Mueller report: What we know about obstruction of justice, collusion

With the public release of the special counsel’s highly anticipated and redacted report, pundits and politicians are parsing its findings, analyzing whether the report exonerates Trump and more.

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  1. What, "unapologetic"? Why should Trump apologize for the fake dossier (paid for by Hillary) which was the basis for Mueller's probe? Why did Mueller hire 19 partisan Democrats as his staffers?

  2. Can I prove that the downvotes are from a bunch of trolling closed-minded conservatives? "Hold my beer".

     Compare this video featuring trump in negative optics
    (286k views, 1.4k upvotes, 2.1k downvotes, 2.2k comments)
    to another ABC video showing trump in positive optics
    (263k views, 2.7k upvotes, 871 downvotes, 2.7k comments)
     Now compare that to a nonpolitical ABC video of similar popularity
    (197k views, 1.3k upvotes, 150 downvotes, 1k comments)

    Notice how 1.4k votes shift from downvotes to upvotes depending on the optics of trump. Also notice how 1.2-1.7k (1.45k average) comments are entirely missing from the video that doesn't feature trump. This suggests that there are around 1.4k (at the time of this post) rabid trump fans trolling YouTube saying "I told you so". This doesn't make them the majority, and it doesn't make them correct. They're just the loudest, the "squeakiest wheel".

  3. Constitutional lawyer and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said the special counsel had a legally flawed approach to investigating alleged obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump. The second volume of the Mueller report is dedicated to the question of whether President Trump obstructed justice. Mueller's team looked at Trump's decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, then a series of ultimately failed attempts to direct White House staff and administration officials to disrupt the investigation. According to Dershowitz, the president was within his authority to fire the FBI director and would have been justified, under the unified executive theory, to shut down the investigation under Article II, of the constitution of the United States since President Trump is the nations top law enforcement officer.

    "The position I've taken from day one is for the president to obstruct justice, he has to go beyond his own permissible constitutional authority and engage in conduct that would be a crime for anyone else, like tampering with witnesses, obstructing a witness, paying witnesses, telling them to lie. None of that is charged against President Trump," Dershowitz said.

    In more than 200 pages, the Mueller report details President Trump's actions after firing Comey including "public attacks on the investigation, non-public efforts to control it, and efforts in both public and private to encourage witnesses not to cooperate with the investigation." Mueller concluded that those actions did not meet the threshold of criminality, but the president was also not exonerated of wrongdoing rather than a crime!

  4. Isn't funny how the pile of c*** in the white house went from no collusion no obstruction and what a great report Mueller made, to, this report is a piece of BS from the felon in chief? Apparently ,Barr could only do so much, in keeping the moron in charge safe from the truth. People have read the report and discovered that Mueller set up a road map on impeaching the a**clown in chief. Now the white house isn't so happy and are back on he warpath. Congress has subpoenaed the unredacted version and the truth will come out. Sorry you republican cry babies, but this is far from over. 16 investigations into our idiot in charge, are still on going. Prison is just around the corner for the mob family in the white house.

  5. Remember during the coming days, weeks, months and maybe years following the release of the Mueller report by AG William Barr that :
    1) The mainstream news media's attacks upon our President are attacks upon us.
    2) The Democrat Congress members' interference in our President's ability to do his job is interference in the proper running of our country.
    3) And their theatrics are distractions from their own collusions.

  6. We deserve better than a Deeply Selfish POTUS who only cares about escaping criminal charges for crimes we know he committed, based on facts. Not one word of concern or desire to prevent foreign countries from derailing our elections in the future. Others want to get on w/that essential work,while he's too cowardly to even admit it happened!l BC it'd make him look guilty? We already know that! We deserve better than that con-man! A game, his fans, winning? The President is supposed to help the country — lead it, protect us — not harm us!

  7. Damage to POTUS credibility? What credibility?! The facts are clear, provided by people interviewed under pain of jail. It is upsetting the campaign was found to lack intent ("belief to knowingly break the law") whereas the rest of us are barred from a defense of Ignorance of the Law. Congress needs to prosecute these crimes for true Justice for All.

  8. You Right wing trolls and Russian troll bots are wasting your time. No one gives a damn when obstruction is a crime that is impeachable even though there was no evidence of collusion. Have fun circle jerking.

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