Teacher who said she was fired over topless selfie says she ‘lost everything’

Lauren Miranda, a middle school math teacher on Long Island, said she sent the photo to the person she was seeing at the time but somehow a student got a hold of it.


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37 thoughts on “Teacher who said she was fired over topless selfie says she ‘lost everything’

  1. She says men and women are equal, so does that mean that women can have the same level of testosterone as men? Does that women are going to approach a man for his number? This woman should be fired, period!!! Men and women are not biologically equal….

    Feminism isn't teaching women about the differences between men and women… Feminism should be extinct

  2. She was very, very, VERY, unwise! Do not put anything on-line that you wouldn’t want hanging in living color in Times Square. How very foolish to think your employer will keep up with the times! Get it through your sheeple heads! FB is NOT private. Would you leave a paper file folder with nude pictures of yourself in it lying around at school, unattended? Well, the new technology is the same thing. Did the kids who found the pics have the right to go into their teacher’s phones, no, but who are the adults? The onus is on them to protect the kids, not the other way around. I don’t say they ought to be fired, especially the one of the woman having a drink at a tropical bar. She’s of age, doing nothing inappropriate to be seen in public.

  3. Have not watched it yet, sorry I should have edited my previous post, but I just keep thinking that if this is something somebody wanted to make public and make a big deal, they are the ones with some serious deep rooted issues… They are clearly getting off on X, Y, & Z…Getting pleasure from others’ pain…there is evil out there people.

  4. This is absolutely insane and I’m only like 30 seconds in. I’m a teacher myself… It seems really hand-picked and intentional for whomever the whistleblower is (still have to watch the video, as I am being impulsive talking to text right now lol)…

  5. It’s amazing how you all cover up all the hollywood pedophiles but yet you go after all the teachers who are early 20’s and students that are 17-19 years old. I have an idea, don’t hire 20-30 year old. Laws don’t effect human nature. So take away that attraction by making the age difference much further

  6. She should be suing her ex. It's not a schools fault or responsibility to keep track of someone's alleged 'private' photo. It's not discrimination when the picture she took was for sexual purpose to her ex. It wasn't a photo of her breastfeeding which would not be of sexual purpose for example.

  7. Although I do sympathise with Lauren Miranda and her situation, I'm not buying the argument that a women's chest should be treated the same as a man's chest. The simple fact of the matter is that men and women are anatomically different. Biologically, a woman's chest is a functional part of the reproductive process, i.e. breast feeding. This is not the case of men, hence why culturally they get a pass, while it's only a "private" area for women. Western culture has taken a clear stance for centuries.

    As for her being fired, personally I'd have liked to have seen the school defend her, but they were definitely in a difficult situation, because most parents would probably demand the teacher be fired. These weren't regular parents either, they were wealthy Long Island parents at that. Factor that in, and the school really didn't have many options outside of a clean firing. Not saying it's right, but it's the reality of the situation.

  8. Can I ask, WHY she's sending pics like that? We are all aware of social media and the fact that this is a common occurance. Why compromise yourself? Pics like that are a BIG DEAL career wise. Especially as a teacher or public figure. We all make mistakes. I hope things work out for her and that the internet has been scrubbed of it and that the person with it has/is getting their just deserts. And that consequences have been made CLEAR to students as well, so there's an end to it being passed around. I'll pray over it.

  9. Shes right that's not their business as well as the naked body is under every one clothes..lady gaga shows her ass to the world..we have to look at it.. but she can't do it too..shes gorgeous if she wasn't they would not care I BET..

  10. Teachers, male or female, are held to a higher standard. You are supposed to be a leader to your students, someone they look up to, someone they trust. Why would you take topless pictures on your phone. Stupid, stupid move, now you lost everything you worked for.

  11. I have dated a lot over the years and have had a lot of nude pictures sent to me from them. I have never kept any and I have never showed any of the pictures to anyone. Why? I am not a ass hole. Nude pics are common and no big deal but you really need to know who you are sending them to. Better yet dont send them.

  12. She acted like “oh it was just a picture of my chest”. A woman’s chest is not like a man’s chest and that’s why they’re called breasts. It is not the school‘s responsibility to figure out how your picture got in the hands of a student. You were irresponsible by who you sent the picture to and whatever they did with it you can thank yourself for sending it. If you want everyone to have respect for your body then you need to as well.

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