Police probing how college senior snuck into bell tower and fell to her death

Sydney Monfries, 22, who was set to graduate from Fordham University, will receive a posthumous degree; none of the students involved in the incident will face disciplinary action.


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46 thoughts on “Police probing how college senior snuck into bell tower and fell to her death

  1. The butterfly effect on this 1 is strong. If no one invented social media or had she been born 20 years earlier, what kind of life would she have had if she skipped this 1 event of bell tower climbing? What if she said "no, this is a stupid idea" and climbed down and would be just a nobody like we all are and asleep somewhere.

  2. The other students there should suffer disciplinary action imho. Why condone this behavior? It only encourages future attempts. A student is dead due to her breaking the rules. The school is complicit without enforcing punishment of the other students participating.

  3. Smh what in the world was she thinking, doing something crazy and unthinkable just for 15 mins of fame, just to fall and scream to her death it’s not worth dying for a Snapchat, instagram, Facebook, YouTube video of you are not around to see it get views, her family back home is now grieving and planning her memorial service, I don’t understand why some people do crazy things for social media , was set to graduate next month in May

  4. Terrible waste of a human life. She had it all and gambled one too many times. I've done that crap before for my channel on YouTube but I don't do very dangerous things anymore. She had intelligence, loved ones, perfect body and she would have made something of her life. These kids climbing these towers and posting it need to think twice.

  5. Sorry for this novelette but I have read comments at several locations about this sad accident and so many of them have been ruthless aimed at this woman who paid the ultimate price for one mistake. Now since a death has occurred in the off limits bell tower, though I’m NOT in any way holding the University responsible for this beautiful woman’s horrible death, the bell tower either needs to be restored or locked up so securely it would be difficult for anyone to gain access.

    Also at orientation the students need to be informed that anyone that attempts to go or does go into the bell tower will immediately be expelled from the university and you will be charged with breaking and entering. Make sure that is in writing in the orientation materials. MAKE them think of the consequences…explaining to your family you have been kicked out of school, seeing one of your friends seriously hurt or killed on the adventure, you getting seriously injured—then expelled—or even killed, and even if you get in and out unscathed, you won’t be posting that pic because if it’s seen, you’re out of school and arrested for B & E.

    Young people, even Seniors going to graduate, truly don’t think through consequences. It so easy for adults to be smug about preventable accidental deaths such as this, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! That’s the problem they weren’t thinking. I remember my feelings of invincibility while a teen and in my early 20s. I took foolish risks to have fun, I was fearless, adrenaline was my drug of choice, being killed just wasn’t in my vernacular. I and my friends were just lucky but we personally knew others who weren’t lucky.

    Drag racing, a huge thing in my youth for high school and college students, when we had V-8 engines, cars built like tanks, and speedometers than went to 150mph was normal Saturday night fun even though it was a automatic mandatory 6 months in reform school if caught. I never got caught. My friends and I knew kids who went to reform school, knew kids with permanent injuries and even knew kids killed in car crashes while racing. Call us stupid or whatever but not dwelling on death or even penalties at those ages is just how the mind works for many. These young women shouldn’t have been in the bell tower but I guarantee you they weren’t the first to violate the OFF LIMITS regulations and even with this woman’s death, it’s highly likely this won’t be the last, LET’S GO SEE THE VIEW from the bell tower.

    Such a horrendous loss. My utmost sympathies to her mom, dad, family, friends, the university faculty and students and the first responders faced with such a tragedy in one so young. The people with her say she was NOT trying to take a selfie when the accident happened. I guess there was a large gap on the stairs. Maybe because it was dark, or as one mentioned, she tripped, maybe they had been drinking, for whatever reason she fell through the gap landing 30-40 feet down on a landing. It must have happened really fast since no one had a chance to grab her. I only add that because tripping or a misstep is so different than trying to take a selfie in a dangerous position which always upsets everyone as it seems a selfie was more important to them than their lives. RIP dear Sidney.

  6. Having a designated driver isn't enough these days. If you know the majority of your friend group are risk-takers then someone needs to be designated as the common sense advisor for whatever ridiculous adventure that's been chosen. Unfortunately more sad days are ahead with these careless humans making poor decisions.

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