Democrats push for release of full Mueller report, Trump tax returns

Two key members on the House Judiciary Committee and House Ways and Means Committee, Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Dan Kildee, discuss the Democrats’ efforts on “This Week.”


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44 thoughts on “Democrats push for release of full Mueller report, Trump tax returns

  1. I love how desperate Democrats are it is truly hilarious to watch them continue not to govern instead spend all their time focusing I'm bringing down the president.
    If they try to get President Trump's tax returns that every single member of both the House and Senate should release their taxes people like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.

  2. Hahahahaha look at the DEMON-CRATS they are PANICING, YOU WILL SEE as much as allowed by LAW on the Mueller report. Soon the world will see you DEMOCRATS WILL SUCK BIG BALLS…….

  3. The internal Justice Department review and redaction of the report continues to be a collaboration between the attorney general and the special counsel, and that process has gone smoothly.
    When the report is released, the redactions will be color-coded so that readers will know the rationale for each excision: grand-jury material, classified information, ongoing investigation, or Justice Department privacy policy (apparently to be invoked on behalf of peripheral figures, not the main players). These categories of redaction were addressed in the attorney general’s March 29 letter.
    Barr will engage with congressional leaders on the redactions to determine whether there may and should be additional disclosure.
    Once again, the attorney general explained that his March 24 letter was merely a synopsis of the special counsel’s bottom-line conclusions (along with an explanation of his own conclusion on the obstruction issue, on which Mueller opted not to make a prosecutorial judgment). Barr did not undertake to “summarize” the Mueller report, and assertions that he provided a misleading summary are unfounded. There will not be a summary of the report; there will be the report — excised as described above.
    Special Counsel Mueller was given an opportunity to review the attorney general’s letter outlining the report’s conclusions but declined to do that. (I suspect that is because the report made those conclusions quite clear — and, on the matter of obstruction, made it clear that the special counsel presented evidence on both sides of the question but did not draw a conclusion. Mueller, who has known Barr for decades, had no reason to doubt that the conclusions would be accurately rendered.)
    The Justice Department does not intend to seek a court order permitting disclosure of grand-jury material. As I pointed out in a column last Friday, in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the Justice Department took the position that judges have no authority to disclose outside of the exceptions to grand-jury secrecy laid out in Rule 6(e) (Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure). Last Friday, in McKeever v. Barr, the court agreed with the Justice Department. The Rule 6(e) exceptions do not provide for disclosure to Congress. It would thus make no sense to seek a disclosure order.
    The attorney general added that if House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D., N.Y.) wants to argue that there is a legal basis for disclosure outside of Rule 6(e), he will hear the chairman out. (As I’ve pointed out, Congress enacted Rule 6(e) and could enact legislation amending it to permit disclosure of grand-jury material to Congress in special-counsel investigations.)
    Barr said that Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz’s inquiry into aspects of the Trump-Russia investigation (including alleged FISA abuse) will be released by June, and perhaps as early as May.
    Importantly, the attorney general also stated that he is looking into the conduct of the Justice Department and the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, including what triggered the probe’s initiation.

  4. Declassify fisa documents first..trumps correct but i think the fisa documents leading to these accusatory threats against americas president willl clear up all poignant questions here..afterall these fisa decrees came before all else have to back track to begin of story to dont pick up a book and begin reading in the middle you start at the first page.

  5. This is not fox news this is speaking to Charlie Rose years ago …this is why the law was changed by the Democrat party … Jerrold Nadler the career hypocrite politician wanted the Ken Starr report heavily redacted. @

  6. No problem for DICKkkkkkKKKtator Trump

    He will REWRITE his tax returns before showing them to the public

    Just as he does for Mueller report

    In the DICKkkkkkKKKtatorShip of AmeriKKKa
    Agolf TwHittler can do whatever he wants

    And America let him do it

    Years after years


  7. Lets make a deal demoncrats. Trump will agree to release the last twenty years of tax returns to the public but only if max maxine, chucky Schmucker, retarded nancy, schiff for brains and get ready….mr corrupt himself old big ears with his husband mike. Because you have no real reason to want to see Trumps tax returns this woukd fair dont you think. So demoncrats do the American people a favor AND RELEASE THE KRAKE…I MEAN RELEASE YOUR TAX RETURNS! bet cha they wont dirty bad politicians.

  8. Trump is right on about the dems never having enough. They need to do their job, helping this country on important issues. What good have they done for this country in the last 2 years? Not a damn thing. When Trump finds solutions to the problem they cry and complain. If you don't like it, put some of your own ideas on the table. Oh wait, your pea sized brains can't think. Barr has said by the middle of the month. Info has to be redacted, or Schiff and the rest of your crew will release it to the public like the Mueller team is doing. Strange, after all this time and no leaks, they are coming out. It doesn't take much brain to know who is doing it. You dems are even worse.

  9. Another demo-rat useless fishing trip. At taxpayer expense of course , just like Mueller witch hunt. Spending money like water, the only reason is hatred.
    Go Trump, see you in 2020.

  10. All DC elected officials need to release their taxes. If the POTUS does it then everyone in the house, senate, and Supreme Court need to do so. The public deserves to know what dirty money if any is flowing through DC

  11. This is a srawman tactic becausectgey know the full report will not be released because there are names which will not be named. Thus is just a publicity stunt. They think thus is going to make reoublicans look bad and make them apear to be champions of the truth. They are not fooling me. The very act of requesting what they know will not be given us a lie in itself.

  12. Trump said that his fabulously successful business career qualified him to be president. Based on that record, he alone among the candidates had the ability to make America great. Why is he refusing to reveal the record? Why are we not entitled to see it?

  13. Release the returns when Obama releases his college transcripts and unseals his birth certificate. Funny, the only woman to see those records was the only person to die in an airplane soft crash at sea, right after she sealed the records forever.

  14. Trump is guilty and immersed in mud. He is hiding his tax returns from us. He is hiding his grades from us. He is hiding the Mueller report from us. WHY? He must have a lot to hide from us. WHY? Trump is guilty and immersed in mud. Sooner or later the truth will be known. This is always the case. He can't escape. If he had nothing to hide from us, if he was innocent, he would be more than happy for us to see his grades, his tax returns and the entire Mueller report. Lies, lies and more lies can't last for ever. Enough is enough with lies and more lies to hide the truth.

  15. This attempt at tax returns is a good argument for doing away with income taxes. You could spend the next decade arguing over deductions. Let the government get by with less. You can use your own money in a much better way than secret slush funds to pay off sexual abuse complaints, for example.

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