Attorney General grilled again over Mueller report

In his second day on Capitol Hill, William Barr stunned senators by saying he thought spying on the Trump campaign “did occur.”


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47 thoughts on “Attorney General grilled again over Mueller report

  1. Looks like the Democrats phony Russian Collusion Hoax Failed. I am looking forward to America's Department of Justice Indicting the traitors who pushed this hoax on America. Criminals like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce & Nellie Ohr, James Baker, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, and of course Barack Obama. The Fish rots from the head down. Remember the text message where Page told Strzok: "POTUS wants to be informed of everything we are doing." Thank You DOJ – I.G. Michael Horowitz for the evidence. An honest man.

  2. Replying to Hernan Visani: Sir I know for sure all that happen. My father was in the Cold War. The brigade 2506 Bay of Pigs. They were trained in Nicaragua by the CIA and the stupidity of what John Kennedy did upon Bobby screaming at him not to do it. From the threading phone call that Krushchev that if they invaded Cuba , that Cuban middles would pint to the U. S. And Russians misales would point to the U. S. Upon several screams from Bobby to John not to back away the those soldiers would be captuted, injured, and killed that he was just bluffing, Kenny ordered for the ship to back away . Not only were the ships to back away, Nikita ordered for all missiles to be removed from Turkey because they were to close to the backyard. Bobby got pissed and said no that the middles in Turkey had nothing to do with what was going on at that moment, plus those middles had been in Turkey since after WWII and after he spoke, Nikita asked John who was president? Bobby told John you’re making a mistake and walked out and went to Massachusetts to tell Joseph what his son had done and didn’t want to go back to the White House. My father was an agent back then and we didn’t know he was and found out after he died 2013. He never spoke to us about it.
    My brother and I started to read books and watch documentaries and contact a friend of my dad that explained things to us because he had been in the Brigade and he too died in 2014.
    Yes politics idirty and everyone had done something or other and that has exsisted forever. When the government wants something the government gets. They all have spied, lies, stole, and paid money depending on the agenda. The United States doesn’t want any Kennedy’s in the White House and all that have tried placing a foot inside has been eliminated with the exception of Teddy and that’s the reason he never ran.

  3. They made the same fuss about his taxes in 2016 before the election. Americans didn't care then and won't care even if the dems keep kicking and screaming about it to 2020

  4. Tax or the Report, Trump has got it made, he has appointed these goons to head these very important departments…Barr, Justice: Rettig, IRS: Mnuchin, Treasury: What more can a convicted fraudster hope for to bury anymore evidence. So far all they are doing is protecting Trump and saying… FUK YOU AMERICA

  5. Why the fuck muellar doen t say anything it's bullshit corruption ever where these is unbelievable no one come out and says somthing

  6. "Russian collusion" was never anything more than a participation trophy for unhinged Liberals unable to face the reality that their anointed queen lost
    the 2016 election

  7. TThis is a joke the worlds "most powerful country" having to deal with this comedy you got what you voted for a Thief a Liar just the worst of the worts person in the world you people are pathetic talking about other countries corruption and the bad people that cross over your country well of course bad people are going to cross your the #1 consumer in the world and have the biggest corruption politics so everyone wants to make money off your beloved USA jajajaja! The most powerful country with the most stupid president how many times he has declared bankruptcy and you believe all of his lies his going to fuck up all the USA and its economy… Fix your problems before you talk shit of other country and the wall that's a waste of money it can be jump go under fly over and also used as free material for someone who wants to take it apart and used it for his house.. Thanks Trump for the free material and giving Mexicans work!!,

  8. To all of the people in congress: Get BENT!!!!! We are so sick of your pathetic job performance you should all be FIRED. Half (if not more) are criminals who lie, cheat, or ignore the ones who do. There are a few REAL Patriots who are trying to save the greatest free nation that has ever existed and to those I thank you and pray for you to remain strong. To the rest of the lazy, good for nothing, squatters your days are numbered. Sleep with 1 eye open, because karma can be a real BI#@*!

  9. Trump's Approval Numbers
    -No more race riots

    -statue removals

    -ANTIFA riots

    -school walkouts

    -Black Lives Matter Thuggery

    -Campus anti-free speech riots

    -Occupy is extinct now

    -MILLIONS of Trump haters no longer marching in the streets

    -road blockades by Trump haters.

    -PoorMeToo marches


  10. oh yay the guy who let Iran–Contra affair go :/ here is the problem, most people liked Bush. trump is not liked by most people so good luck with your scam this time.

  11. Hopefully ABC covers the upcoming charges that will be filed against Obama's Deep State Democrats that tried, but failed to overthrow a duly elected POTUS. There will be prison terms!

  12. We didn’t elect a President we elected an imp and placed him in the White House. We are the laughing stock of the world. Where were our heads.? Let’s make sure that we are united to make him go away. Hillary should have been the President she’s a lady and best of all has cojones❤️

  13. 'Congress demanded'. Oh really! Their constituents demand universal health care, a living minimum wage, an end to corporate influence on Congress and elections and funding for a secure US border. Does Congress care what Americans demand? Hell no. Do Americans give a damn what Congress demands? Oh Hells no!! This hypocritical Congress needs to get off their collective arrogant old asses and do something for the people they supposedly represent.

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