Mueller report reveals more on Russia’s interference in 2016 election

ABC News’ Pierre Thomas explains the more than a dozen ongoing criminal cases that stemmed from evidence Robert Mueller uncovered.

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32 thoughts on “Mueller report reveals more on Russia’s interference in 2016 election

  1. How can you watch this and say “Yup, this is clear and concise evidence that Russia hacked the dnc and colluded with Trump because one person said so.” Where is the proof? Do they have the packet data? There’s literally zero concrete evidence about this and that’s why trump never got impeached. Even the rhino republicans voted against this because it was so blatantly obvious. If the 2016 election was hacked, then why didn’t they audit the machines? Why didn’t they investigate this? Oh that’s because he didn’t and the establishment has been stealing elections for years and doesn’t want to expose it. The problem is, they didn’t compensate for how much trump won by in 2016. Now that trump got robbed in 2020, he’s actually wanting to push for these audits. He wants to prove to the people that the establishment(Washington DC, mainstream media and all the corrupt politicians) are stealing your vote. Keep denying. Have fun swallowing the truth when actual proof is presented with these audits.

  2. I cannot blame another country for hating Hillary as much as me. I can say this was fucked, but then again, Bill set the precedent way back then in that oval office. The idea of having his' her take over sent cold shivers down the spines even of Russian oligarchs! Trump wanted to help them get back to business, and more. She wanted power and glory. Business or a bitch for America? I'll take business, thanks!

  3. There was Russian interference in 2016 and there is no evidence that the effort has stopped since then. Sit tight for a long haul of trolls and disinformation well into the November 2020 elections.
    The US Senate Intelligence Report sheds light on their interference tactics. Yes – this includes YouTube troll comments to confuse us all.

  4. How come none of the main stream news networks are reporting on 2020 google election meddling, could it be that they’re in the pockets of google? Plebs who get their news from sources like msnbc, cnn, abc, Fox are more harmful to this country’s Democracy than Russia could ever be. You are so addicted to that corporate kool aid that you don’t even notice how much your crap actually stinks. Complete sociopaths.

  5. This shit is so weak. Hillary outspent Trump better than 2 to 1. Some Russian chump-change social media punking isn't going to do much.
    On top of all this, the US routinely has screwed with other countries' elections, in some case toppling rulers we don't like.

    Russia did not get Trump elected, but if Wikileaks embarrass Hillary, he's not obligated to cry.

  6. Please! Enough already. All this fluff about interference by Russia in an American election. Why were the Russians, and Putin in particular, so hot to trot in this issue.

    Reason? Anyone? It is because when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she willfully interfered in the election of Putin in Russia. Understand now? All this holier than thou nonsense about Russian interference. Not a peep about American interference.

    Oh, I forgot. America doesn't do that sort of thing. It would not dream in interfering in the elections of other countries. Like Central and South America. For example. But only for the noblest of reasons, of course. Please spare me the hypocrisy!

  7. I think you have to be a complete Moron to believe that Russia prefers Conservative Christians (Republicans) to the party of Baby-slaughter and Homosexuality and Socialism….

    Mueller said he could find NO evidence of collusion with Russia by the President. What President Trump was saying all along. But the Dems like to believe their lies much better, so they’ll keep believing them all the way to jail.

  8. Obama was told about this and did nothing ! It's not Trump's fault ! Obama did nothing because Hillary was selling our uranium and taking donations from Russia ! Then funding the whole DNC,she ran the whole money thing for the democrates !

  9. please don't ignore fox news youtube channel, if your against Frump you need to go to there sight an thumbs down, you don't even have to watch it, We need Fox news to see the real  thumbs down, they never go past 2k thumbs up, if we go there and thumbs down it,it will show them the reality of there bullshit. we could have there thumbs down 90% more than there thumbs up.  show fox news they are not the real news but a propaganda engine for the white Natinalist republican party.   mad luv !   @

  10. Are you guyz fools, hold Trump accountable for what??
    That Russians interfered in election and None American was found guilty in collusion, and Trump was singled out for an attack, he defended himself, and you call self defense an obstruction?? Check your heads🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

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