Breaking down country music’s race problem after Morgan Wallen’s exclusive interview

The country star spoke out for the first time since a video of him using a racial slur was made public.

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37 thoughts on “Breaking down country music’s race problem after Morgan Wallen’s exclusive interview

  1. GMA can say what they want but in North Idaho the radio never took him off. We are country folk up here and while their might be a racial issue in America but I think alot of the racial issues is the media creating a whole new racial issue. We can sit there and talk about slavery which happened well over 100 years ago. I know alot of Black and White folk up here and we laugh at this fake racist actions together. Think of it what it you will but racism isn’t real unless you make it real. Just love everyone, Don’t let media tell you that just because someone said something stupid that all white people are racist. By no means should he have said what he said. But for reals lets grow up and grow together…. Oh wait im white so this comment will probably be hated and considered racist 😅 white and Black people up here all agree. The media lies, it is a joke end of the day. God bless everyone. I just hope people read this from a different point of view from a small town in the north.

  2. I don’t think anyone should say that word, whether you are black or white, almost every rap song I’ve heard has that word. If people don’t want that word spoken then it needs to be taken out of general dictionary.

  3. Morgan Wallen at 28 should have known better and not know it is wrong. How could he not know it was hurtful and insulting to other human beings. What if someone called his mother a c%nt or a Bi&ch ? He has to know that Country Music is often insensitive to people of color, but claim it's their "culture".

  4. This interview was unacceptable by Michael and should have been done by someone else at the Show.. This word should not be used but yet I don't see this TV station saying anything about rappers using this word as well you will see them call each other by this word.. If rappers keep using this on there albums how are we to make it a work that is inappropriate for anyone to us.. I never used this word and I have a lot of black friends..

  5. Alec Baldwin "accidentally" killed someone and he'll get some Nobel Peace Prize and probably never see the inside of a jail cell. I see people all over social media defending him. People are SICK! Such a double standard and such hypocrites infesting every walk of life. Morgan made a mistake and everyone ditched him in his darkest hour.

  6. You know, you CAN not like the things people do or say, but it doesn't mean you can't still appreciate their art. Charles Manson did some real F**ked up stuff, but I still dig his tunes! Not comparing Morgan to Manson in any way here lol. Just making a point. Don't hate all of someone just because you dislike one aspect of them. Were all just human, celebrities and all Joe blow's alike. Much love to you Morgan Wallen, your music is dope! ✌️

  7. So… you can day the F word, but not the N word. FML. How many white people do you know who have NEVER EVER said the N word once at least? There's too many cameras these days, so if you f*ck up once, you're a dead man. Society is corrupted and hypocritical. Give this man his life back and his career. You don't hear about white folks complaining about the C word… so… f*ck off! I guess if your feelings are hurt, the world revolves around you. F*ck this world. How much do you wanna bet that all black people have used the C word at least once in their lives… as far as I'm concerned, we're all guilty. So… stop being a hypocritical sensitive POS

  8. “Country music’s race problem”….nice headline…never new their was one until the sjw’s declared it……can’t wait for their “rap music’s race problem” story……..yeah right

  9. I hear this slur made in rap music & amongst young males that or close. I think if he had spoke it to someone in a direct way to be racist it would be different but if to make it as he’s being racist over the slur then , lots of artist need the same treatment as in losing their records and punishment. This word has been used in other ways than just to be racist for years and black artist have made it popular in these ways. They should be held accountable as well. I’ve seen white boys and blacks approaching one another with hey my “ N” for over a decade. You can’t cherry pick when it’s okay and have the black community and music smearing it in our youths face, ears, minds.

  10. Dude, you really just need to own it. This is a shame because I enjoyed his music. I don’t accept the apology and definitely not the excuses. EXCUSES ARE TOOLS FOR THE WEAK AND INCOMPETENT. Racial slurs are playful? Interesting. You didn’t know it was wrong? Ummm, yeaaaaaaah……🤥 Don’t you know that DRUNK MINDS SPEAK SOBER TONGUES?!?! I’m soooooo tired of WP claiming ignorance. As black people, we get insulted that white people think we would BELIEVE their wack apologies. They know exactly what they’re saying and doing. RACISM IS NOT A BLACK PERSON PROBLEM, IT’S A WHITE PEPOLE PROBLEM.

  11. I don’t understand if he wasn’t a celebrity and he use the words they wouldn’t be doing this crazy for an interview. Why do we held people who are celebrity higher standard and us normal not so high standards. Why do I feel like this world we live in worry about what other people gonna say or act but we don’t do the same.

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