Obama, Pence Hold Dueling Rallies In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoff | NBC Nightly News

Former President Obama and Vice President Pence held dueling rallies seeking to drum up support in the battle for control of the Senate.
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Obama, Pence Hold Dueling Rallies In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoff | NBC Nightly News


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33 thoughts on “Obama, Pence Hold Dueling Rallies In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoff | NBC Nightly News

  1. Up to $2000 for everyone making under $100,000. Support from Loeffler is no surprise, but I did not expect that from Perdue! Better if they lose anyway, then challenge the election and prove it was stolen from Trump, (not like they did anything to prove it as senators, deep-state insiders.)

  2. Cmon Georgia !
    Don’t let those republican prevent the progress just because they will lose power over it . Vote blue for progress
    Vote blue for the right thing
    Vote blue better service
    We are all on this together
    Get yourself ready to vote 🗳 🗳

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  5. Dems are using Covid for their evil agenda. Less than 1% of cases end in fatality. They are reporting a false number of positive cases. Lock Downs are a way to control us. We have to fight for our freedom.

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  7. I hope that Georgian voters step up as you guys know our president went and tried to dismantle the post office because he knew that more people was going to vote by mail see if he wanted to let the Americans voice be heard he would have put an exempt law on the transportation of u s mail to make sure every was counted he did the opposite the only way we can put him and his place is showing up in bigger numbers and if you can't show up use the mail in ballot

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