Trump Money Raised For Election Recount Going To Campaign Debt, New Political Committee

NBC News’ Danny Cevallos takes an in-depth look at the fine print in the Trump campaign’s fundraising emails to find exactly where some of the money raised for election recounts is going.
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Trump Money Raised For Election Recount Going To Campaign Debt, New Political Committee


Author: phillyfinestnews


43 thoughts on “Trump Money Raised For Election Recount Going To Campaign Debt, New Political Committee

  1. One more thing… President Trump tried to refuse the Presidents salary… a marked amount of money too …but they paid him anyway so he donated all of it to charity for four years. This should speak volumes when someone is trying to tell you that he is a dishonest money monger. Always require a logic to ones words and you will uncover many lies. When it all comes down truth is the most important thing in the World (not the globe)

  2. Mr. L.S.O.S commentator for NBC… I think you know that your reporting lies and I think you apply your political preferences to your job. Are you proud of yourself for deceiving so many people? Your a mess if you are.

  3. They all (anyone you donate to) use the 'would you like to donate monthly? And you can check the box and yes President Trump's had a box to check but in my experience the box is usually already checked and you need to uncheck it… but not winred … the box was empty to begin with and I know that much as fact. I must tell everyone that I never saw that page it was similar but it has additions …it just don't look the same. Anyway, when people go to the news they are relying on you for the facts…they want the truth …so the truth should be your Holy Grail and without bias matter/fact the very word media means in the middle…if my news station did this to me I would not go to them again…. you are fooling your listeners and what ever happened to the integrity of NBC? Shame on you. This won't go on forever because the truth always finds a way to surface. Shame on you!

  4. The Democrats are pawns of the communists and globalists the Dem voters are blind followers of the Democrats, the globalists want world control, the new world order, global slavery and the Dem's are bought off thinking they will be exempt and the Dem voters are ignorant and deceived, taking crumbs for handouts, because they are lazy and stupid and don't want to work. Trump wanted us free independent and sovereign, the Dem's and the globalists want us poor , ignorant, and dependent. thus the mess we're in !!!

  5. We care more about this.

    Are you loyal to democrat party that has supported the riots, looting, burning, & murders, of cities at the name of peaceful protest. The defunding the police, infringements of free speech and religious freedom. A party who held up your stimulus check and determined you are only worth $600.00 a party and gave tax payers money to other countries. A party that committed fraud to secure Biden’s election a man with proven cognitive defect and has to reas off a teleprompter. A party that has ties to China who is responsible for the COVID-19 crises and take advantage of this same crises and purchased farm lands at triple the price. A party that voted for impeachment in less that 6 hours without a Judge. Going after president Trump is going after the American people. Trumph is fighting fir the people and this is a threat to the Democrats. I rather support the party that has common sense than the corrupt Democratic Party. This party is infested by pedophiles.

  6. The reason they want our county shut down is to destroy our “Country and Freedom” so the rich and powerful can do as they please, but not B accountable for anything they do wrong, this would include murder, plus anything else, I do not want “SOCIALISM” my ex is Chinese that worked for the Communist Government for 18 years, I visited many places in China that I cannot speak about, after six long trips to China I know what is coming, I believe the covid 19 virus was planned so they could use it as a tool to win the election, mail in voter fraud is well known, and putting in place dominion voting machines that have China software makes the point that our lives and freedom will “B NO MORE”

    If U own a plane that U will fly your family across the USA in, would U check one side R both sides of the plane, check both side without “prejudice” is the only way, and then verify who is telling the truth. The rich & demon rats R trying to gain control of “our” USA by controlling the news, and if U do not verify U R dead with your family “PERIOD”

    Let the “TRUMP PENCE” sound, and all Christians let your voice be “HEARD”

    These News sites will give U what the bought and paid 4 fake news does not want U 2 know:

    Newsmax –

    X22 Today's –

    OfficialACLJ –

    One America News –

  7. You have to be a fool to donate money for the election recount. 
    Trump loves to use your money and not pay taxes like most people do.
    Recounts are over. Biden won! Get over it and move on.  
    Take the Senate back Georgia. Everyone get out and vote blue again like we did for Biden.

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