New Warning That Hackers Targeting Supply Chain Behind Covid Vaccines | NBC Nightly News

Government officials are warning of a fake email phishing campaign targeting the critical supply chain that keeps vaccine shipments cold as drugmakers position doses while awaiting FDA approval.
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New Warning That Hackers Targeting Supply Chain Behind Covid Vaccines | NBC Nightly News


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50 thoughts on “New Warning That Hackers Targeting Supply Chain Behind Covid Vaccines | NBC Nightly News

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  3. If the vaccines are safe, why do the pharmaceutical companies need indemnification? Who will be held responsible for the side effects?

  4. Im no expert, but i predict this is what they might consist of…
    -Russian hackers fake vaccine: vodka + poison
    -Iran hackers fake vaccine: the actual coronavirus + poison
    -North korea hackers fake vaccine: the actual coronavirus + some highly radioactive liquid
    -The real vaccine: owned by $-hungry selfish ppl so who knows what's actually in that one.

  5. Gimme a break Fake Media ….SO CORRUPT!
    We (the USA) APPLE-IBM-GOOGLE INTEL-MICROSOFT-NVIDIA? But We (USA) are going to use Voting Machines from where? Venezuela? Routed through Germany? And don't tell me Pres. Trump is in charge of what machines we use. He's not. Who makes that decision? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  7. I guess nobody heard him say sending vaccines AHEAD OF FDA APPROVAL lol and they must going 2 make us take the vaccine I'll take my chances using my immune system

  8. Hope the supply chains aren’t protected by “ Dominion” ? Communist countries have No Interest in the West coming out of Panic? Their public criticism is non existent and human losses are not a factor? 🤔

  9. The freezers must not be online at all and round the clock law enforcement in duty at undisclosed warehouse locations. Even when transported by plane, hackers are able to re direct routes and cut off electronics. Heavy security must be applied.

  10. How vulnerable we are that even trump's best friend can easily hack our system. Why we are always a victim ?

  11. So ABC reports “news” about hackers trying to manipulate the COVID-19 vaccine, but hacking Dominion Ballot Scanners to favor election fraud is NOT NEWS, or reported by ABC🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. Democrats are pushing for more vast shut downs while Pelosi has confirmed today they will do SQUAT to help you after you lose your job and business

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