice.
    Hell look at Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson
    and George Micheal, Micheal Hutch from Innxs! They where the cheer leaders of showing with what style and automatic expressions on a spontaneous(computer-less device looked like) And yes! We all followed and still do!
    Now because of these phones and internet:
    Kids are being like over treated Dolphins
    Further in this sense, they are being like (again) dock fed since young. That do not really have to go out there and activate their real `life survival instinct for the wild' or
    rather `their human civilized mode of really living in the moment where chance and
    action goes to the core to the bone, choke you with a adrenaline rush to want to reach out and feel this again!! `Unthinkingly-'
    [ Recall the "Do Not Feed The Dolphins" sign ?]
    See there is a reason for that.
    Kid's are not tapping nor activating their true instinctive expressions (Hands on) They are face booking and posting counters and opposing their enemy computer to computer. Heck I heard they are having SEX through the computer on these web cams. NoW ThaT Is Ridiculous!!!

    I feel so dam sorry for them!! Oh and when you try to talk to them about this, They are so shallow minded that they already processed this ((-short of the true meaning here.)) Then they looked down to continued to text someone….Great!!, another missed moment to add to their compilation of tempo to life…Oh and get this! (As I hold my furrow brow Roddy Piper pointing finger up to show what is: GOING-TO Come OF-THIS-)
    Well here it is:
    Are You READY*@$&^!!!??~
    The kid then looks back down to the phone, before
    beginning to realize that the night is over and that time has pasted him or her by and all of the relatives have already DIED and now this once young kid or on a whole: "Generation" is now in their 40's or 50's and then into their elder years where life went on and pasted them by and then by then, at their very funeral, why no one will go to see because :
    0ne. They never lived. (In reality)
    Two: Someone will be posting the funeral on face book and so others can just just comment about the person or the funeral in the convenient of their bed or own home!

    Oh and vote Liked or Disliked

    Then at the cross road of JUDGMENT day many will say that this was taught by some musicians that it was to not honor God and to even (text all the time and conform to dark powers to denounce him) as well with his Holiday or word in the courts and God or the Angels around might would say that:
    The divine angels would probably then say:
    Now my son you never really lived. Life to you was such as a video game to you ( In other words it was in the sense that you some what sold your soul to the devil's gadget of submitting to this tendency) and now your time is up, it's over and you did not live as you were designed. . . You were sold into the Devils poison (Which is again, the phone or over use on the computer)
    End Point]
    OK now (New generation kiddoes)
    Sorry to call you out with the clutch of grab to your throat, but wait now. It doesn't have to be….You still have time to put a cap of restriction and learn to control over yourself and take back your life?
    Any how your probably about to miss a text, another wasted moment of your life…….So go on, go back to sleep!
    `The Devil's Sleep' ( as evil has it's way….. .)
    God I pray for our children. …..to come back to life~

  6. I have been a heroin addict since the mid 70s and nothing pisses me off more than to hear some wahoo say “oh I’m addicted to…..” YOU ARE NOT ADDICTED. BUTTHOLE. . Does your addiction land u in jail, hospital, lose jobs, wives, occupy your mind day and night. NO! So shut the hell up.

  7. My children are all teens now and I am so grateful I did not have a smart phone when they were young. I did not get one until they were all in elementary/middle school. When I sat up with them at night nursing or rocking them, I had to just sit there. Sometimes I watched TV if we made our way downstairs. I sang badly and talked to them. Or read to them. I can see that if I had babies now, it would be difficult to not have a divided attention and be on my phone.

  8. There are more muscles in your face then any other place in your body. It shows expressions that communicate feelings. It is very important for the development of our brains that we communicate face-to-face

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