New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing On Covid | NBC News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the Covid-19 pandemic as cases continue to rise in the United States.

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Live New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing On Covid | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing On Covid | NBC News

  1. I am Kristine Smirnova from Latvia. You probably know me and my criminal case. The only one question – why Latvian KNAB every day spins around me every day for so long (about 4-5 years) ? I am only victim of crime and my offender already long ago admitted his guilt. When you allow me lead a normal life ? And how long these people (from KNAB) will spins around me ? They don't allow work me even on simple job for little salary. I live alone and just need a job (I have 18 year of experience in IT field).

  2. Let's be clear no one cares what you would do. It doesn't drive are decisions. You do what you want as 🇺🇸 citizens we have the freedom to choose if we want to take an unproven vaccine. Also we have no idea of side effects. So just because you are terrible at your job dose not mean we should further risk are health to make you look good. Or because you clame to know what is best. If you force this vaccine I think there should be mass peaceful protest.

  3. The Democrats are now ordering big economic shutdowns again. The reason is to increase unemployment as much as possible in the last 2 months of President Trump’s administration. Then, if Biden takes office, and COVID inevitably fades away, unemployment will obviously decrease. The Biden administration will then take credit for this, even though the only reason will be because the COVID pandemic has ended. So the higher the unemployment rate is when Biden takes office, the better off the Democrats are. Together with the fake media they can always claim that they lowered the unemployment rate. They will also be able to claim that the unemployment rate was higher when Trump left office, compared to when he began his presidency. This is despite the fact that when Obama left office, the unemployment rate was about 5% and before the COVID crisis the unemployment rate was about 3.5%. Today, 12/5/20, the unemployment rate is 6.7%, which is still way better recovery then any other country in the world. But they won’t mention that.

  4. What does the vaccine do when it enter your blood cells . How does it counter act the Covid 19 and what is the composition of the vaccine . Since I heard Covid is a protein type of virus . Is there going to be some of the virus in the vaccine ? Would like to see proof of the people results with the virus effects after taking the vaccine. By doing so it will make many of us confident to participate. May God be with us and bless us all .

  5. Mta Surface NYCT, Management abuses the system.. for every violation that is given , Superintendents get bonuses off of the Operators suspensions . This is where Operators are falsely given violations or given violations that lead to days in the street . This is a conflict of interest that Governor Cuomo allows . This quickly becomes a Quota . False accusations that turn into violations and tarnish Operators records . Mta / NYCT will say that the Operator didi it to himself or herself…. Someone needs to stop this madness . Media needs to address this .. In one Depot you will find that more than half on the Operators have been given or threatened with days on the street every 3-6 months … The Union is taking kickbacks and feeding Operators to management for suspensions .

  6. Why is this man sending New Yorkers to damnation? What have you all done for him to hate you so much? Governor Cuomo uses fear to keep control of New Yorkers? Yes people will die from the China virus but don't let it ruin your loss and don't let Andrew Cuomo destroy your livelihood

  7. No this is the second wave people as they call it. This is the second and final one. But still a whole year or less and over 3 million death will come before this disappears….but the vaccines will cause so much more death

  8. i stopped caring about the virus when they told me going to church and receiving the Sacraments is a super spreader, but BLM can riot, loot and burn a police building to the ground

  9. Why are they going into such detail about Keeping the vaccine at a cold temperature, without telling us why? What happens to the vaccine if it gets too warm? Do flu shorts and the like have similar transporting procedures?

  10. When the CDC takes it including YOU and all the WHITEHOUSE INCLUDING ALL SENATOR'S N PRESIDENT, WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE, THE CDC CAN'T BE SUED N SPEAKING FOR yourself, you take it first, we the American ppl have our rights and we don't want your vaccines.

  11. Biden this clown does not have a plan for the pandemic and the economy and jobs and will never have a plan. This clown has no brain.

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