At least 9 states attempt to block mask mandates in schools

The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending everyone wear a mask in schools, contradicting CDC guidance.

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40 thoughts on “At least 9 states attempt to block mask mandates in schools

  1. Dude didnt answer anything. Vaccines don’t work that good. People still get the virus and still die after being vaccinated. In medicine u can’t use one size fits all approach, what we were always thought was use risk vs benefit on the individual basis. This doctor, if he is even a doctor, thinks that Harvard and John hopkins license on the wall will make him trustworthy. Nope. Dude is as confused as the lady who is asking questions. Yeah misinformation and they wonder why public don’t trust you. But wait doctor in chief Biden with another so called expert dr fraudci will come to your rescue with their mandates. I vaccinate people every day, I did it for many years before and this year I can tell that the number of adverse reactions is astonishing. I had a 21 yo with heart muscle inflammation, friend of my family with half body paralysis, few people with blood clots. This is garbage people. Natural immunity if you were able to go thru this disease is the best protection since you r getting exposed to the whole virus (spike protein, membrane and so on) and not only the spike protein that vaccine offers but he again said vaccines are better that natural immunity. What a goof ball.

  2. So who is liable for making sure these masks stay on a child's face all day? Now that it's official policy, who will be liable when those kids get sick anyway? It will be the teachers. Some Karen's kid is gonna get sick and sue, and the district will have to take it out on the teacher. These mandates are disgusting and stupid.

  3. They tested kids masks & most had serious pathogens including 2 of 6 tested which had bacteria that causes pneumonia. Kids have more risk from driving to school than any flu. Dont condition your kids wear a hijab. Btw natural immunity is up to 13x more effective than the jab & it won't kill them unlike some which have died from the jab. Good on the states not allowing people to force a hijab on children.

  4. Do not let them take your rights away the people have the power not the governments. The parents should make the decision if there kids wear the mask or not. Not the school or the goverment should make that decision. Again do not let them take your rights away.

  5. With all the mandates in Florida and Texas regarding masks at schools is just mind-blowing. Parents do have the right to decide if their children should wear a mask while in school. However, I just cannot see a parent choosing to send their child to school without a mask just to prove a point. That's asking your children to play Russian roulette with their health and their lives. So far young children have not been largely affected by Covid-19, but why take the chance?

    Would you allow your child to get on a boat to go out on the lake without a lifevest? Would you allow your children to not wear a seat belt? Would you allow your child to not wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

    Yes, it may be uncomfortable to wear a mask, but just think how uncomfortable it would be to explain to your child that ends up end in the hospital that they may die…..

    Remember this isn't just about your rights. It's about doing the right thing for your children.

  6. Natural immunity works better than mask and vaccine put together. People are being lead with corruption and you support it. Sad. Free people use common sense, not corrupt medical opinions. The kids can wear mask if the parents want them to. Not because a stranger tells the parent. The parents are responsible for the kids safety not stranger sheep who follow orders.

  7. Can someone "explain" ( I would have to say that it makes no sense) how it is that officeholders in these states who claimed that state and local government did not have the authority to issue stay at home orders or mask mandates for the general public (at least some of whom that said that it is a local control issue) are NOW going to claim that their state government has the authority to issue a blanket policy concerning mask wearing in schools ¿¿¿ They have the authority to issue policy concerning these things or they don't ; what are proper determinenant factors allowing or disallowing such "authority" and just how have they substantiated or failed to substantiate that their view(s) on what does or doesn't empower them with any such "authority" ???? They just want it all to fall in line with their political preferences irregardless of what better serves the health interests of their constituents ; it's alot of irresponsible garbage !!!!!

  8. Irish Health Authority: Masking Children Is NOT A Legitimate Medical Precaution, It’s Child Abuse
    2m 18s

    Tucker Carlson on Ireland’s decision to follow the science on masking and kids.
    So is Irish science different than American science?


  9. When this DeSantis coward threatens schools of their budgets if mask mandates are executed, he is exactly saying he doesn't want to see masks worn, and the excuse idiot Republicans like him always use is civil liberties. What about civil liberties when it comes to a speed limit or a helmet law, our needing a visa to travel abroad?
    Stop defending a shithead that's got his head so far up Trump's ass, he can't even use sound judgement anymore. Right to choose is not applicable when you risk choosing incorrectly and threaten the lives of others, you knuckleheads. And especially when there's a 90% chance your choice is solely based on the politics of morons and not sound logic. The guy is wrong.

  10. It's like swimming in sewage and expecting not to get sh*t on yourself. Wear masks and get vaccinated. Stop the spread. 163,000,000 people in the USA have already tested it for you.

  11. If you’ve been responsible in any part for mandating children out of class rooms, into masks and infront of computer screens. you’re no less guilty than a child molester I swear by this. You will know your crimes.

  12. 🤣🤣🤣 Mask work??? Really? What a fool! There’s not one single study that proves the mask work to the contrary is proved the mask don’t work and they have worst side effects on the health of those wearing it for more than 30 minutes.

  13. The CDC directs the PCR tests not be used because they aren't reliable in distinguishing between covid, the common flu or other viruses. So how the hell are they determining if people are really coming down with this mysterious "delta" variant? This is all a big stack of lies and manipulation.

  14. it is not good to have these kids masked up all day long .people are sick of hearing this they are sick of covid and its variants . people dont trust the vaccine especially now with break through cases its like why bother . kids cannot concentrate with a dang mask on all day they might as well stay home and learn then because you can not make some one to get vaccinated or to have to wear a mask . many parents will and are taking their kids out of school .

  15. MEDIA ignores Natural Immunity and instead labels them "unvaccinated." What about the 100 million+ who already survived covid? Is it because people make MONEY selling vaccines? Natural Immunity doesn't make money… we all see through the propaganda.

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