British Grandmother Is World’s First To Receive BioNTech-Pfizer Covid Vaccination | NBC News NOW

Margaret Keenan became the first person in the world to receive the BioNTech-Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine outside of a trial, following its rapid clinical approval by the U.K..
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British Grandmother Is World’s First To Receive BioNTech-Pfizer Covid Vaccination | NBC News NOW


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38 thoughts on “British Grandmother Is World’s First To Receive BioNTech-Pfizer Covid Vaccination | NBC News NOW

  1. Oh dear! Only two days into the vaccination programme and the Government are already warning about allergic reactions. That's because it's obviously been thoroughly tested and not rushed through or anything

  2. What a blessing for this sweet lady to get the first world wide vaccine. she just won the lottery it is estimated that there is A current world population is 7.8 billion as of December 2020 she got the best 🏅prize…life yeh!!! she just.. Like won the best lottery ever. 🥳👏Congrats to 🇬🇧UK

  3. If there are messages and priorities in choosing this patient as first recipient for the vaccine, then this is a wrong choice. The first vaccine should go to a doctor, nurse, or healthcare workers who responsible for the treatment of patients and running the hospital/healthcare facilities. That would be the ultimate message, especially for the non-believers of mask wearing and social distancing. These medical professionals are definitely the priorities in this fight to save more lives, rather than a 90 year-old who will not survive longer even with the prevention of getting this virus. Prevent one doctor from this virus, he/she can save hundreds (if not thousands) patients more in his/her career. Prevent this 90-year old from getting infected… she will save how many more lives? Not to mention how many more years will she be alive? Wasted first dosage of vaccine to me!!!

  4. Seriously, why are the elderly a priority for the vaccine? Its a legitimate question? If its to see the vaccine's effectiveness, that will be tough to do when the elderly dont have alot of time left anyway. Sure, some are badasses that live to 100 or even slightly more, but that's just it, some.

    Im just saying, the young adults should be getting vaccinated first.

  5. Happy for this very healthy looking 91 year old, hope the vaccine helps extend her life for many more years. Since this an American news channel and I’m seeing many comments about it – yes, the vaccine is available for no additional cost. Healthcare has no cost at the point of service within UK but that doesn’t make it free – no such thing as free. It’s just a human right and everyone working in UK has to automatically pay into NHS, so it’s like a mandatory minimum health insurance in US terms (you can buy private insurance in addition of course) medical bills are just a foreign concept that no one thinks about. MHRA (like your fda) was receiving data throughout the 3 phases of vaccine trials so it sped up approval- not sure why fda wouldn’t do that and wanted raw data after submission in this situation. Gloves are not recommended by health agencies on either side of Atlantic for giving vaccines anymore, though they are required to sanitize between giving doses apparently. I guess this Pfizer vaccine should be used as it’s already been paid for as gov’t was spreading risk but I really hope they don’t buy any more because it’s a pain to transport and costs more than 10 times as much as other vaccines that also work – when it’s a nhs setup these things matter, can’t be wasting money on needlessly expensive medical treatments if they don’t offer meaningfully better results. I never understood that about fda when living in US, the companies don’t need to prove their new treatment is better than older, cheaper medications- only that it’s safe which is obviously most important thing but to just approve needlessly expensive medications and then let companies advertise to sell more expensive version without offering better results is like setting up the system to purposely rip people off. Importantly, yeah the Covid vaccine will be offered to everyone at no cost (tho offered on a timetable for who’s most at risk) but other vaccines we do pay a ‘Co-pay’ for, like the flu one is £7.50 unless you’re over a certain age or have a lifelong medical condition in which case there is never a cost for vaccines or prescriptions. So, kinda ‘free’….

  6. I'm not trusting it, thinning the wheat from the shaft. Pestilence has been here for over a year they've already tried to sacrifice the elderly in the US, now they're sacrificing the elderly abroad to see how the vaccine so quickly made will affect the human body other than trial subjects. Be wise trust in God ❤️

  7. She just offered herself up a test subject. Now wait 3 weeks and see what side effects she has after or if she dies from that shot. Or maybe it was a fake out making you think she got the shot but she really just got a flu shot. Who know really.

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