Officials Hold Briefing On Operation Warp Speed, Covid Vaccine Distribution | NBC News

Officials from the Department of Defense and the Department of Health & Human Services hold a briefing on the progress of Operation Warp Speed and vaccine distribution to combat Covid-19.

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Watch live: Officials hold briefing on Operation Warp Speed, Covid vaccine distribution


Author: phillyfinestnews


43 thoughts on “Officials Hold Briefing On Operation Warp Speed, Covid Vaccine Distribution | NBC News

  1. Covid-19 Pfizer and Moderna Modified mRNA genetic material, is enclosed in nanoparticles in order not to degrade that genetic material, so it can get INCORPORATED INTO EVERY HUMAN CELL AND START PRODUCTION OF 100% SYNTHETIC TOXIC VIRAL proteins. Bioinformatics results show not only decades old PATENTED SARS virus parts as a major part of the spike protein (in all the genetically modifying concoctions) but also countless tiny pieces of lethal proteins immbedded into that SYNTHETIC genetic code material now called 'covid-19' vaccines. Symptoms in the mRNA trials are absolutely different than the 'covid-19 disease'. WHY? Because what we have right now, is the old (partly patented) flu-like virus with 0.14% mortality rate (and that only with those, who have weak immune system and actually get the flu) and now look at the FDA data about the Pfizer mRNA concoction, 2 DEATHS in ~20000, means 0.01% DEATH RATE, in ALL 100% healthy original volunteers!!!! Thus the 'covid-19 disease' can't be possibly even remotely related to what's in the vaccines!!!
    Is the flu-like disease (which only appeared because the old flu data and information was completely replaced by 'covid-19 data!!!) really so infectious??? Get your Vit D3, VitC, Zn and walk among 100 coughing customers, WITHOUT THE MASK (which robs you of 20% oxygen every breath!!) and you will never 'catch' anything. Another important fact about the fraudulent PCR tests, being used to drive the covid-19 9/11 crime. Every viral infection starts with the proteins on the viral surface. The PCR tests have few chunks 14-24 long pieces of DNA(btw. homolog largely to all the pieces of the OLD viruses!!), which should detect 'infection' of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA virus which is 30,000 long…After ~40 cycles of BOILING the nucleotides and 'amplifying' the reaction of annealing to the starting primers, CDC will tell you, you are infected..???
    Sorry, but the infection didn't even start with that piece of genetic material, and NOW the ENTIRE genetic CRAP shall be directly injected into billions on this planet??? That's fulfilling the Georgia Guide stones message, right there and it is SO CLEAR, that one needs to be dead already not to see it.
    It seems that those who introduced Warp Speed must have been targeted with live threatening consequences, or if not, they are complete id..
    The still great humanity left, please do not allow to take away your human genetic footprint with these new synthetic mRNA concoctions produced by a satanic cult, whose only goal as always, is DEATH…

  2. Why hasn't any other president ever, ever come up with the idea I'm speeding up the medical process. Look at every disease or virus, Etc. Like AIDS for example. Why has no other president ever come up what's a rapidplan to create vaccines? They were all politicians capitalizing from the deaths of Americans oh, that's why so many big Pharma companies supported Joe Biden.

  3. OPERATION WARP SPEED????? It is more like OPERATION SNAILS SPEED. WTF are they waiting for???? Other countries are already vaccinating people. We are supposed to be leaders and yet, we still don't have the necessary vaccines yet!!!!!!

  4. Why didn't Trump hire an American Patriot to lead this vaccination formulation in the so called effort of protection and safety of Americans? How do we know a foreigner has our best interest in mind, especially one who has millions of dollars in stocks of the company he promotes? He said he is going back to where he came from soon. Probably to watch the US vaccine carnage from afar after the vaccines make everybody sick. He says he has done his job and got us the vaccine. This aside, he seems very nice and sincere and I appreciate all their honesty, as much as they do give it. The General did tell 60 Minutes that the 'entire' US population would be vaccinated by May 2020. Another, the other day said the National Guard would actually be putting the needles in arms.

  5. i really like these three especially slaoui and perna. biden should apologize for saying operation warp speed doesn't have a clear plan. he shouldnt attack these highly rsepectable men just because he's against trump

  6. -Any vaccine at this stage of the pandemic will have little to No benefit whatsoever!

    -What is going on right now, is what is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase of the pandemic (viral stasis) The absolute only reason case numbers are so high, is because the PCR mass testing is overwhelmingly false positive and the rest, are picking up old fragmented Corona virus protein parts in the throat/nasal swab. This has zero to do with being in danger or having any active infection whatsoever.

    -( Prof. Bhakdi, infectious disease microbiologist expert, university of Mainz,

  7. 80% of people are CoVid19 asymptomatic & CoVid19 has a mortality of less than 1% in the USA now explain to me how you’re going to convince the majority of society to take a RNA vaccine that has never been tested long-term before in history?

  8. "Sunshine vitamin" or new vaccine?
    Vitamin D reduced % of patients to ICU from 50% to 2% …  I repeat … 50% to 2%. ICU of 100 patients becomes just 4 patients with vitaD. Simple, cheap, no side effects.

    Pandemic over (calcifediol is metabolized D3).

    Most people are D deficient in our modern world. Less sun.

    Even 600 IU/day is low. Need 4000 to boost levels (see para before Conclusion).

    80% of C19 patients are deficient and higher vitaD better outcome.

    Populations match: 
    black/brown lower vitaD and higher C19 rate than white; age, obesity and type 2 diabetes low vitaD high C19 rate.

    VitaD regulates cytokines and numerous other immune system/inflammatory responses; c19 "snowball" problems.,of%20many%20immune-related%20diseases.

    There are many other supporting studies. In one .. short term high dose D3 (60,000 IU/day nano drops for 1- 2 wks) for mild/asymptomatic. At 3 wks 60% no C19 while 20% no C19 in control gp.

    What are the health agencies recommending? 

    Nothing. Not proper clinical studies.
    VitaD cheap, easy, no side effects, works. Most people deficient … so GIVE ALL VITAMIN D.
    Lowers ICU population by 25x improves outcomes .. helps mild/asymptomatic. Cheap easy "made by our own body when UVB hits skin".

    What else?
    VitaD better than flu shot.

    Got vaccines instead. Vaccines often have side effects. For example, recent Pentagon study showed flu shot INCREASED chance of getting coronavirus by 36% (c19 not yet tested …susceptible to other coronavirus … worrisome that C19 would also .. in my opinion)

  9. The covid 19 disaster left me both unemployed and broke. For heaven's sake please help me with my stomach and housing need
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  10. They want you to donate plasma because the DEVILS that created covid-19 is confused on how so many people are recovering and having no symptoms. When it was created it was made to depopulate the earth..GOD BLESS THE SOULS OF THOSE THAT LOST THEIR LIFE TO THIS EVIL HATE CRIME OF GERM WARFARE…. BUT LITTLE DO THEY KNOW. 'THE MESSIAH' IS THE HEALER OF ALL DISEASES. Psalms 103:2-3
    [2]Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
    [3]Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;..

  11. 2K Americans are dying a day from Covid. Meanwhile the company the Trump Administration sent money to, is distributing the vaccine to UK first. So much for America first. Watching Trump walk away from Covid unscathed is like a drunk driver being the only one to survive a car crash.

  12. The CDC website shows the vaccine distribution priority will be in this order….
    1. POTUS
    2. CEO's of the largest 50 listings on the NYSE
    3. 400 richest white Americans
    4. white people over the age of 65
    5. white healthcare workers
    6. white people above the poverty line
    7. 400 richest non-white Americans
    8. pets owned by the aforementioned
    9. skunks
    10. catfish
    11. roaches
    12. lint
    13. Hispanics
    14. African Americans


    US has a 3rd of the world's Covid cases and Trump only ordered vaccines for a 3rd of the US population. 66% have to wait.

    Trump's WARP SPEED and HERD IMMUNITY has taken 10 months to be the Earth's Worst example in a pandemic.

    On the bright side… without a vaccine… Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam and China have had NO Covid fatality in over 3 months.

  14. The craziest thing about the pandemic is the US continuing to do nothing without leadership for 10 months.

    WHO simple 3 point plan: Social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

    US Covid = 295,316+ Taiwan = 7 (x42,188) New Zealand = 25 (x11,813) China = 4,634 (x63).

    Warp speed? 63 times more Covid deaths than China. Trump is to blame but Americans allow it to continue?

  15. Sooo….100 million by next June or July?? Which undoubtedly means by March or April (or May or June or July or…..) of 2022, knowing THIS Administration's track record, so I'm not getting my hopes up or running around without protection anytime soon.

  16. whatever you do, do not refuse or even politely decline because a refusal makes you combative

    and you can be deemed to acting against the public health, instead accept the vaccine on the

    condition that the doctor or official can provide proofs of claim that the vaccine has been

    adequately tested, is safe and effective, something they SHOULD be able to do. (SPOILER ALERT: They

    cannot because such proofs do not exist) Also, issue them with a liability statement that they must

    sign as an additional condition stating that they personally accept full commercial liability for

    any damage resulting from the vaccine.

    This leaves you in a stalemate position as the doctor is liable if he forces the vaccine against

    your will even if he refuses to act upon the notice.

    Bill H.R. 6666, mandated vaccines , Inflammation is the cause and 60 GHz can Inflame the Lungs

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