Delphi double murder suspect could be ‘hiding in plain sight’

The unknown suspect in the mysterious murder of two Delphi eighth graders may live in the small Indiana town, police said Monday, as new information about the killer was released.




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  1. Why haven't the authorities handling this case had C.C. Moore do research such as she has done for other law enforcement entities and as illustrated most recently on 20-20 (ABC) in an effort to locate the killer of these two girls??????

  2. Hey were looking for this car everyone! it may be the killers but were not going to tell you all what it looks like or what model it is, it's been 4 years but were confident we don't need your help and we can do it on our own. – Delphi Police

  3. The police say they need the help of the public but they refuse to release most of the details about the case The police release this 1 second clip of a guy walking and were told to look at his mannerisms. His mannerisms would not be the same as this because he is walking on a sketchy wooden, falling apart train track 63 feet above ground.

  4. Could be hiding, how about Is Hiding in plain site. This Creep has walked around in society for over 2 years now. This Creep needs to be brought in so ha can not take another beautiful little life full of Love, Hopes, Dreams and Promises. This Creature is not like us, it is not human and it will never be human. Human Beings have a soul and Human Beings would never commit such acts, ever. Enough. Bring back the Death Penalty.

  5. Just saw this lawyer on t.v.He's classic big city mayor.His phony outrage was directed at his apparently Klu Klux Klan police department.Who would want to be a cop in this punk's city?He doesn't have a clue.Nor does he care.His whole career is walking around dressed to the hilt,looking outraged and spewing platitudes on how the universe works.

  6. Liberty German's, grandfathers, face, is identical to the composite !!!! like a younger man version !!

    Where is Libby's father? this man is a relative with the grandfathers genes. A cousin of the father ? Does he resemble the person of interest composite ?

    Motive ? Follow the money ? The claim the police have the grandfather locked in an air tight alibi at work at the time of the murders ? is that true ?

    The new , composite, sketch, is related to the grandfather, some how, blood related !!!

    MIKE PATTY is the POI !!! clean shaven !! IMO

  7. It hurts even more knowing Abby died long after the search was called off. Read the obituaries. Abby died 2-14-17
    Libby died 2-13-17
    Can you imagine that poor girl dying out there while the police just slept on it? Big-bad-cops! And your ice cold case.

  8. i am wondering if it wasn't the teen age boys and although the girls took the picture of the creep on the bridge , they could have told the teen boys about him , and then the boys committed the crime and everyone is focused on this guy. why didnt the actual killer take the phone ? this could all be a ploy and the boys are getting away with it . it may not be what happened but it is another avenue to investigate ….JS

  9. Looks like he has a backpack on, with something in it sticking up above the back of his head? When he is walking his head moves but that object stays still, it is like one of them a single arm backpack that goes around your chest, backpack on under his jacket . This is why it looks strange? I don't think he has a hood. Just looks like it.

  10. I’m retired military so I try to keep in mind law enforcement officials are human too and make mistakes. However the “mistakes” that have been made in the case are unforgivable. I don’t really follow cases like these anymore because they are so heartbreaking. This case stands out though. I was getting ready to check out of a hotel when news coverage broke through the show I had on the TV. I clearly remember two years ago having the thought “how awful that these innocent girls were murdered. Thank God they had the presence of mind to get video of the killer. Small town, the killer will be brought to justice swiftly.” Two years later I googled the case fully expecting to see someone being prosecuted. I’m horrified that not only have no arrests been made, but the sheriff is granting press conferences and making WILD statements like “one day” you will be “caught” and how he will have this case on his mind during his “last breath”. Instead of just saying “congratulations we have no idea who killed these girls” he actually acknowledges that law enforcement is so far away from the identity of the murderer he could be “sitting in this room right now”. What a mess they have made of a case that COULD have been solved. LE is CONFUSING the public, people don’t even know WHAT to look for in a suspect. Are we supposed to analyze the video from Liberty’s phone? Is THAT the killer OR is it the vague sketch of a GENERIC man aged “18-40”? Those poor victims TRIED to leave proof of who killed them and SOMEHOW law enforcement has completely bungled this case. A murderer walks free to kill again. Disgusting. I’m so sorry to the families and friends. I would be terrified for the children that live in this town, they obviously aren’t safe.

  11. The person looks drunk besides the limp. At the end of the clip, it looks like he loses his footing for a second. If he was drunk by chance and saw the girl recording him, maybe it's possible it triggered what he did next. Were the girls sexual assaulted at all? Anything taken from them? If this person in the clip is the suspect, and there were no signs of sexual assault or theft, then my opinion would be that he got enraged when he saw one of them recording him. This is just an opinion, and without hard evidence to back it, I keep it as just that.

  12. They need to see if old man Logan has any male grandkids in the age of 18-30, it would make since as to y they were found on his lot, if he cut thru his backyard u would end up coming thru the woods around the area the girls were on bridge, also if its a grandkid he probably doesnt live there, but visits growing up seeing grandpa so knows the lay of the land well, maybe thats why they were brought back to his land he knew that know one would come on private property and thier is also a shack in back lot of his land.

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