Frontline Health Care Workers Describe Strain | Meet The Press | NBC News

“It’s hard to come into work some days … knowing that you’re going to see people die.”

“It’s an unfortunately common experience … to have encountered patients who just don’t believe that this is happening to them”

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Frontline Health Care Workers Describe Strain | Meet The Press | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


32 thoughts on “Frontline Health Care Workers Describe Strain | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  2. How many people tested to approve each latest covid vaccines?
    Are any unserved medical conditions killing people…not covid-19?

    What protection will vaccinations provide? 4Health

    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes


    94.5% of what result…of what number of people tested for each vaccine?
    Before asking/requiring Public to take any Approved covid-19 vaccine… Make Public vaccine pretests and participant data as follows:

    What are:
    1. "All" ingredients in each proposed vaccine?
    2. Under what formats for each vaccine test?
    3. How many "Actual" people were tested in each test?

    For each Test:
    4. What were "Actual" results?
    5. What were "Actual" general side effects?
    6. What were "Actual" Sicknesses
    7. What were "Actual" Deaths/Causes



    Trump's Warp speed and Herd immunity has taken 10 months to remain Earth's worst example in a pandemic.

    The world feels safer knowing MAGAT America are insular patriots, unlikely to travel overseas to spread stupidity.

    On the bright side… without a vaccine… Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam and China have had NO Covid fatality in over 3 months.

  4. The craziest thing about this pandemic is the US has continued to do nothing without leadership for 10 months.

    WHO simple 3 point plan: Social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

    US Covid = 288,906+ Taiwan = 7 (x41,272) New Zealand = 25 (x11,556) China = 4,634 (x62).

    Warp speed? 62 times more Covid deaths than China. Trump is to blame but Americans allow it to continue?

  5. Biden looks like grand father ki chaddy speech per itna to sirf mic ki Hawa he
    USA ase larta he kitte wutte choro is per ase nai Hoga kabhi artificially by nahin hoga

  6. -Anyone with any critical analytical thought process, understands the data being put forth is completely out of context, perspective and scientific logic.

    -Calculate the total sum of excess deaths and overall mortality, then subtract the normal annual natural death and the mass increase in death rates from lock-down measures, suicides, and then suspend, cancel or postpone (The) number one life saving mitigation in the world, ( Early Detection cancer, heart attack and stroke). Equates to actual death rate from SARS-COV-2, to be almost nullified in the data.

    -In other words, if it wasn't for the mitigation attempts of lock-down and the collapse of a globally dependent economy, the death rate and overall mortality right now, would be on par with any other year. What is happening right now in the world, is nothing less than crimes against humanity!

  7. -State vax order deadline was dec. 4th.
    -FDA vax review dec. 7th-10th
    -EUA approval possible dec. 10th
    -1st EUA jab dec. 11th, 2nd jan. 1st, +14 days
    -Earliest EUA protected-by date : ~jan 15th, 2021

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