House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana At The Federal Level | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Leigh Ann Caldwell reports on the bill passed by the Senate that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, decriminalizing the drug on a federal level.
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House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana At The Federal Level | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


34 thoughts on “House Passes Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana At The Federal Level | NBC News NOW

  1. funny…it's been legal in D.C. since 2014. Guess it is ok for politicians to smoke but not for the rest of the country.

  2. Marijuana should have automatically became federally legal when it became legalized in D.C. it's Federal Government property. D.C. is in direct violation of their own federal laws. It's legal in half the country but only certain states get the opportunity to participate in the legal industry. It's all a bunch of complete B.S.

  3. For smoking weed, but it shouldn't be widely available. If you can handle it it's fine but if not don't smoke it. If a few people can't handle licker does that mean we make alcohol illegal.

  4. Everybody knows that the war on drugs is a failure. The government is finally pulling there head out of there ads and changing there approach on the war on drugs it's a health issue not a criminal issue. And weed should be decriminalize on a federal level. Nobody adults should go to jail fo

  5. Pot should not be legal .I had two friends who smoked so much pot they became depressed and committed suicide. I can;t even count how many people I knew want on to harder drugs because eventually the pot high was not enough. Pot eats brain cells and makes people stupid and gullible which I;m sure the politicians will love, it also makes them lazy and not want to work.

  6. dont be a fool, just becuase the dems are pushing for legal weed doesnt mean you should vote for them, its just another way they are trying to control the minority vote

  7. Even though marijuana in many cases is legal on the State-level, our bribed Federal govt refuses to get off their "Gravy-Train" of the Campaign Funding/Pay-Off money they receive from the law enforcement lobby, who of course wishes to keep marijuana illegal. The Feds wish to continue to allow law enforcement to make money by locking folks up for pot, all while the Federal govt simultaneously collects taxes from legal marijuana sales from the state level. The Feds have actually been "Double-Dipping" us with this "Prison Industrial Complex/Collecting State Taxes" making money scheme. This is why our corrupt US Federal govt openly lies to our faces still to this day insisting that marijuana is just as dangerous as Heroin (Schedule IV) and has no medicinal value. (CBD).

  8. this just goes to show we where living with Covid for like what almost two years and they have a vaccine but cancer has been going on for all this time and yet in cure

  9. good! lets hope this is the start of a drug decriminalization/legalization revolution that will hopefully pay for the stimulus packages by eventually shutting down the dea and other task forces

    or legalize marijuana on the grounds that the feds are finally recognizing that it was banned by the lobbying from the wood and paper industry.

    work through the holiday. mothers day is not that big of a holiday compared to christmas and "happy late mothers day"

  10. I was listening to Bob Marley with my dogs in my garlic patch one day. 8 black SUVs came tearing down my driveway and ran over my dog. They jumped out with assault rifles put me on the ground with guns to my head, they took my 20 acres, they took $15,000.00, they took my vehicles and sentenced me to 5 years in a corporate corrections facility. My daughter was born while I was in prison, I lost my family, and all I had.Less than 100 miles from my prison and in states both sides of that states border where states where they sell weed at stores. If you don’t legalize weed at the federal level, I say you are committing treason every day you don’t, the majority has 🗳 voted. Is this 🇺🇸America or 🇨🇳 China?

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