New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing On Covid | NBC News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the Covid-19 pandemic as cases continue to rise in the United States.

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Live New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing On Covid | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


49 thoughts on “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing On Covid | NBC News

  1. Shut up Cuomo yer out a here buddy. When you go home tonite un zip yur pant and look at the swiveled piece of crap that got you in trouble. Take a wack at it and keep wackin it until you are satisfied a lesson has been learned. PERSONALLY, I WOULD HAVE CALLED THE BLUFF

  2. I think their going to regret giving out the vaccine to early. I’m not gonna take it !! President Trump, I’m sure they know you have the virus again if you had the vaccine you still got the virus again !!! Why are they blaming President Trump for the virus it was China !!!!

  3. You need to make sure the retired health care professionals get vaccinated before they go to work. They're in the highest risk group because they're old. It's not fair to them, to send them into a high-risk situation for them and get some of them killed. They need to be vaccinated first. That might mean New Yorkers need to take it easy on the socializing. Don't sacrifice your retired health care professionals for people's carelessness.

  4. I think that, given the level of scepticism concerning this vaccine, it is not enough to just say that the vaccine is safe. What needs to be addressed is the rumour that people are being given nanoparticles through which mind control will be exercise by authorities. Could Dr. Fauci address the question of what independent oversight of vaccines, and transparency regulation and structures exist in the vaccine business, if any. Is it a situation where you just trust the institution creating and distributing the vaccines? In other words, who outside of Pfiser, or Moderna looks over their shoulders, and says, wr have independently verified that tjis vaccine contains x,w and z and certainly contains no a, b or c? I ask this question with a genuine hope that someone will adress this issue. It is a very real concern for many and needs to be addressed, if the acceptance of the vaccine is to improve. We live in an era of disinformation and many people do not have the skills to research and weigh information. Doctors must accept that the beliefs systems have changed, and surprisingly knowledge of science is at a low. Confusion reigns, and where there is confusion fear reigns. So is the fear justified or not and most importantly, WHY?
    Another question: Is this virus likely to just die off and WHY SO or WHY NOT?

    What will be the social and economic fallout if it persists without use of vaccine by the public.
    Will the pattern become fixed, of the virus, when not curbed by vaccines, and not controlled by community response like mask wearing, and distancing, create more and more mutations as in Britain?
    What I am saying is, don't give us sound bytes, give us facts. Treat us as adults!

  5. TO MR.DONALD TRUMP MR.VLADIMIR PUTIN MR.BARACK OBAMA MR.JOEBIDEN MR.XI JINPING FROM MOJIKOA GOD !!! DANGER !!! FROM :: USA By GOD The story of America's negligence in its own information on the matter. America's Secret Facts Cause America is occupied with something And conceal the truth on earth And irresponsible for the information that America knows and holds, I want everyone of all countries to hear me now. You will wait for the problem to increase until it cannot be resolved, right? And that day has come, you will be very sorry for your decision now. GodMojikoa 22/12/2020 :: 22: 17 p.m. @Thailand

  6. Taxation is theft. They raised the value of property so that they can take more money from the citizens. That is what sucks. To pay for the what they are unwilling to give they are raping the citizens to get it. This country and it's leaders DON'T care about the citizens they keep stealing money from. Our leaders need to be impeached and done right.

  7. Cuomo is destroying new york state because he is to busy trying to control the people. Cuomo is closing businesses telling people when they can go out and stay in like we are kids open back up new york state a 100 percent and let people make their own decisions to pay their bills and open up all businesses

  8. Thank you Gov. Cuomo for your explanations. I'm not a New Yorker and I plan on staying in my own state for the duration. With that said, I really respect your words. I know that some factions are ___. No decision or action is going to be perfect. Hopefully, more people will get on board to take personal responsibility.

  9. Excellent watching you talk to Dr Anthony Fauci! Governor Cuomo Awesome job! I watched you do such great things for NY! Let alone NYC! Your the epitome of a GREAT GOVERNOR!
    I'm a Canadian in Vancouver, but watch only the best kind of news! This was a pleasurable interview!
    Sending positive vibes your way.
    Peace love dream's 🇨🇦!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2021💞📽️📷🌐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌅🌏💙🌍💜🌎🌄🕊️💕🌌🎄👑😉

  10. I am so impressed with Governor's information as a 40 year resident of NYC and NY. I love"hodgepodge" as an official medical term. Now in FL our Gov. DeSantis has gone into self-imposed Herd Immunity, Russian Hacking under Pres. Trump and left the residents in FL virtually non existant with facts.

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