U.S. Breaks Record For Daily Covid Deaths, Hospitalizations | NBC Nightly News

Marking the darkest day in the pandemic, a record 2,777 Americans have now died in just 24 hours. The staggering loss of life comes amid another new record: more than 100 thousand are currently hospitalized.
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U.S. Breaks Record For Daily Covid Deaths, Hospitalizations | NBC Nightly News


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32 thoughts on “U.S. Breaks Record For Daily Covid Deaths, Hospitalizations | NBC Nightly News

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  2. [Dec 10] \\ Contradict Me, If You Can, by OTHER, MORE VERIFIED NUMBERS-DATA [SEE SOURCES BELOW], not by one liners reading not more than one line //// COV-19 DEATHS in % FATALITIES OF THOSE DIAGNOSED in ~100 nations: [Nov 2] vs [Dec 4] vs [Dec 9]: <>Germany 1.97;1.61;1.67 <>NL 2.11;1.78;1.71 <>Finland 2.20;1.54;1.51 <> U.S.2.51;1.95;1.88 <>Brazil 2.89;2.71;2.66 <>France 2.69;2.40;2.44 <>Spain 2.89;2.72;2.72 <> AU 3.28;3.25;3.24 <>Canada 4.30;3.15;2.98 <>UK 4.51;3.59;3.54 <>Sweden 4.78;2.57;2.39 <>China 5.39;5.35;5.35 <> Iran 5.69;4.92;4.75 <>Italy 5.47;3.49; 3.49 <>Mexico 9.92;9.49;9.26 <> U.S EARLIER: 2.75 [Oct 22]; 1.95 [Dec 4], 1.88 [Dec 9]. Forget what the media is posting pre and post the Nov 3 election (to scare Americans away from the regime, deleting the facts that big numbers reflect U.S. BIGY POP, inflated hospital Numbers paid per .., improved detection tech/methods, people trust more to declare and real ''waves'' as we see here in the EU. THESE ARE VERIFIED GLOBAL NUMBERS REPORTED BY THOUSANDS OF DEDICATED DOCTORS, NURSES AND WORKERS IN ~ 100 NATIONS, collected from Johns Hopkins University, WHO, etc., PUBLISHED by RealClearPolitics, re-ordered historically here for 15 of ~100 Countries//

  3. Nope, Just LIEs – (All LIEs) Try some REAL NEWS, like > The PCR Test Numbers are FRAUD, and CV19 has a 0.1386 Fatality Rate, 99.997% Survival Rate, Not Life-Threatening to 99.999% of young or healthy people (yet Fauci refuse to say a word about the ScanDemic LIEs) Now, Lawyers are suing over the FAKE PCR TEST https://youtu.be/XQYzb5_kax8?t=30

  4. I wonder how many ppl get a bacterial infection in the lungs from wearing a mask and its diagnosed as covid!! Cause its not coronavirus deaths 🤔

  5. Still conspiracy theorists propagate its nothing serious.. still just cold and flue.. I never heard any one losing both parents in 2-3 days due to cold… All who are living and beleiving in conspiracy theories are really stupid people. ASk the doctors, who are working in ICU, the situation is like they never saw in their whole life.. STAY HOME PEOPLE, AVOID PHYSICAL GATHERINGS. Its not only record deaths but also record number of hospitalizations.. how much more evidence people.. need to understand this is life threatening to your parents..if not for you..

  6. OK – so I see that 2,777 Americans died in a single day of Covid. But in 2017, on average, 7,708 people died every day. (See URL to cdc stats below.) So what I want to know: in 2020, are more people dying? Which would be truly sad. Or is covid simply taking the weak, who were going to die of something else anyway? In other words, is the overall average daily death rate higher or the same? (For example, former French President G'estaing just died of covid. But he was 94. Something was going to get that guy sooner or later. So I don't blame covid for that. He died of natural causes, in my opinion.)

  7. God send Hospital. Workers Ministering Angels they're doing more than they signed up for and if they go, that's it for everyone. 🌈😷🙏💔💜🇺🇸🇬🇧🌍

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  10. It’s a very sad that many people are having low immune system because their pre exist health condition add more a lot of them lost hope for life. Majority is the unproductive ages.

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  12. It was foreseeable that with Biden's win the cases of covid, along with the imposition of masks, would immediately rise, now you can even expect restrictions on movement between states and counties. You voted against freedom? have fun.

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