Simone Biles gives opening statement in review of FBI handling of Nassar case

“We have been failed and we deserve answers” Biles said.


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  1. Federal agents part of Illinois concealed rape of my daughter's when 3-5-5 years old then transferred all 3 to another state to a gated apartment of the sex offender who raped them. My daughter's told me when they were gang banged a women watched… Tokd me her name was elle… When we went to speak to fbi..a women walked to me… Told me her name was elle… Where we are both sheriff's are cokeheads who get $10,000 month off of gang leader to control area coke sales sent of Honduras… All drug task force agents are full blown cokeheads… When we call governnent places to report rape we get threatened… We sent messages to foxnews CNN got no response…. Government workers ran a sex slave op called pay to play… Learned all knowledge from a vet rank leader of outlaw gang who was headed for heart transplant… He was of indianapolis area… He told me Federal agents are the sex offenders… They appoint one another to be bosses… They then overtake a area to be security or sheriff… So all reports of rape are concealed…. GET A WEAPON… PREPARE FOR WAR OF HEAVEN

  2. Dear God, I pray for Simone as she goes through this horrid process. I pray for each of these women for they are making the choice to fight for all who have struggled because of that devil-driven man and all of his accomplishes. If I were to hide a family member from the law, I would be arrested for aiding and abetting. That is what is being done right here. The powers that be are aiding, enabling, and hiding a sick man and tossing the children out for sacrifice as some of the people did back in the bible days. They sacrificed their children and others to the idols they called Gods. Lord, I pray that these powerful women continue with strength and be able to speak for those who can't speak for themselves. Hang in their ladies. There are many things that we enjoy today because MLK, Jr., and others sacrificed their lives for those who could not speak for themselves. Even our ancestors, (of every color) by speaking up, helping to hide slaves in their homes, and giving them a way out of the horrible lives they once lived, can't see what they accomplished, but they gave of themselves anyway. Thank you, Lord, that Simone, Mykala, Aly, and Maggie are standing in the gap. They may never see how it all turns out, but they have already won the victory. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  3. Wow now I understand why she couldn’t complete the Olympics. The last time she participated in the Olympics, she was being lied to or not told about the truth regarding this scandal and how it effects her.. and I think it just brought up so many thoughts and so many emotions for her , and then on top of that, she knew she had to do this trial weeks after the Olympics ended and she was probably so nervous about that, and she just felt super pressured internally. I understand her, I am standing with her and every victim in this (Nassar) abuse scandal … and shame on whoever made Simone feel bad for not completing the Tokyo Olympic competitions. You’re scum if you can’t see she needed to do that for her mental health… she needs to be lifted up not judged. I pray she can stay strong for the remainder of these trials and heal her wounds slowly but surely 🤞🏾

  4. Man this is sad I’m sure it happens with trainers in high schools all the time and nothing gets done or they just get transferred I don’t think females especially minors should be examined or treated by men just my opinion

  5. USAG, USOPC, Steve Penny, Bela and Marta Karolyi, Michigan State University, and other coaches need to be investigated! John Geddert, who was Jordyn Wieber’s coach was also prosecuted but he ended up killing himself to escape his fate.

  6. The FBI committed felonies here…A basket of them. A 5 year statue of limitations means the scoundrels can be charged – charge them with racketeering and go back to 2013. Obstruction – tampering – conspiracy are all FELONIES.

  7. The FBI no longer investigates
    The DOJ does not stand for justice
    The DHS no longer protects the homeland
    The National Guard, no longer guards the Nation
    The Border Patrol no longer patrols the border
    The Coast guard does not Guard the Coast
    The DOD no longer Defends the nation
    The NSA does not provide any Security
    The CIA is not intelligent……..

    Do you get it yet?

  8. Simone Biles and every other athlete who gives testimony about this horrible situation deserves the utmost respect for their bravery in coming forward. The way in which this investigation was handled is absolutely reprehensible!

  9. She is 100% right. There are sexual predators everywhere in society. They have very large social networks and get away with pretty much whatever they want. Most people who stand up and say something will get labeled as crazy and basically black listed form society. They will be victims of character assassination and made an example out of. Fortunately, Simone Biles has a very respectable position in society with her Olympic achievements, and hopefully she will be taken very seriously!

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