Trump Repeats Baseless Voter Fraud Claims After Barr Says No Evidence | NBC Nightly News

President Trump repeated his unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud in a 46 minute video shot by the White House without press in the room. It comes one day after Attorney General Barr told the Associated Press he has “not seen fraud” on a scale that could have changed the election outcome.
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Trump Repeats Baseless Voter Fraud Claims After Barr Says No Evidence | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Trump Repeats Baseless Voter Fraud Claims After Barr Says No Evidence | NBC Nightly News

  1. The claims aren't baseless. You the media are lying to the American people.

    Look on my channel & click on where it says videos & click on sort by & click on most popular. You'll see 2 videos where Biden admits to #voterfraud. The lawsuits were thrown out on standing not lack of evidence.

    The Judges said that he was either too early or too late. If anyone wants to say Barr said that there was no evidence.

    1. If you watched the NTD news Senate hearings in Michigan, Barr didn't look at it.

    2. He was also aware Hunter Biden's crimes before the election began.

    For anyone who says that Krebs said that it was the most secure election. The evidence contradicts that statement as does the fact that & IDC that he was one of Trump's lawyers or not. The judge probably threatened to send him to jail if he didn't say because that case looked rehearsed.

    Once again watch the Senate hearings, especially in Georgia and Michigan & according to the Boston Herald Bernie Sanders actually won the Democratic nomination. #BidenCheated and stole the nomination from him.

    If it was half as secure as they said it was then they wouldn't be trying to stop the audit & no, recounts aren't forensic audits.

    A recount is counting the votes again.

    A forensic audit is thorough process to see if the votes match up or not, which many of them didn't.

    There were already over 74,000 fake ballots in AZ & multiple in GA.

    CNN scratched off votes that were given to Donald Trump & somehow Biden got them.

    Trump was winning in the polls by a large margin, but then the polls stop & somehow out of nowhere. The ballots that they added in weren't folded. They were completely blank.

  2. There was voter fraud, it was proven a couple times, but not enough to overturn an election. I just dont get why they act and say its non existent even though people on both sides do it every election.

  3. Senator Mastriano is now investigating Pennsylvania election. All of the senators in Arizona… all of the senators in Georgia… Senator Mastriano and the senators of Pennsylvania…. soon to be the senators of totally corrupt Michigan… ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THAT ALL OF THESE TRUSTED PEOPLE ARE LIARS AND IDIOTS?
    You know what they say…" Where there's smoke, there's usually fire"!!!!

  4. where is the response? they are going to get pushing the narrative because no one is doing anything except continuing to Humor them…Maybe the enemies of democracy are right! maybe it's not that important….SMH

  5. multiple Americans, one by name, who have signed sworn affidavits stating that they witness some type of fraud, whether it was pro-Trump ballots being thrown out without cause, ballots being backdated to before the election, poll workers being told not to ask voters for identification, and more, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Michigan Judge Kevin Elsenheimer all tried to prevent the public from seeing Ramsland’s report on his audit, Some people tested a Dominion voting machine that was used in Ware County, Georgia. They claim that it switched 13% of Trump’s votes to Biden, Mainstream media reported that Fulton County, Georgia, “stopped” counting ballots for the night because “a water pipe has broken,” and “sent the ballot counters home.”
    Video shows Republican poll watchers and media reporters leaving the building.
    The same video shows a few people remain, and continue counting votes without Republican poll watchers or media reporters.
    Video shows an election worker scanning the same ballots three times.
    There is no visible water leak in these videos, A study of more than 3,000 U.S. counties shows that, all else being equal, counties that used Dominion voting machines gave Biden an extra 5.6% of the vote, compared to counties that did not use Dominion machines. Since all other factors were taken into account, this is almost certain proof that Democrats cheated. Want more evidence?

  6. Don't believe your lieing eyes people you didn't see people getting kicked out so they could pull ballots out from under the table and all those witnesses are liars to and all the protesting in Portland has been peaceful and blm are American Patriots. No reality here to see move along.

  7. Let's see, republicans lost the house in 2018, then the white house in 2020, then the senate in 2021.
    Trumps the best thing that ever happened to the dems.
    I guess in alternate realities all three losses were rigged?

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