John Leguizamo On The Lack Of Latino Roles In Hollywood And His American Dream | Nightly News Films

From Colombia to New York City, actor and comedian John Leguizamo opens up about the experiences that have shaped his American Dream through his constant push to be seen in a Hollywood world that lacks Latino representation. How does someone reach success in both film and theater as a Latino immigrant without losing their roots in an effort to belong? Leguizamo tells José Díaz-Balart.
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John Leguizamo On The Lack Of Latino Roles In Hollywood And His American Dream | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


46 thoughts on “John Leguizamo On The Lack Of Latino Roles In Hollywood And His American Dream | Nightly News Films

  1. 👏👏 speak our truth and represent 👏👏
    But also, we need to address representation in academia. How can UCLA be in a Latin dominated community and not have a Latin dominated demographic. They probably have even fewer Latin professors. 🙄

  2. Oh, is this John Leguizamo, the guy who made up a story that he's half Puerto Rican instead of what he is, a full Colombian? What a BS artist. John, don't set up yourself as a defender of "latinos" when you have made a career of ridiculing "Latinos" with your ofensive stereotypes.

  3. When you speak of Latin people, make sure to be very clear about it. There are black Latinos or afro Latinos who often are not included in the conversation. Im so happy he referred to the movie highlighting black latino success because black Latinos have been and continue to be discriminated against in every latin country. So when a conversation about latino inclusion comes, we must be very clear about it.

  4. Not one mention of God this is why God is judging every single one of you especially Godless Hollywood how is it I can sit during these last four or five months and every single movie I watch and I watch a lot of them has the derogative term of God-Dm it. In the first 15 minutes of every single movie which tells me all the conspiracy theories don't mean anything until you realize how Godless Hollywood is and this is why God is going to annihilate everything that is evil from this Earth as of this day.

  5. I agree but the only thing I don’t agree with is shouldn’t the job go to the best and most qualified individual not color of skin I keep hearing people say we need to hire a woman for this position or a type of ethnic background for this position why doesn’t the position go to the most qualified person no matter what their skin color is.. if everybody did interviews and I had to stand behind a wall so the person that’s doing the hiring doesn’t get to see your skin color goes by your credentials your achievements not you skin color

  6. You know where there is NO lack of "Latino roles"? In Latin America! When Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, etc etc etc. complain about lack of roles, they blatantly ignore the fact that Latin America, Asia, and Africa all have major film industries. Yet no one in Chinese or Korean cinema is complaining about the lack of roles for black actors there. No one in Mexico is complaining about how few roles there are for Asian actors in telenovelas. Only in America must everyone be disproportionally represented or else it's some sort of racist conspiracy. It's ludicrous.

  7. Great interview, John Leguizamo is an excellent talented comedian, actor… I don't use or like the word minority referring to African Americans and other ethnic races we are not a less than people. I think "Hollywouldn't" didn't want to do this true story because they were Black Latinos it might not have happened if they were white Latinos too. I'm African American so I feel you and you're funny too.

  8. Bravo! I certainly enjoyed this interview. I too am from another country, Jamaica with Chinese mix, also grew up in the Bronx during the 70s, we were the first mixed ethnic group in an Italian neighborhood. Thanks for sharing John Leguizamo, I share your growing up pains. I've been in the US since I was 2yrs old and as of this very day at 57, I am still unable to fathom the US way of thinking and treatment toward people from different cultures.

  9. Hey John, one thing is for sure,
    We love you. FYI, back in the late 1990’s I gave Jackie Chan an idea about using Hispanics such as Elisabeth Pena in his movies, well guess what, two years later, she appeared in Rush Hour 1. Then in Rush Hour 2, Roselyn Sanchez was cast. You should try and team up on projects. Just ask Paul Rodriguez or Jennifer Lopez, I had suggested they work with Jackie Chan and here we are still in the same boat, 23 years later. Jackie did answer my fax, so go ahead and give him a shout out, it can’t hurt.

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