How Biden Would Be Able To Cancel Student Debt | NBC News NOW

President-elect Joe Biden promised to forgive a portion of the nation’s student loans during his campaign. NBC News’ Simone Boyce reports on his plan and explains who it would benefit.
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How Biden Would Be Able To Cancel Student Debt | NBC News NOW


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30 thoughts on “How Biden Would Be Able To Cancel Student Debt | NBC News NOW

  1. No. You took out the loans, pay it back! It's not up to the people show made smarter choices to pay for you to get drunk and graduate with an art degree. PAY IT BACK! If you graduated with no sense of finance, you need to sue the college you attended.

  2. People really need to research various majors before choosing one.

    Find out what job opportunities and salaries are connected to different majors. Certain majors will lead to professions that may make it easier or harder to pay off loans.

  3. Such bullcrap. The issue is that student loans are an endless slush fund to universities. Make universities fund all of the loans, and they aren't going to jack up interest and have a vested interest in the financial security and well-being of their students. The problem is the escalating tuition. Bailing g out bad behavior is a terrible idea.

  4. Biden Can fix the student loan debt by paying directly to institutions and forgiving student debt. Give students a fresh start similar to those who file bankruptcy. Without it, things will be worst because the new economy Biden is creating which doesn't require degrees means that all the students that went to school to get a degree can be by passed in the hiring process by individuals who never went to school. This is unfair to students who believed what the government said that education was necessary to make Americans competitive with the world and to get quality jobs. What do all the students do now that a new economy does not require 4-8 years of education? It is only the right thing to do. So forgive all student debt. because now, degrees will no longer be an advantage. Covid-19 impacted everyone including students! $10,000 is not enough. Most students spend over 50-100,000

  5. Joe: "I'm canceling $50,000 worth of student debt!"
    Americans: "Hooray! Yeah! That is so great!"
    Joe: "Yep! So $50,000 divided evenly among 45 million Americans, I'll knock… a tenth of a penny off your overall debt!"
    Americans: "…what?"

  6. No reason to cancel the loans, why would anyone go into such debt knowing they have no way to repay it? You took the money and you owe it. We took part time jobs for 5 years to pay our child's educational costs (what she did not cover with scholarships). She worked summers and part time while at college. No debt, just tired parents and child.

  7. Biden doesn't care about kids education, he wants children to not be good in school, wanna know why, because hes jealous that he's not a kid in the 20th century, and he wishes to be a cute blonde kid with a girlfriend. Because hes racist.

  8. Government is the reason these debts were given to 18 year olds with no credit history to get degrees with job prospects. Now government is trying to fix the problem. Back in the day democrats probably pushed to get the loans federally backed for equal opportunity and now they are having to fix the issue. they are pointing the finger and saying the college's did some dirty work or something, but that's just a bunch of BS finger pointing. They were the ones that messed up by federally backing the loans to begin with. Such a joke. Takes a government to mess up this bad costing tax payers millions. Why less government is better.

  9. Give people under the poverty line 50,000 not people who went to college. why give handouts to the middle class when there is people that need it more (written as a naive upper middle class person who probably dont understand sht) And let student loans be cancelled in bankruptcy.

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