18 Former NBA players Accused In Multimillion Dollar Health Care Fraud Scheme

Prosecutors allege ex-NBA player Terrence Williams orchestrated the scheme to rip off the league’s health benefits plan by filing fake claims, and recruited other players by offering fake invoices. They submitted nearly $4 million worth of claims, according to the indictment.
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Author: phillyfinestnews


47 thoughts on “18 Former NBA players Accused In Multimillion Dollar Health Care Fraud Scheme

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  2. And let’s not forget billionaire Jeannie buss getting a five million dollar business loan during the pandemic, which should have went to smaller businesses. Cheapskates are all income Brackets and poor amd wealthy alike.

  3. HOLD UP WAIT JUST A MINUTE HERE..The insurance Industry must be expecting a huge wave of new claims soon… So now they are playing victim to get ahead of it which will make it easier for them to apply their dirty tactics …. Why does MSM never ever ever… Talk about the fraud insurance companies do against PEOPLE everyday …. About how they rather spend more money on NOT helping instead of just helping …. About the Dirty Tactics they use Delay after Delay … Criminalizing their claimants Especially the Black ones… Giving low-ball settlements to Black and Brown and lower class white Claimants even the tv commercials from Ambulance Chasers show Black and Brown people getting lower settlements than White….

  4. For those of you who think this isn't a big deal…
    Yes it is it's HUGE
    These spoiled millionaires and billionaires rip off the insurance company s who are already over charging us across the board on every single claim we insure with them..
    The insurance company s Get their money back by raising the prices on John Q taxpayers
    All this crap about regulating and making insurance mandatory is yet another way these elites wealthy types get out of paying for anything
    While they make it a Law for us to have to have insurance on our health and our cars and our property s
    The wealthy never have to pay outrageous insurance premiums on anything
    Considering that big pharma is setup to make us sick and keep us sick and in debt
    Does these insurance company s not seem like co conspirators as they charge us a fortune on insurance then more times than not they refuse to cover our costs..with loopholes that the insurance company s and big pharma have put in the fine print
    That requires us to pay even more out of our own pockets
    Why do we have insurance if we still end up paying out of our pockets
    Insurance company s are a Ripoff
    Only the wealthy get Real coverage
    Everyone else pays higher rates to cover their cost

  5. They are dumb. You don't play around US Big Company Money they will search the WORLD to get you and their money back. US can seize assets of anybody in the world and they thought they can scam US companies?

  6. Playing in a Nuclear Sandbox
    The AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Deal, in which the US and the UK will sell nuclear submarine building technologies to Australia so it can build its own nuclear subs, has made big waves over the past two weeks. There has been much ado over France taking offense with Australia for walking out of a nearly done deal with it to buy similar technology. A lot of money is involved, but pride is more a factor here than money. The frightening thing here is not the nuclear submarines themselves, but the fact that the parties are behaving like kids in a sandbox squabbling over a toy shovel. But in this case, it is a nuclear toy, and the ramifications of these games will impact all eight billion of us.
    The bad news is that you cannot stop this madness. If you don’t have nuclear subs, you are powerless and cannot stop those who have them. If you do have nuclear subs, you are powerful and you don’t want to stop.
    If an alien came to Earth and watched what is going on here, it would say that our only interest in life is war-games. Moreover, war defines our life here, and the fact that we could end our existence at the press of a button is no one’s concern as long as we can keep playing.
    In the 1950s, Baal HaSulam wrote that if humanity doesn’t understand that we cannot live in such a state indefinitely, that we must shift to a considerate way of life where we are responsible for one another, then more world wars will follow and teach us the hard way. “If the total ruin that [nuclear and hydrogen bombs] are destined to bring upon the world is still not evident to the world, they can wait for a third world war, or a fourth one. The bombs will do their thing, and the relics who remain after the ruin will have no other choice but to take upon themselves this work where both individuals and nations will not work for themselves more than is necessary for their sustenance, while everything else they do will be for the good of others,” he wrote in The Writings of the Last Generation.
    In the 1950s, everyone was still in shock by the devastation that Little Boy and Fat Man inflicted on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (respectively). But eighty years down the line, the possibility of another nuclear episode seems increasingly plausible. Those two monster bombs may have shocked the world then, but they are nothing compared to the nuclear arsenal that countries have developed since. Moreover, so many countries already possess nuclear weapons that I am not even sure if or how many of us will survive a nuclear world war.
    The options are clear and simple: Unite, or the Earth will explode.
    If we consider the level of animosity among nations, ethnicities, cultures, religions, or even among regular people, it seems impossible to unite. But this is so only because we are letting our baleful egos drive us to this state. We can decide to let another attitude drive us, a more responsible and considerate one.
    If we think only of ourselves, there is no question that a total collapse is just a matter of time. Now that we are approaching it, we can see where we are going and change course. We can determine that we have learned the lesson and start looking at the needs of the entire society as well as our own.
    No one says we need to go hungry or deny ourselves the things we need. But if we all strive to take as much as possible rather than as much as we need, we will end up having nothing.
    Caring for the well-being of the collective, as well as for our own, is neither an altruistic approach nor an impractical one. It is, in fact, the only realistic and practical approach. This is the only tactic that will allow us to avoid a war that will destroy humanity.

  7. Big Baby got caught with weed now this. Please yall if you make it to the league save and invest. Don't blow the money on houses and cars or else you'll resort to this bs. Tony Allen made millions. Smh.

  8. Hey guys.
    I have gone through tough times especially with the pandemic at hand. My family is in serious need of financial assistance. And it will be great if you could send $50-$200 please. Our family would very well appreciate a helpful donation.

  9. They are incredibly stupid…and greedy. They all deserve to go to jail. Instead of making a difference in their communities, investing, going to school, starting businesses…these idiots participate in a healthcare scheme…Ridiculous.

  10. Total waste of time. To get potential jail time over this trivial cheapskate nonsense is absurd, and distracts from more important issues Total waste of time. Now, what about the pentagon pornograpghy, nxivm cult, child trafficking case , Ben Franklin being a potential serial killer, coming utopian Chinese communism surveillanced societal post reset model and
    LAST but not least seemingly Pandora papers release.

    Did I miss anything.

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