Family Demands Answers After Ohio Deputy Fatally Shoots Black Man | NBC Nightly News

Authorities say SWAT team members finished an unsuccessful search for a suspect when 23-year-old Casey Goodson drove by waving a gun. An attorney for Goodson’s family disputes that. Although Goodson was not the suspect they were looking for, a sheriff’s deputy fatally shot Goodson outside his home following a “verbal exchange.” Late today, the Columbus police department turned the investigation over to state officials.
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Family Demands Answers After Ohio Deputy Fatally Shoots Black Man | NBC Nightly News


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41 thoughts on “Family Demands Answers After Ohio Deputy Fatally Shoots Black Man | NBC Nightly News

  1. As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
    Romans 8:35

  2. Probably the transmission of nonsense to an officers radio. Criminal history reports are really common now and it appears to be the knowledge of a gun permit that set this one off. Officers get tons of verbal prejudice from dispatch and an overreaction ends up the result as seen here. The US may need to get back basics on the horn.

  3. From London Brixton UK. Biden, 1. Remove guns from white police. 2. Remove all white police from black neighborhoods.
    Report in UK, if u r black the peak age to die at hands of USA police is 20- 35 years.
    USA police have the highest record in the world for cause of death for black people.

  4. Go-to Franklin County Clerk of Courts website and look up this guy's mom Tamala Payne . She is a fraudulent individual with credit card fraud, bad checks, and it's weird how her birth date ranges from 1980 to 1978. This is speculation, but if you look up Goodson Jr, Goodson 1st, and Tamala Payne's Court Records. You can tell this family does not care about the law or care for it, in my opinion.

  5. Shawn Fleming, Darianne and the Seward family Raqiyah yavette(eve) and the Burrell Family, Ross Mogan, Shota …., Joey Axanboi, JUANTIS Phillips, Gary Simpson Jr, Aaron Simpson Jr.,* Kevin Simpson Jr *Nigel Jackson, Zay Jackson and his brother. Prostitution DRUGS WEAPONS filling homes with GAS, Corrupt Healthcare and professional murder attempts in the thousands of dollars so what.

  6. What a joke!
    We all know that cops get away with killing someone. They always do!

    This “investigation” is just some propaganda with the goal to give the citizens the idea that justice will take place. But it wont! I wish Malcolm X was alive today.

  7. He wasn’t wearing a body cam he wants the public to believe him because he’s a cop if you ask me he was unsuccessful in getting the suspect he intended to get so he seen a black kid driving down the road his mind said bingo can’t get this guy so I’m going to fabricate something on this guy and since I don’t have a body cam I can’t get caught but I pray he understands he’s going to jail for life because his actions are of less value of what an officer should uphold and he’s a danger to his community and he’s trying to hide behind being a pastor well guess what everyone knows the people who go to church sin more than the ones that don’t and to all the super religious people if the shoe doesn’t fit then simply don’t wear It

  8. I'm not surprised the United States to treat black people as second-class Citizens. Black people do not understand when those laws was written that you can carry and conceal they wasn't written for you

  9. As usual, the police's narrative of what happened in the murder of the young black man is a complete unadulterated lie. Not even a coherent lie. Chickens will begin to come home to roost. So, was Kaepernick wrong? I should say not.

  10. How convenient that the camera was off. Hopefully once the incoming government gets majorty in senate they can pass police reforms to mandate ALL police to record everything whilst on duty along with stopping taxpayers paying for settlements. It should come out of their budgets

  11. One cannot read the minds of the policemen hired to PROTECT communities. Shouldn't there be a litmus test of sort, in an effort to detect the DIABOLISM that possesses too many of them? That bloody crap has been ongoing time immorial. I cannot dictate to Black folks what they ought to do and how to go about doing so. However, if anyone MURDERED my son in that horrific way, I will react on this proverbial phrase: An EYE for EYE and a TOOTH for a TOOTH! If the son of parents cannot live, why should the policeman who too his life so senselessly and selfishness saturated in HATRED? That kind of irony… the DEATH at the hands of a person who is being PAID with TAX PAYERS $$$$$ to PROTECT humans, but turns around and MURDER them is what I refer to as HEAVY Irony… the Satanic genes from guide those so called policemen!

  12. These cops are making things worse and worse THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT!! How BLIND can you be a sandwich that's it. You carry a gun at all times and don't know the difference. No wonder there are protests and violence. Just keep it up and make the world WORSE STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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