Parents of student slain after mistaking car for Uber speak out

Seymour and Marci Josephson tell “GMA” the changes they would like to see for ride-sharing services after the death of their daughter, University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson.

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46 thoughts on “Parents of student slain after mistaking car for Uber speak out

  1. This is a tragedy. And I must say that when you are looking for your uber and lyft it seems you see all the cars that match the car you are attempting to enter. I have never noticed this phenomenon until after locating my ride. How weird that her car that was the actual rideshare was a black impala. This story could be any of us using rideshare. Its hearbreaking.

  2. I just Don't Understand Why she was Waiting ALONE for an Uber ride after being out with "Friends"??!!! When I used to go out with My Friend's We Never left the Other Alone…. EVER!!!! This gets me the Most about this case, is the beforehand of it all…. I'm just dumbfounded by it!!!!! Make NO Mistake I think that the Monster (as her Dad would put it) that did this to her should die in prison for what he did to her, to bad the court's Can't do to Him whatever he did to Her!!!! My Heart goes Out to her Mom & Dad & her Entire Family!!! 🙏 Maybe there is something that I don't know about as to why she was alone waiting for that ride but it Really Really Bugs Me!!! Kids & College Kids…..TRUST NO ONE & Always have a Buddy System!!!!!

  3. she did everything right. her boyfriend called her, checked on her, made sure she was in. The devil was hunting. I just don't get why u want to kill someone. and stabbed her over 100 times i think i heard. boy, u deserved life. a life for a life. except u get to have sex with men now, and get to use drugs and watch tv on lockdown, your mom can still continue to believe u did not do it. even though blood was all in your car.

  4. THis breaks my heart in so many pieces. I remember when my son started taking uber, i would ask him how do you know it's the right car. send me a picture of the license plate. don't get in until u know it's your driver. and i remember seeing a girl get in one and scared for her. But i do remember my son said, they send pictures of the driver, the type of car it is. And I, myself have taken one. I refuse to share anything with anyone. Uber was made for people hanging out and leaving bars late, so she did the right thing. Only thing he didn't have to kill her. WHy couldn't he just get paid and take her home. Unless they pay in advance like NY. Still just a sad thing to happen to her. Well, mom, your son did kill her. Your son's girlfriend said that he didn't want his daughter in the car because there was blood everywhere. really. lady, why didn't u look at him with the third eye. there's no way i would have taken that lightly. blood, from where, from who, what the hell is going on, are all the questions i would have asked. i am not sticking by a killer. not today, not tommorow, never. Samantha, I'm so very sorry this happened to you. It could have been anyone.

  5. know your vehicle types and whether you have a front license plate or not – look at the license plate number!! haven't grabbed an uber in a while but uber should be giving that info out now every time theres a ride. Also the picture of the driver should be visible on the app if im not mistaken. Such an unfortunate thing to happen!

  6. I lived in a country where there was a terrorist problem for several years. The people were forced to reach out to the LORD GOD and they way they lived was a lesson we should learn. I remember a person who said they always took a particular route to get to some place but how one morning they heard the VOICE of the LORD GOD in their spirit/inner self/gut feeling tell them to take a different route. They later got news that an IED had exploded on the route around the same time they would have been there.

    The LORD JESUS said that the enemy/satan/the devil is the ONLY source of KILL STEAL DESTROY. He, JESUS came to give LIFE ABUNDANTLY and in Him is no darkness. Be HUMBLE and seek The LORD GOD. All your achievements etc. can be gone in a few seconds.

  7. I still wouldn't trust the "what's my name" action…. it could be someone who knows you from school or somewhere but still not your actual uber driver…. I dont trust tht not with my life.

  8. This is terrible however his car was the 2nd one with in 2 minutes she tried to get in to. She wasn’t even paying attention to the color of the car.The first one was silver and the monsters car was black. People are given enough info it’s up to you to pay attention. It shouldn’t be on the driver to make sure your safe my God people come on. The passenger should ask what’s your name before getting in, not the driver asking what’s my name. Seriously guys be responsible and take care of yourself because this is the world we live in not the other way around. Also, both cars were moving slowly and not even stopped when she tried to enter which by its self is dangerous!!!!!!

  9. I'm so sorry this horrible thing happened to her….and I understand her parents wanting to blame someone during this time…… but Uber nor Lyft are responsible. If anything they need to teach people to CORRECTLY identify drivers. This is no no way the fault of Uber or any other ridershare company sorry 😐 ….. the riders have photo, tag, and legal name of all drivers …. I vote for making it LEGAL for all riders to have it at the end of the day the drivers are more at risk than the passenger to be honest 🤷🏽‍♀️….. furthermore I won't and never for any reason identify myself to any rider before they identify themselves to me…. they legally have my information and aren't legally required to give me any…. nope sorry

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss! This psychopath took her away. He deserves to be where he is at. He planned this and took her life for nothing. He needs to suffer and feel her pain everyday!! His life sentence needs to go with pain everyday!!! Her parents are fantastic people and because of this tragedy, they are saving other lives using rides. Im sure s j especially in heaven looking down on them with so much live and pride. May God bless her family!!! 💕💞

  11. I have followed this story and it is terrible and sad. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this girl. Please forgive me if I missed something. She had her cell phone and was in the back seat while this heartless killer was driving. My understanding was she got message of Uber cancellation after in the car or realized driver going wrong way. I am not blaming her but I have not heard of any texts of help or calls to friends or police unless just happened too fast. Anyone know that part or feedback. I wish so much that she could have been saved or for it to never have happened. This murder was so senseless and such a terrible tragedy. I wish healing and peace for her family and friends.

  12. Really w any ride service you are taking a risk getting into the car- they are all ‘strangers’. No one, guy or girl, should ever get into a strange car alone. Always have someone w you. And always have mace or Swiss Army knife attached to your keychain or purse.

  13. I can see how easily this can happen because Uber drivers use their own cars and there’s nothing really identifying them as the Uber you ordered. The ceos of these ride companies should be forced to make this type of transportation as safe as it can be.

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