2020 campaign is about ‘rebuilding’ middle class: Rep. Tim Ryan

Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan joins “This Week” to make his case why he should be the one to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.


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20 thoughts on “2020 campaign is about ‘rebuilding’ middle class: Rep. Tim Ryan

  1. It's the way work is in this era, though it was also that way in some past eras, especial for rural type work and, of course for all the European immigrants who went abroad to improve their economic prospects. It may be sad to leave behind friends and places you love and family may protest about all the upheaval, cost, stress and inconvenience of being uprooted but, if you want to keep your job or improve your prospects you simply forget all this and just pack up and get to wherever you are supposed to be moving to for work. Or you quit and get a job that may please your spouse and kids more, though there may be none in your area or with crap pay and career stagnation etc. That may or may not be more acceptable to your protesting family and local community etc, so it probably won't be a smart choice. If it were me, I would make the types of decisions I always make in such scenarios that take into account others affected. I explain how my decion to go, anyway, regardless of what my wife and kids think will benefit them if they follow me and try to like it, be supportive, adjust to the changes etc. But, if they refuse to cooperate, I would simply divorce the spouse, attend to legal obligations re my kids, sell up the house etc, settle property matters neatly in the divorce and just go. No dependent spouse or family member has the right to dictate what the bread winner does or how or where he/she sees it best to go to improve chances of either job retention or promotion. If they don't like this regime, make the spouse and kids earn their own bread, as soon as kids are old enough to finish compulsory schooling and get paid employment. One thing is more than certain, most of the time in such scenarios, even if you end up losing your marriage for sake of your job: an employed single person or a promoted, successful one will have no trouble finding a more cooperative, supportive replacement companion in the new location. Or the partner left behind may change their mind and join the one who moved for work purposes, especially if they see it brings in more money for them to spend. This is particularly true where the uncooperative partner and protesting family members are wives or teenage daughters, as they typically are because many such types will only consider their own selfish needs, not what the bread winner must do to keep feeding these often extravagant, unnecessary costly demands they put on the breadwinner, who is typically, though not always a middle aged, responsible husband or father type doing it all for his family he loves. But, as ometimes you see at inyld female parents suffering these same dramas over job moves with their protesting teenage d as ughters who depend heavily on mum financially, fo virtually nothing to help her cope with providing for them and then complain about being inconvenienced by her need to move to improve her job prospects or we ven hold onto her job at all, because, often, if a business restructures or relocates, there are no promotions. They simply want to shed staff to be more profitable eg if they are struggling financially in a changing economic climate, like we can expect in Australia as the economic downtown and the coll pse of the housing market begins to kick in and all the foreign Asian anf Indian etc businesses take over our few remaining industries here and do what these foreigners typically do ie sack as ll the local Australian staff, give the stubborn stayers the option of an unpleasant relocation or bring in more of their own who will relocate, from overseas to Australia, to work their industries on crappy low pay and atrocious, Dangerous, heavily polluting conditions. That is the reality. The days of old 'lucky country' Australia ended in the 80s.Oh, it is still a very lucky country. But not for local Australians…. Who are being sent packing, quite literally, by the multicultural invaders by stealth these politically Correct Australians welcome to come and plunder our land, our own people, our cultural heritage, our resources, our ethics and standards, dragging them down to dirt level all in the n at me of 'equality'. To sn abysmally low common denominator that political correctness, especially globslism and Multiculturalism creates. They like the idea of all these foreign breeds happily living in Australia but get a shock when the REALITY of ugly toxic Multiculturalism kicks in, after the initial brotherhood of humanity phase fades ie what we are heading into now, with all the violence Multiculturalism generates, the foreign control of our economy and its resultant grab gor political control because money is power. The "" predominantly White Aussie feminists in powerful jobs as CEOs etc, who support Multiculturalism are not happy when they find some coloured 'sister' refugee type they rescued suddenly trying to grab their top jobs, I observe. Or when the good looking sexy toyboy foreign male sex partner/spouse begins to assert his hitherto carefully concealed inner male chauvinist, which he only hid long enough to latch onto one of these powerful but sex starved white career woman types eager to breed before their biological clock stopped. When such foreign exotic lover an types, or even white Aussie toyboy, houseboy types are firmly and comfortably entrenched and on a good lurk with these powerful,sexually desperate but often big hearted white Aussie rich female bosses, they begin to put their demands on them and lay down the law as males like to St o because nature programs men to be the dominant gender in a family or male/woman sexual/romantic team. The feminists in such relationships get outraged about their own female authority being usurped by mere houseboy, toyboy etc who earn less or are often kept by their women. Even it all explodes, as both parties fight for dominance. And we get the ugly typical Australian domestic violence scenes we hear about daily on the ABC that likes to publicise such dramas. Which many find highly amusing and entertaining here. Even though they are actually very serious. The publicity on media like the ABC gives them their entertainment value, to mainstream people who lead colourless but otherwise peaceful, respectable married and family lives, with no d omestic violence because they have all worked out a family or marital power structure that works well for all members ie who is responsible for we hat, who gives the orders and why, who respects these orders and why etc etc. There can only be one leader because, what do you call something with multiple heads? A monster. Like our Aussie family units now are, with everybody wanting to be the leader but nobody wanting yo simply do as they are told eg kids and follow. The male is best equipped by nature to lead in some but not all matters. The female is better equipped by nature to handle certain other leadership roles. They are not unequal, like some cultures consider women to be. Merely different but complementary. But, when something like feminism or toxic masculinity culture seeks to up set this natural balance and social order, the result is carastrophic for the continuity of society, possibly the human race.

  2. Ask "Mitt" to help. Surely he remembers when his dad "George" was laughed off the prez. podium for being born in Mexico. Shortly after that he filled his and his offsprings pockets with "Mo-Town" future earnings. Then daddy had the last laugh when he started outsourcing "jobs" to "Communist China".

  3. I had eighteen different addresses before my eighteenth birthday. Your daughter's best friend moving because Daddy has a great new job is not a reason to run for president. It is time to buy a motorhome and take your daughter on a cyber school journey across America, so said daughter can connect with reality.

  4. It's great to see so many progressive Democrats putting their hats in the ring. The solution to the country's problems lie in getting rid of Republicans and corporate Democrats and replacing them with progressives who have the best interests of regular Americans as their goal instead of just the top 1%.

  5. 90% of the country only owns 16% of all markets including 401k and pensions. Stock markets don’t tell you how the middle class is doing, unemployment rates don’t tell how the middle class is doing, WAGES tell how middle class is doing.

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