Must make universal basic income ‘right of citizenship’ in US: 2020 hopeful Yang

George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.


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43 thoughts on “Must make universal basic income ‘right of citizenship’ in US: 2020 hopeful Yang

  1. Trickle up is the equivalent of buoyancy. The reason trickle down economics hasn't worked is because Reagan flipped the USS Titanic upside down. As the boomer generation heads towards Valhalla it is the young generation that will feel the impact of the can that was kicked down the road. Imo

  2. There's just 1 little problem with this Mr. Yang and that problem is called ''Republican Filth'' You see, if you give $1000 a month to working families, working class, they wont work hard enough, long enough for the filthy rich corporate friends of Donald Trump and his republican filth at the congress.

  3. YOU bleeding heart LIBTURDS can thank your MESSIAH, King Obama for the tens of millions of part-time working men and women who used to be FULL-TIME workers until every Democrat in Congress voted YES for Obamacare.

    Giving $1,000 a month to Mentally ill people will only make them victims of their so-called friends.

    Giving $1,000 a month to Alcoholics and Drug addicts who are homeless will only buy them more alcohol and drugs or be robbed.

    Oh by the way, Yang FORGETS to state that YOU will have to give up any Government assistance you are currently on NOW to get the $1,000 a month.

  4. Right of Citizenship has already been established with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. We don't need no education from Little Andy. This is welfare. So what he is saying is that AI is going to kill most jobs and you little people will need his help to cope. So he is going to take money from others and give it to you. And claims it is a right of citizenship. Sounds like entitlement. WE already have big entitlement programs that have put us all deeply in debt to the independent banker cabal known as the FED. The rich, the international corps., US corps., all have an army of lawyers that will make sure they will never pay a dime into any welfare or freedom dividend program. It will come out of the hides of the little people just like it always has. Little Andy ain't gonna get his pie in the sky program enacted without the swamp creatures approval. They will never approve of anything that will disrupt their pipeline to the pockets of the protected class. Andy is for entertainment purposes only.

  5. Another socialist trying to manufacture new "rights." True human rights are things we posses already and can only be taken away or suppressed such as the right to free speech. UBI is simply income redistribution by another name, and most of us would pay in way more than we ever get back. If you really believe we should all have 1000 dollars a month, why not just cut taxes by that much, cut out the middle man? But there's the rub. The government can only control the money if they collect it first.

  6. Our next President!!!! Andrew Yang! This guy is going to change the world!!!! I believe in this guy, he understands the 4th Industrial Revolution. Yuval Noah Harari talks about this and Kai-Fu Li explains it in his book China -AI Super Powers. Yang is the only one who gets it and will move us forward!!!

  7. I like Universal Welfare because it will incentivizethe people recieving social welfare to work again. Our system only delves in black and white; you either work or you recieve government benefits (you must be jobless to recieve SSI benifits). The second problem is, someone who is working a minimum wage job shouldn't be forced to make less than someone on social security who is the same age. Yes, that is only if the person on minimum wage is working about 45 hrs a every two weeks in Ca, but, because businesses don't want to give full time benefits, people rarely can take on enough hours to surpass someone on disabilities for "mental health" reasons who takes in about 900$ a month. Both equate to lifestyles of being broke because either are unlivable. Where we get the money is my concern, I'm all for consolidating programs, but I think we should ultimately address the reason our economy is skewed to begin with. We allow the rich to evade taxes through loopholes, we tax them considerbaly less in proportion to earnings. Inflation is what happens when the collective currency isn't being "trickled" down but rather hoarded. This UW could redistribute the wealth if generated from the pockets of those whom have far too much for doing for less than the working class.

  8. Dude I hate how they even bring up Andrew yang getting support from alt right.
    He’s trying to solve the problems of American people. That’s why they’re supporting him too. You can’t really control who agrees with your ideas 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. If Yang wins, again The US will be an example to follow to The world (Like in the 50's). Because europeans make fun of you (you have No idea how.many times I have heard how currently The world make fun of americans)

  10. Homeless in America is growing. It is affecting many business. Andrew's freedom dividend would help our economy. It take money spending in an economy to make the next future millionaire and billionaire.

  11. This is so stupid. Neo Nazis and white supremacists want to get behind an Asian American Presidential candidate and you ask Andrew what he should do? He didn’t ask these scumbags to support him. This is so dumb.

  12. People in Houston loves Yang including Asian (not only Chinese America), can't wait to watch his debate. I watched most of the Asian news coverage too-It's interesting to find out Yang not only reunite American he reunite Asian too! But the main point I am making is he won't be bias, he will support all the people(not only some groups in their interest only) in United States of America, Yang is a very open minded, generous, fare and honest person.

  13. I am 57 years old and I am sickly from staying negitive from society because I don't fit in your America . With this thousand dollars a month I could fix my car so I don't have to walk . I could fix the holes in my shoes I could get death insurance and pay on a grave plot . my grandchildren at the age of eighteen would not be thrown into a bad situation like I was at age eighteen and have something to work with instead of being rejected because of just being an American struggling to stay afloat and being laughed at when they are just trying to make it . all of the President's before have had there chance and I still wonder why they haven't heard or thought about my suffering . you others can kiss my ass I'm voting for Mr Andrew Yang . ~ hard life (MULDEW) ~ gary b *

  14. Wish I could donate to YangGang but I've been on minimum wage my entire life I'm 44 now I'm that person he says that is living pay check by pay check with 4 teenagers and 1 three year old to support.. now ask me if 1000 dollars a month will change our lives..Andrew Yang as a father of 5 I will vote for you and wish for the best..#YangGang2020👍🇺🇸☑️😁

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