Trump lost over $1 billion in 10 years: New York Times

The newspaper said it obtained copies of Trump’s tax records from 1985 to 1994, which show “a tumultuous decade of fevered acquisition and spectacular collapse.”

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49 thoughts on “Trump lost over $1 billion in 10 years: New York Times

  1. And some psychiatrist was saying people that supported Donald Trump could possibly be suffering from mental illness also I knew what this guy was like before he even took the oath of office he is an extremely dangerous man with codes to the nuclear weapons

  2. does trump even know what fake news is….fake news is not reporters taking your direct quotes and making it public…nobody can put words in his mouth…had he not said anything we wouldnt have know …fyi trump has been surviving from loans from russian leaders or banks.

  3. Trump wants to get government contractors of his own to scam even more money from our working class taxes. It's a rip off. This is the Anti-Christ…Slick lying, deceptive, racist, anti women, Child Trafficing, Hires illegals, The world's biggest loser. Stop this clown, it's embarrassing.
    Time to take our country back….This league of thieves originated in GOP Senate…time to get rid of them too. IMPEACH NOW.

  4. another "bombshell" from G poposucks… Can't his writers come up with another word? This fuking fool is on national TV calling a report that has no documents to back it up, and herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs another unverified leaker from the IRS this time.. GMA used to be my goto in the morning..They really think we citizens are just plain stuped and will believe anything they spit out..i would not watch that again if it meant my life… oh and did y'all know that NYT lost a billion and had to be pulled out by the rich bitch in Mexico Carlos whatever his fuking name is.. they don't know we can just google and find that out????? – Jan 19, 2009 – … with the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú for a $250 million loan … The company will use the proceeds from the transaction to refinance its existing debt…is this calling the pot black or what???? LMMFAO!

  5. Guy if there was No Collusion No Obtrusion No Impeachment then would that mean Trump win 2020 since I see a lot of people in Trumps rallies because we need to win all the state not just a lots of votes in one state. So go out there and vote!! i see you bernie supports!!! Freaking Vote!!Some: i dont want too :(.. i dont care Vote!! For Bernie or Beto!! even if i Voted for Trump. Go fucking vote!! Demarcates Try to win!!! its too easy!!! Challenge Trump Do it! i swear if you dont vote my Trump vote wont matter!! I wont make History again come guys!!! BE a Leader. Make me your President. Thats johnnycarsoncity@@t your new president.

  6. Who really gives a rats ass if he lost a billion once twice, three times. I know many people who have had to file bankruptcy. Only difference is the amount of money. I don't hear ANYONE giving Trump credit for coming back everytime stronger than ever. Sure sounds like SOUR GRAPES.

  7. Bombshell report that Trump wrote about in his book and also discussed on The Apprentice. LOL. You should report on the losers who illegally stole and leaked the POTUS' info. Now, that's the real crime.

  8. In the 90's Trump testified before Congress that the reason billions
    were lost by all real estate investors is because the US Government
    changed the rules after investors had invested. It was the US GOVERNMENT
    that cause Donald Trump and others to lose billions. Take a look –
    especially at 44:00 on the linked video to see what happened – and STILL
    Trump RECOVERED. He's a great leader and business man. It's our
    government that stinks and hurts the

  9. Trump is alot of things but he isn't a racist I would never work 4 him or vote for him because it wouldn't benefit me and my family but as of lately he seems to be the best candidate for 2020 and despite some of the things he did b4 becoming president I don't think that warrants me electing any of the candidates in line there 4 if I'm not voting for trump I'm probably staying home!!!!

  10. Its like me basically. I'm fighting a war which I will eventually loose. An economic war is in need of funds. No funds, no war. Its impossible to win. In order to make sure that he won't be the one being sold around like he is the one who's going to fix things after ward cause he was dirty , he is disconnecting as more as he can to separated . If he doesn't win a war as he is and was right, there isn't any war to fight any longer. I remember the day long ago' when a kid was biten up by his father cause he didn't want to work. He was clean and he wanted to be honored. No work and money .Things haven't changed much but the good people got older and poorer considering the gravity of the situation they dealing. If there is a need of surrender please remember who's nothing and who's not needed for proposing what is allready there. Are you really fighting? The fake allegations still there. The fake harassment isn't been removed. It looks more you sold out than you fighting. I'm sorry but that is what it is.

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