White House orders its former lawyer not to comply with congressional subpoena

Don McGhan, who was cited more than any other witness in Robert Mueller’s report, told special counsel the president repeatedly asked him to have Mueller fired.


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50 thoughts on “White House orders its former lawyer not to comply with congressional subpoena

  1. The IRS cannot reveal our tax returns. When a congressman uses a subpoena to make somebody else break the law then he should go to jail just as if he revealed the tax return. If I made you rob a bank then I could go to jail for bank robbery. So he conspired to break the law so he should be guilty of a crime.

  2. The democrats (and the democrat party media CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, TYT, NY TIMES, WASH POST, etc)…are literally knowingly distorting facts, avoiding or intentionally ignoring the true laws & regs that cover the Special Counsel, as well as laws regarding Presidential privilege, etc. Nadler is making these bogus accusations of stonewalling (Exec Privelege which he calls obstruction) regarding the mueller report where the President gave them over 1 million pages of documents, and could have legally placed all of them or most of them AND ALL HIS STAFF that were interrogated & interviewed for the last 2 years including Atty McGahn who sat for 30hrs of interviews! Mueller covered FAR MORE & DEEPER than Nadler could ever do, and he has the 400 page report, and an unredacted version has been made available to him and other democrat leaders but they refuse to go look at it in a secure facility where it is waiting for them right now. So this is all just bogus show trials and show hearings.

    The democrats are abusing their committees for things that have NOTHING TO DO WITH LEGISLATURE or MAKING LAWS, including the redacted parts of the Muellar report, trying to force testimony of people who were investigated under oath with Muellar's 18 attorneys and 2,800 subpoenas etc & Trump tax returns (how does 6 yrs of his taxes help the congress? Nothing ! …and McGhan is/was the the President's person whitehouse attorney who was already questioned for 30 hrs) !!! A President has a right to protect those confidential docs & discussions through Exec Privelege JUST LIKE OBAMA DID MANY TIMES !!! All of this is being done TO SMEAR & DRAG the President thru the mud in the public & democrat party news channels…RIGHT? So, of course President should invoke privilege and fight all of it, BECAUSE ITS ALL BOGUS AND WE ALL KNOW IT !!! And ALL the verbal & character attacks upon Atty Gen Barr (when he has followed or operated fully within the WRITTEN SPECIAL COUNSEL ;AWS, which the dems & these dem party news channels NEVER show or discuss the written laws or state that Barr didn't follow the law) is ADVANCE CHARACTER SMEARING TO PROTECT THE CROOKED OBAMA ADMINISTRATION & FBI & CIA heads ahead of the spying investigations Barr stated he has started, THAT WILL LEAD TO CRIMINAL CHARGES BEING FILED AND MANY ON THE DEMOCRAT SIDE BEING EXPOSED FOR VIOLATIONS !!! I'm sure all you can see their "over the top" attacks AND the democrat media channels are all in full gear throwing out advance cover by saying some of the most harsh things against an Attorney General that we have ever heard or seen in this country, things NO NEWS ANCHOR OR REPORTER SHOULD EVER BE SO BLANTANTLY BIASED TO SAY & ACCUSE as if what they are saying is proven, yet even those of you who hate 1president Trump, we can all see with our own eyes, that all these so-called "News Anchors & Show Hosts" are literally acting as like political party team members of the democrats, and the NEVER hold the democrats accountable for any legal positions they take, wrong or misleading statements, their abuse of House committees, AND GETTING NOTHING DONE OR FIXED IN THIS COUNTRY…RIGHT?

  3. Based on the fact that the (pretend)president is now peeing in his pants in front of seven continents, we immediately know there is a truckload of serious stuff to be exposed – for the Congress, and the whole U.S., to see. Don McGahn, what an excellent chance for you to help the Congress, and defy the bat-shit crazy fRump. Since he continues to be a national disaster at the WH, why don't you send him to join the clean-up/plumbing crew, desperately working at his restaurants, ref "Inspectors Say Trump’s Restaurants Filled With Vermin And Backed Up Sewage".

  4. Isn't his FORMER lawyer now free to do whatever he wants? What's the worse that could happen, if he says the same thing he said before? It's not Trump's call, anyway. His status, as president, isn't higher than that of congress. The irony of this is Trump went nationwide declaring that he was exonerated. If he truly believes that, why would he be against ANYBODY testifying, even if it proves a waste of time? It has been suggested that Trump and Barr are just 'running out the clock' because the contempt and impeachment procedures will take months. Why do that, if there's nothing to hide? Wouldn't these testimonies FIANLLY put it all to rest, before the public? Why be against McGhan and Mueller testifying? All they can do is tell the truth? What's Trump so concerned about? The Truth?

  5. cant wait for the next round of bullshit from the fakenews scumbags and i do look forward to the next civil war cause all those demonrats already turned in there guns and its gonna be so rewarding to finely clean up the trash ; ) send the demons Back to hell

  6. Strozk said he had an insurance policy. It was getting Trump on obstruction because Strozk knows there was no collusion. Mueller had 13 democrats in the counsel at the time.
    There may be obstruction, 'Obstruction of a coup' and Nancy knows the people goading her are her socialist party members.

  7. What Americans will be debating about 6 Months from now:
    We will be debating whether  Media figures, in Entertainment and News industries, can be  CRIMINALLY INDICTED FOR SEDITION  for brainwashing their viewers to believe the President of the United States was "a Traitor"?  Can ABC "news",  SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Joy Behar,  Bill Maher, and many others, who night after night  told their Viewers the POTUS was a Traitor, — (isn't that the very definition  of SEDITION?) be charged with the crime? (20 years in Federal Prison).  That is what we will all be yelling at each other about,  6 Months from now.

  8. Pelosi and her merry band of treasonous traitors have been hurting the American people for some time. Look at the motley crew, who will be arrested. Obama, Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Rice, Stoltz, Page, Brennan, Clapper, Bruce and Nellie Orr, and the list goes on and on. You can sure be proud to stand with this bunch.

  9. The moronic left doesn't even have a clue that they are exposed as traitorous subversive scum, watching their antics as the truth of their dishonesty and corruption is exposed is priceless, I want to thank the bat shit crazy Democrats for re-electing President Trump in 2020, lol!

  10. What? Notes? With documentation of what really happened? Oh no, we don't want those. But the wrongdoing was done by the others! I promise, but you can't see the evidence. Just because I say so.

  11. lol so the self proclaimed business genius, most successful business mogul of all time , the GOAT is a total loser and not just for 1 year, but for ten years!!!!!! what a total loser, pu$$y grabbing lying retard

  12. Probably a good time to get a high paying job from trump . Don could set his own rate wink wink. Or he can just do as he told and give up all Honer and integrity and put his tail between his legs . Bahahahahahahhahahaaaa

  13. The US is in the middle of a constitutional crisis; POTUS is denying the House of Representatives its rights and blocking it from carrying out its duties and responsibilities as laid down in our Constitution. House Democrats must fight Trump using all its powers, even to the extent of arresting his minions who obey him by ignoring its subpoenas, plus impeaching him asap. JUST DO IT!!

  14. Jesus Christ, the Democrats really come off as a bunch of pussies. The Republicans are pissing all over them. Stop being so goddamn nice about trying to get what you want and GET WHAT YOU WANT. Trump says no and these chicken shits ask again, but only nicer. They have no backbone, just talk.

  15. How pitiful are the Democrats? VERY!
    Give it up. To have the gall to threaten the attorney general with contempt of Congress. Jailing him? Especially now that Barr publicly announced the DOJ's investigation into spying on POTUS election in 2016. Now they want to jail him. That's obstruction of justice. Barr invited the dishonorable chairman to come look at the unredacted himself and he declined. Congressman Al green stated that Congress is looking to impeach him before he gets voted in again. Corrupt much.

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