‘This is manifestly not Saigon’: Blinken | ABC News

Jonathan Karl interviews Secretary of State Antony Blinken on “This Week.”

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43 thoughts on “‘This is manifestly not Saigon’: Blinken | ABC News

  1. Even John McCain whom I'm not a fan of thought that Anthony blinken was a fuking idiot and it's the one she times that I can agree with him. The only plan that fighting and blinkin had was tuck tail and run. They didn't even have the decency to let our allies know that they were hauling ass with their tail between their legs. And our allies are no longer our allies they will never trust us again and rightfully so. The Democrat Party of America has now showed that they are in line with Putin and China. They are just Grace and this blanket idiot they need to resign along with the chief of staff's remember over 400 of them hated Donald Trump & the letter but you notice they're not resigning now though but that's a good thing anyway because these idiots at the state department and our military brass they're going down. The next president will be a Republican and every one of these State Department cowards and Military pussies will be forced to resign. They better start heading for the hills now and getting the one thing a military career officer once and that's his perks his retirement benefits. Let's hope Biden drops dead this week along with Pelosi because these people are evil and they deserve to die and go to hell

  2. Lies. When will you SHEEPLE Wake up and Call B.S. on ABC?
    ALL Was safe and Calm, the Taliban were at Bay, with NO Deaths for 18 MONTHS!!! Then Senile Joe pulls the Plug AGAINST Advice. WITHOUT getting our people out!
    ABC sold you this CLUSTER of a SEnile Imbicile not looking under the hood, and telling you he was fit. This blame is on the MSNews and Tapper. Wake up Sheeple.
    This MSNEws is the one who told you "Orange man Bad" but Biden GOOD, even when Obama wouldn't support him saying "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up"

  3. please look back, when it happened in Saigon, the south VN still in control . All the evacuation gone before April 30th of 1975, and by noon of April 30th of 1975 when the surrendered. The south soldiers of SRVN still fight to the end, that why so many re-education camps appeared in VN to keep all anti communist in death. I feel sorry for the Afghan people, but they run without a fight for their women and children's.

  4. I have followed Blinken and I actually have alot of respect for him. I have seen what he has said at meetings with the U.N. and I like him. We may not like the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, but it was inevitable, and it seems like God is with the Taliban in my opinion. Anyone who actually reads the Bible cover to cover would understand this. I know they dont read the Bible, but the first 4 books I believe are similar to theirs

  5. When President Biden pulled our soldiers Afghanistan had 300,000 trained soldiers they spent 20 years training. That turned out to be a waste because they QUICKLY collapsed, fled, and switched sides. Why would we risk more of our soldiers lives when their own army fled and joined the Taliban's? He did what the other Presidents didn't have the spine to do. President Biden has done everything he said he would do far. It's just been 7 months. You can say whatever you want about him but he's the first President in years to do as much as he's done this fast! After 4 years of division, hatred, mental instability, lies, insane conspiracies, not knowing if our country would even survive, not being able to sleep at night, worrying about the NUKE codes, it's been so refreshing to finally know someone SANE is in the White House again actually doing the work and keeping us safe. Call him a grandpa, call him whatever but he's done more for this country in 7 short months than trump ever did in 4 years. I have slept better than I have in 4 years. He's not perfect but compared to his predecessor he's pretty darn close. He's still got some things to accomplish like voting rights, which is huge, but I know he will get us there. I have faith in him, and it's been years since I've had faith in our President. Keep it up Joe, well done.

  6. Problem with Afghanistan is that they did not build up their own military. Too many of the people are resistant to American interference. The Taliban has big oil money from Arab countries behind them providing financial aid to this group. We cannot force Democracy on countries. All the citizens need to be behind a movement to keep the Taliban out.
    I feel for the females in Afghanistan. However, the males in their society under religious ideology believe they are subhuman. We can not change ideology without teaching them that men and women are equal. It is not accepted by the Islam hierarchy. When we learn how to change this maybe we can help these women and girls. Armed force dies not work.

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