Academic tenure controversies highlight importance of faculty diversity | Nightline

Across 4,000 schools nationwide where more than half of students were people of color, only 10% of tenured professors were people of color while 70% of faculty were white, ABC News’ data team found.





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  3. Like, the issue of tenure, boils down to how many full time profs you hire. Most schools are at least 50% adjunct. My current SUNY University has a 50%~ adjunct rate, and are not eligible for a full time position due to only having a masters. The masters degree profs are relatively more diverse and more experienced than those doing research full time at the university. I have genuinely learned more from them than the full time profs. While I think you should make the tenured profs more diverse, unis are trying to cut costs wherever they can. They achieve the diversity targets through adjunct professors, its cheaper. Why would I pay someone benefits, pensions, etc. when I can still keep my full time staff focused on research and grants. I found this out the hard way when doing internships during covid, my community college that I attended at the beginning of covid was 70% adjunct, and it showed in the response time of profs who taught there on the side because it didn't pay enough. Only Deans and a few grandfathered in staff achieved tenure, because the college was strapped for cash. Definitely a cool video, but I feel like they didn't look as to WHY colleges do this, the diversity is not in the full time staff, its the part timers and that's why your diversity among tenured is low, the ratio is low as is, add the fact that colleges dont hire many tenured profs unless its for a chair or high end position and you get that 1%-5% rates as the video suggested from the general ratios of PHD holding individuals. If there's less than 10% of your doctoral holders are african american, asian etc. it explains the lack of representation. While I agree there's politics involved in keeping african americans out of chair positions, I will also argue strongly that the issue isn't as much politics, as its getting more diverse amount of people to achieve that PHD degree itself, along with the improvement in hiring full time tenured positions rather than literally outsourcing the work to adjuncts. The video makes a great point, diversity in faculty allows for students to feel more comfortable with faculty and in turn not be as afraid to ask a question or ask for a recommendation. Merit goes far, but shared culture helps get a foot in the door much easier which leads to better careers after you get out of uni. Source: Had a really nice prof that heard me speak a tad of Russian, and it gave me an internship/honors within the community college.

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