Rising Democratic nominee Pete Buttigieg set to hold big campaign event

Buttigieg, who is casting himself as anti-Trump, is formally kicking off his presidential campaign in South Bend, Indiana.


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26 thoughts on “Rising Democratic nominee Pete Buttigieg set to hold big campaign event

  1. I guess all he’s gotta do to rise to the top is flap his fairy wings like tinker bell! This is what the dnc/socialist scum bags could dig up?? Hahahahaha nice try you pack of retards, wrong again shit heads! He wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the White House. Putin would make Pete piss himself and then fold right up. He dosent have the balls to run a Dunkin Donuts!!!!

  2. lawrence v. texas didn't answer the question: does the 14th amend. confer a fundamental right upon a homosexual to practice consensual sodomy. conservatives should seek to overturn lawrence in favor of bowers v. hardwick. i like pete, but his sexual conduct with his partner is "not rooted in the history and tradition of this country" and not "implict in the concept of ordered liberty."

  3. Buttigieg, thanks for shitting on the female sex by supporting the Equality Act. Women know what it says, and we know you support it. And, someone needs to tell the Democratic Party that sterilizing kids with GnRH analogues and hormones and mastectomies on 13 and 14 year old girls and disabled women are human rights abuses.

  4. Hey @ Kitte Foxxe , Ill address you since you seem to have taken on the position of welcoming committee. I live in South Bend Indiana. Pete has been my mayor. So I speak from not political opinion but from experience under Pete’s leadership.

    I’m a firm believer that if you want to get a clear picture of how an individual will lead / govern, look into their history of experience and their success and failures . The best way to do this is to start by looking into their community led by them.

    Pete is a good speaker and carry’s himself well and that is how he got elected as mayor in the first place. He’s likable. But being likable doesn’t speak to the ability to lead well.
    Since Pete has become mayor our community’s gang violence has risen tremendously. Our gun violence has exponentially increased with several shootings daily causing many innocent victims receiving injuries and far too many deaths. Overall violence has risen greatly and the number of homeless people living on the streets and under bridges has gone from nearly none to the point that you cannot drive or walk through south bend without seeing the many. Even the university of Indiana and Notre Dame are not safe areas anymore .

    We live hours from Chicago, so it’s clear to see that their crime and violence have spilled over into our community. I’d like to point out though that South Bend And surrounding communities were always peaceful safe and productive areas. We didn’t see this kind of thing here. The negative impact is punctuated and remarkable.

    My frustration is beyond measure. Pete is fully aware of the problems facing our community and the extent of the problems yet nothing has been done to create change in these area. In fact Pete said it was the responsibility of the people in the community to create the change. Not him. People are afraid in many areas to leave their homes. People feel they have no option but to arm themselves because of the other guy. Our police force has stated they need intervention and aid and have received little to none. Speeches and smiles do not save lives.

    I don’t dislike Pete. As a person he’s very nice.But to suggest he’s been a good leader for our community would be nothing more than a lie. We feel like we are drowning and helpless here.

    We’ve known for more than a year that Pete had been approached and that he was being groomed for the presidency run of 2020. Yes groomed- his very own words, This has consumed Pete , his time and efforts while his community has fallen further and further to the way side.

    It’s been stated by some that 80% of the community supports Pete and that statistical numbers don’t lie. I’m here to tell you that if statistics state such positive numbers for Pete within this community they absolutely are false. Pete has the support of business owners as one greasy hand slides through another but the community is overwhelmingly disappointed and damaged by Pete’s Leadership or lack of. He does not have the support of the people. He’s done little to nothing for us to keep our community clean or safe. In fact last summer his answer to a few complaints about geese and ducks at local parks was to have them all exterminates. It was extremely traumatic for those who frequent the parks and loved what little wildlife and nature we have here. He said don’t worry they will return when he received backlash for this act. Children were at those parks as this took place and witnessed this.

    I wish I could sit here and give high remarks on our mayor shooting for the presidency. It’s a big deal. But we have lived under his leadership. If you come to south bend and speak to the people you will not find that support. You will be met with the frustrations. Because after Pete has moved on we are left with the mess he left behind for us and it worsens by the day.

    Pete is a nice person.He is not a good leader. He does not have the support of his community because we have not had his. Come time to cast votes you will see a reflection of what I’m telling you. Your job or position may be to discourage negative remarks but you cannot dispute the truth and facts that we here know and have lived with under Pete’s leadership. If Pete couldn’t do better by our community then the the very thought of him as president is nothing less than purely terrifying. Come walk our streets. Talk to our community. You will see the truth very quickly.

  5. How funny would that be? From the 1st openly Black (haha) president to skipping the 1st Female president and to then basically fast forward to the 1st openly Gay Millennial President!

    His way of talking does remind me of Obama a bit. Love it!!

    Good luck. And PLEASE work together with Bernie (and vice versa!)

    Love from Amsterdam!

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