Nadler threatens to hold William Barr in contempt for skipping House hearing

“The average person is not free to ignore a congressional subpoena and neither is the president,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said.

AG Barr is no-show at House Judiciary hearing, subpoena or contempt possible

Attorney General William Barr was a no-show as the House Judiciary Committee met Thursday morning after the Justice Department said would he would decline to testify before the panel amid disagreements over the hearing’s format.

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50 thoughts on “Nadler threatens to hold William Barr in contempt for skipping House hearing

  1. What a show trial, the Democrats are a criminal organization disguised as a political party, in this case just like the Nazi party, vote Trump 2020 to vote these criminals out of office. Barr did a good job in spite the fact they didn't want him to answer their false allegations…if you fell for the Democrats tactics here, I feel sorry for you, you are truly stupid.

  2. do democrats know how stupid they look? they claim the trump DOJ of being political yet they say nothing about the obama DOJ (and we have uncovered a lot about them in the last year). I mean think of all the political actions of the obama DOJ. barr couldn't hold a candle to it if he wanted. obama A.G. lynch meets with bill clinton on a private govt jet just days before hillary is set to testify about illegal use of classified material on an email server (yet the meeting had NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT….says lynch). mueller hired what appear to be liberal hacks to fill his team to investigate trump. biden suggests prosecuting general flynn for violating the LOGAN ACT. obama DOJ refused to provide exculpatory information that would of probabily killed the ability to get a FISA Warrant to spy on trump campaign officials. peter stzok says we need an INSURANCE POLICY in case trump is elected. I mean, the democrats just look SO STUPID. and I don't think we've seen anything yet. just pray durham finishes his investigation before the election. because if biden wins. he will shut down that investigation SO FAST your head will spin. and not one democrat will care.

  3. What really amazes me is that Lewandowski is not a government employee, he is a CITIZEN, and Nadler and the rest of the Democrats AS Government employees are supposed to SERVE the Citizenry. Yet these convoluted BASTARDS get everything backwards and use CONTEMPT for CITIZENS with every kind of disrespect and slander to try to lord it over us at every point! It is OBVIOUSLY Nadler and every Democrat who has shown contempt for the very people they are sworn to Serve and Protect, even as they have demonstrated today. Where the hell was Obama and the Intelligence SERVICES when they were supposed to SERVE AND PROTECT the private citizens engaged in managing Trumps election bid? They were NOT SERVING and Protecting any of us from what they KNEW ABOUT! They instead used their knowledge to try to INDICT a citizen when they the Government did not do their own JOBS! Why the FUCK isn't Obama on trial? HE is the criminal, in addition to ALL his other crimes he served only himself and the interests of the Deep State, not US The Citizens of this nation!

  4. Nadster jut continuing the abuse of power that was the norm under the Obama regime. The weaponization of government agencies is the greatest crime and abuse of power in the history of u.s. politics.
    Gerry needs to see some serious prison time along with the rest of the dnc criminal cabal. Although i guess it is no cabal since it is not a secret that the democratic party is organized crime.

  5. Why the hesitation? This contempt charge against AG Barr could backfire even worse than the Mueller report. Also, research the GOP moves following Ken Starr's report on the Clinton's. They were very careful not to create martyrs to the liberal cause. It paid off in the following presidential election. But anything's possible with these phobics. ANYTHING.

  6. W.BARR IS NOT AFRAID AT ALL. ALL DMS AND NADLER ARE REALLY REALLY DEADLY AFRAID !!! Nadler and Schiff are booth stinky Rats. HE and DMS ARE so AFRAID of the W.BARR's incoming DEEP STATE investigations on conspiracy which will unfold the Hillary and DMS's dirt spying and conspiracy and he gonna ARREST all those Corrupted Rotten FBI and official Anti-Trump conspirators. That's why they and he's trying anything and anyhow to put BARR in jeopardy and block him doing his duty. THE MUELLER REPORT IS OUT THERE. DMS DON'T LIKE IT of course. Every one can read it and interpret it at its own convenience. BUT DMS and FAKE CNN TRY TO CHANGE THE FACTS and Narratives at their OWN AGENDA. I can't wait to see HOW CNN will cover the HUGE CORRUPTED FBI and DEEP STATE INDICTMENT AND ARRESTS. THAT'S ONLY WHAT HARRIS and DMS WANTS TO KNOW THERE IS AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION ?????

  7. Barr said he was going to get to the bottom of where the false accusation on Trump came from…now the Democrats say Barr must go…Barr lied and must be imprisoned…scared much Demo's.

  8. Doing what is right is not always popular but takes more courage than name calling and rallying around political bullies. Trump is neither Republican or Democrat and does not exemplify qualities of either party. He is an opportunist. If he thought calling himself an alien from another planet would save him tons on taxes, he'll do it. And I'm sure people would buy it because no one wants to hear the truth. Barr is only protecting this man for his own political agenda and we know how well that's worked out for his prior employees in the past –

  9. Barr is a coward. He should be jailed after lying and dodging every question. Shame on him. Shame on him for turning on Mueller. Why is this drama queen shouting and making excuses for Barr? Barr chose not to show up by his own choice. Yesterday was proof he is Trump's personal attorney. Holy crap! Did i just see repubs walking out? Walking away from the truth is pathetic. Such whining little girls.smh Don't come for me,I am so not a lib. Independent here,registered repub. And Trumpty Dumpty sure is no president to be respected. He needs to either be in jail or in an asylum. I say both. Get him some mental help somedody….please!

  10. Watch witch trails live:
    Starring Meuller as John Hawthorne
    James Comey as Samual Sewall
    Adam Schiff as William Stoughton
    Jerry Nadle as Samual Parris
    And introducing the toughest, bravest most bad-ass on the planet, PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP as Giles Corey. (Can you take any more weight from these lying assholes Mr President?)

  11. I feel an annoying recording playing again and the public should shout it to "STOP SPENDING TAXPAYERS MONEY ON YOUR STUPID INVESTIGATIONS THAT ENDED, YOU WET HENS THINK THE PEOPLE CAN'T SEE THE GRASPING OF STRAWS! You are despicable little fleas, We chose Trump and we're choosing him again! Deal with it!

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