Rural Kansas Doctor Facing Community Pushback For Covid Safety Protocols | NBC News NOW

Dr. Jennifer Bacani McKenney, county health officer in Fredonia, Kansas, describes to NBC News’ Antonia Hylton the difficulties she faced in getting her community behind a mask mandate, among other Covid-19 safety measures.
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Rural Kansas Doctor Facing Community Pushback For Covid Safety Protocols | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


44 thoughts on “Rural Kansas Doctor Facing Community Pushback For Covid Safety Protocols | NBC News NOW

  1. Kansas is a state that has more stupid than really should seem possible! I mean, they voted a Dr. that specializes in yeast infections, and never wore a mask at, a single campaign! Dr. Look out I run over people wirh a vehicle Roger Marshall! Then appoint a drunkard to run the party! Makes you proud doesn't it? She should turn away any patient that fits the above description, telling them to get an appointment with Roger Marshall!

  2. I grew up with her family. Absolutely wonderful people. Everyone loves them and deservedly so. I'm so happy and proud she decided to stay here with her parents.

  3. Pretty sad. People are showing how stupid, small and petty they can be. Like the virus is going to go away magically if they don't wear masks. That people are attacking government officials trying to do their jobs is disgusting. When they get the disease they will be the first to expect medical care. The lady in the red truck that doesn't want the virus about says it all. She looks like a prime candidate for the ICU.

  4. These self-proclaimed ignoramuses are getting old. High five to Dr KcKenney. The dumb, ignorant, and stupid will die in mass after taking a few of the cautious and smart with them first.

  5. America is doomed by the very rights and freedom it espouses, the same liberty that breeds contempt for authority.

  6. Nothing surprises me anymore, it's beyond common sence and rational thinking. You could show all these facts and statistics to them, but they'll still continue to believe that it's a hoax, and some kinda conspiracy. I've heard patients coming into hospitals and basically die from covid and still denying it. I don't how people can continue to sprew this BS about their Freedom of whatever…so tired of these selfish idiots !!

  7. Does she have any evidence that the virus is in the town? Those who are infectious and can spread the virus should be put into quarantine. Has she accomplished that task yet? The masks don't protect you. The virus is so small it will go right through the fabric. The woman is touting masks as the great protector. They are not. Where is her evidence, not in Washington or New York, but in Fredonia KS?

  8. I live in a small Kansas town about 25 miles from her town. I feel so bad for her because this is Trump country and so many people that live here still think this is still a hoax or some insane attack against Trump because Hillary is still butt hurt cause she lost. I was just getting ready to type 'you can't make this stuff up', but that's what so many people are doing.
    Not everyone that lives here is a nut job, but it seems the less informed the person is, the more they think they know and the more vocal they are about it!
    Keep up your good work Doctor, and on behalf of the people who know you are just trying to help us, we are sorry for what you have to put up with.

  9. Conspiracy theorists are rampant; as is racism. Put them together and you have the situation described above. "Right now I'm just trusting in God." Fine. stay home and trust in God.

  10. All of my Trump supporting friends and family told me it was going away November 4th. It was a hoax OR nothing but the flu. My best friend is a die hard Trump supporter. He would leave Michigan for Indiana to eat and to hit the bar scene. He now can’t believe he of all people has it. Trouble breathing can’t smell…..
    I hope he recovers 100 % as do I with all who get this.

  11. You may not agree with Public health orders but that does not give you the right to expose others to your irresponsibility. To do so shows how much of a worthless human being you are!

  12. How about no doctor’s visits without being vaccinated? This would both protect the doctor and it would speed up selection of the fittest among science deniers …

  13. I'm so sorry. Soon, when things get better, perhaps move on to a wonderful place that cherishes you and your beautiful family. I'm sure this is difficult. You deserve to feel fantastic everyday of your life.

  14. Just for the sake of clarity, people call this virus the China virus because they are the ones who are responsible for it. The simple reality is that if China had been more forthcoming with what they knew when they first knew it, many thousands of Americans who died would have survived. But China is our enemy in every possible way – militarily, culturally, politically and economically. If they had tried to create a strategy to cause us the maximum amount of aggregate damage – short of actual war – they couldn’t have come up with a better idea. Causing the ouster of President Trump, whom they could not intimidate or control, in exchange for Biden, who they’ve compromised, is another big win for them.

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