AG Bill Barr: Mueller’s letter criticizing his summary of report ‘a bit snitty’

The attorney general was forced to defend himself on Capitol Hill amid news that the special counsel had complained about Barr’s summary of the report.



AG Barr is no-show at House Judiciary hearing, subpoena or contempt possible

Attorney General William Barr was a no-show as the House Judiciary Committee met Thursday morning after the Justice Department said would he would decline to testify before the panel amid disagreements over the hearing’s format.

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48 thoughts on “AG Bill Barr: Mueller’s letter criticizing his summary of report ‘a bit snitty’

  1. 20 anti Trump Democrats( many Hillary donors) and an unlimited budget came up
    goose eggs on Trump. Uh oh. The good news is that Barr will bring to justice all
    of the corrupt Obama officials who broke laws meddling in an election and attempting
    to overthrow a duly elected POTUS.


    Oh my … Looks like even your own left wing news media outlets are throwing you under the bus…

    Question is do YOU have enough common sense to figure it out….

    Question is how much longer are you gonna protect your child trafficking pedophiles ????

    Do explain to us what it is about pedophiles you're so protective over. ???


  3. Barr said he didn't lie because he was talking about mueller team when he said he had no knowledge of complaints. He is implying the letter was from mueller and not the team so he didn't lie. He then later on goes to say that he thinks the letter was written by muellers team. LOL you fucked

  4. Since King John's forced signing of the Magna Carta on the 15th of June, 1215, the chief executive has been deemed to be under the same Rule of Law as the free yeoman in English common law. Donald J. Trump and Bill Barr are therefor trying to take our society back into the 12th century!

  5. By BL – Big Deal Mueller was upset because his bogus investigation was critically picked apart and Barr spoke truth about it.
    The whole investigation was extreme bias against President Trump. Just like Nadler.

  6. Those leftists are as stupid as Mad Maxine. The facts and evidence doesn't matter to the left. AG Barr is only doing his job and they go off on him just because they found nothing in the report against Trump and continue attacking him regardless just because. If that's not pathetic enough for people to know how disgraceful the left is than I don't know what is.

  7. No I think he was straight to the point. He gave out the sum letter from Muller and then asked for 19 pages. 2 weeks later the full report comes out with those 19 pages. Why don't read it for yourself. Stop being a petty troll

  8. Like, Dislike, Comment and Engage… is a Psych Op… it is working… to distract and divide us. Who owns all media? Why are we arguing with robots folks? Perhaps we could look for our similarities… not the differences… as a suggestion… to create answers… instead of problems. Unite Our People.

  9. Another Fake news media boycott of the TRUTH. Bill Barr is the most honest, intelligent and duly elected AG. The deep state want to tear him down because he does not say what they want to hear. Wait 12-24 months and see what Barr brings to the table, you will be shocked by what comes out about the Clintons, Obamas, Paedophilia, human trafficking and pedovorism ( eating babies after killing them by beheading and drinking their blood after eating their brain parts. Endocrine.) Time to wake up folks, this is really happening and the left media are lying to you all.
    I don't know how you can all be so dumb as to follow this crock of shite….this media is owned by Jacob Rothschild…he owns all banks, all media and HE IS THE DEEP STATE. His puppets are democrats…and he wants them in the WH…Trump cannot be bought…which is why they hate him…and he has been getting arrows for 2.5 years and still managed to get his work done. Don't listen to this type of media, they are bought and paid for by Rothschild and they are doing his bidding. Don't believe me? Research paedoiphilia in the deep state…it's all on YouTube. Mueller is another puppet, as are all Dems. Sorry but I have been investigating for 3 years and in the UK too…the dirt runs deep, trust me!

  10. Waypoint So Barr summary stated that no crimes found, not a single American clouded with Russia, and no evidence of obstruction…. what did Mueller say? There is some American who colluded? The president is a spy or a foreign agent? His sons are guilty of spying? The president fired sleepy corrupt Comey to stop an investigation of “nothing Burger” according to liberal Jones? Which one did Barr stated wrong…. and after the full report is release why do you care about the summary????? Move on. Hillary lost because she is the worst to be put out there as a candidate!!!

  11. Fake news. We have an unsustainable situation at the border with 100,000 illegals a month, an out of control homeless situation that's destroying our inner cities, our country is closing in on 20 years of war in the middle east, we have a crumbling infrastructure, then there's the question of Medical coverage for all Americans and this is the garbage our elected officials and the MSM are focusing on? Russia collusion was a lie based off of planted Russian disinformation and the MSM fell for it. Obstruction is a lie. Hillary lost guys. Trump won. Get over it cry babies.

  12. Mueller was upset with the Press just like Rosenstein was, It is very rare for Rosenstein to make media appearances but he did to give a rebuke of the media last week. This is going to backfire on Dems just the way it to the GOP in the 90s. Only 37% say they want Trump impeached so that tells you this highly partisan and it's going to backfire on Dems. The seasoned Dems know this but they are afraid of their base.

  13. It was none of Mueller's business how Barr handled the report. Also because he knew in the first week that there never was any collusion between Trump and Trump's team with Russia and the whole case was made up from a fake dossier, but kept going anyway, Mueller should be fired with lose of most of his pension . My only real surprise is that when they found no collusion that Mueller's team didn't try to fabricate it. Nothing seems beneath the Democrats anymore.

  14. Man, reading these comments and replies is really distressing. Either the Internet is loaded with trolls or worse yet, Americans are as ignorant as people say we are! I believe trump is as guilty & corrupt as sin (that’s my opinion) but anyone who wants to know the truth should take the time to read the report. I mean, it’s only our democracy and country that are at stake here people! We need to come together as Americans, otherwise, the people have lost. God have mercy 🇺🇸

  15. So what measurable harm did any of this alleged obstruction cause to this nation? None. None at all. Collusion with a foreign power is what this was supposed to be about. Bigger scandal than watergate, remember? Dan rather himself stated that. Pelosi said “cold hard evidence” of collusion. Now we sit here with no evidence. None at all. Just some rumors of obstruction with no demonstrable harm measured, quantified or in any other way explained. There was no crime. It is difficult to obstruct an investigation for a crime that never happened. I am aware of the exceptions but those exceptions are rare and specific. This isn’t dumb and dumber. “Are you saying there is a chance”. Yes, you all look that dumb right now.

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