Seed of Doubt l 20/20 l PART 1

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Texas woman discovers she was conceived from anonymous sperm donor: Part 1

Her mother admits that after struggling to get pregnant, she and her husband chose artificial insemination to help her to conceive.


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29 thoughts on “Seed of Doubt l 20/20 l PART 1

  1. I think that doctors intentions were truly in a good place. He shouldn’t have done that but at the same time he was nice looking and intelligent and he made a beautiful daughter. In my opinion they should be grateful.

  2. You wouldn't even be born if it wasn't for the doctor people now adays forget gratefulness he did it to help your mom sometimes you do something knowing its not within the laws but in your heart just because he has a title makes him a criminal he saw how sad your mom was since it wasn't successful with the sperm donor people back in the old days would of been enormously grateful something people have lost

  3. so she's mad that she was born, she's beautiful, she isn't poor, and is completely healthy and happy? All because her sperm donor is a rich/successful doctor with great genes instead of a hippie?????? And all of that because her mom wanted a child by an anonymous sperm donor but couldn't get pregnant by a multitude of different sperm donors???? So her mom is mad that the doctor gave her a miracle and her daughter is mad because her biological father is a rich and successful doctor that gave her the gift of outstanding genes…. They must of tried to sue him for outstanding child support or something and the case was thrown out

  4. The bible is very clear on the parent child relationship. Honor your parents. Her mum was playing in the dark so to speak in other words hide and seek. Anyway 106 didn't work and the generous Doctor did some soul searching and helped. She was blessed with this little girl. He was also playing along but then came a blessing from above. Wow she should be mad at her mum but again you are offspring. I strongly feel that offspring should be grateful these two brought her into the world. Again honor your parents beautiful woman. It's just who you are. That Dad wasn't there for you is your Mum's arrangement. She definitely did not want your father known. But curiosity did you in. You wanted to know who your Dad is. At least understand the circumstances and appreciate who you are. Live life and be happy. Who knows Dad might want to make up for lost quality time with you. At least he is not denying. He might leave you some of his wealth including your other siblings from him that are probably roaming out there.

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  6. He has good genes and the woman wants donated sperm no one in particular other than good genes.
    It turned out perfect, what is the problem?
    I bet she doesn’t mind being beautiful.
    I think she is being over dramatic, who cares if your dad was that nice hippy or a successful doctor neither one raised you.

  7. So awful these snobby women ruined a good Doctor’s life!! It’s understandable he didn’t disclose the details. He obviously didn’t want a part of that gift of life he was handing to the woman, which means he cared less weather she was beautiful or not. He likely felt sorry for her many failed attempts & was genuinely just trying to help out.. Heck I’d be happy my Father was a Doctor & not some low life street loser!! Wow! Poor guy!! It was a beautiful crime he should had been thanked for not condemned:(:( They wouldn’t had known in the first place since it’s supposed to be anonymous! Who even wants to meet a “ sperm doner??” Eew!?!?! However I am happy she found a Fatherly connection with 106, what a violation on the Doctor!!

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