Honda Civic Head Gasket Replacement 1.7L

This video shows you all the steps needed, and provides torque specs, to replace the head gasket on a 1.7L Honda engine. This engine is in a 2005 Honda Civic, but this information will apply to other Honda vehicles with this engine.

I also show how I dealt with some persistent oil leaks this car has had since the beginning. It’s now oil leak free after 1200+ miles of driving.

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Head Gasket:

Intake Gasket:

Exhaust Manifold Gasket:

Complete Gasket Set:

Thermostat: 19301-PLC-315 or 19301-REA-305

Spark Plugs: NGK: PZFR6F-11

Coolant Temp Sensor: 37870-PLC-004

Tools (Some are affiliate Links)

Body Clip Tool:

Air Hammer with bits:

Hood Prop:

CRC Brake Cleaner 5 Gallon:

Non Aerosol Brake Clean Sprayer:

ARP Bolt Lube:

Paint Strainers:

Cylinder Head Stands:

Plastic Roloc:

Bolt Biter Sockets:

Stud sockets:


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0:00 Introduction
50:18 Torque Specs

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36 thoughts on “Honda Civic Head Gasket Replacement 1.7L

  1. That's an excellent repair 😀
    You left nothing to chance and even did some egr maintenance to keep it on the road for longer.
    I liked the mating surface repair, shame some dopey sod was heavy handed.
    I hope your son appreciates all the trouble you went to.

  2. Hi Eric. This video is a great help . As we have a 2002 Honda Civic 1.7 i have completed a lot of work reconditioned ATV power windows switches etc. Timing belt water pump tensioner . But no major work on the motor .it was extremely interesting when you showed us that damage done during the original installation.When the video at the start I was very surprised at the mileage with a blown gasket. I’m very happy with the civic .very reliable and mechanically friendly a really great video and a lot of work to make thanks 🙏👍🇺🇸 PS I WILL SAVE THIS ONE .

  3. Rather than using sanding methods, you're better off using a fresh scraper blade, the ones that have one safe edge with a metal backer. Lightly cutting off the top until you hit the deck is actually faster and won't scratch anything. Have used this method on several sensitive areas, it can even cut soft metals if your slice is thin enough.

  4. I own a 2001 civic myself, and while i havent replaced the head gasket, i have had the intake manifold off. the gasket EGR passeges plugged up except for one, so when the EGR valve openeed it all went into one cylinder and caused a misfire. i was able to get all the bolts out except for the middle one on the top, it was so rusted i couldn't get it out. Luckily, i was able to get a dremel in there and cut off the bolt head. Im getting close to 200k on it, so i think these videos will come in handy soon when i have to do the timing belt. then again, i may not make it that far. ive fluid filmed it these last 4 years but its pretty rusty, ive aleady had to patch the two inner 'frame' runners that go alongside the exhaust tunnel. Its a real shame, i personally know both the previous owners and its been very well taken care of, NY salt is just hard on the vehicles.

  5. Hey Eric!
    A bit unrelated but
    I’m taking to family to Motegi Twin Ring circuit tomorrow…
    Will visit the HONDA museum for the third time!
    I wish you join us! You’d luv it!
    It’s huge and got lots of Honda’s 😆!
    A couple of times a year they actually take some of the classics out for a few laps for everyone to watch…pretty cool & nostalgic!

  6. i rebuilt a ladies 1980 honda civic 1.5. it was her dear departed husbands' car when we were done it ran like a swiss watch and no leaks she drove it for 5 yrs after that until she gave it to her grandson who tried to race it and wrecked it, what a waste of a nice car.

  7. I did the timing belt and all the “while-you’re-in-theres” on a 2.5 Subaru motor. I had new cam seals because one was weeping. Discovered the previous guy had chiseled out the old seal from the outside and damaged the head. I solved it the same way you did, with some high-temp oil-resistant RTV.

  8. OMG… Where do I begin? How do you do it? As a novice, no, as a no nothing about engines person, your knowledge, patience and skills blows me away. I'm a 40 year furniture maker/designer/renovator and perfectionist in all I do but watching you work your magic makes me dizzy… If you choose to be a brain surgeon instead of a mechanic I'm sure you'd be world famous… My hat off to you sir… 🤠🤗🥂

  9. Thanks for the hard work that went into the job and also for recording the whole process. I’ll probably never feel comfortable enough to do the job if I ever have to but at least I know that my money is well spent on a mechanic to handle it.

  10. I did a Head Gasket on a 2.4 liter Toyota last year. I have a friend who is a Master Mechanic, he "supervised" since I had personally never done a repair on this scale before. I thought that it was going to be easy. NOPE! A week and $700 later, I finished it.

  11. I liked that overhead time-lapse to show the stuff being put back together. Nice little production value. Also crazy informative. I work on my own cars and I'm hoping I don't have to do this for a long time but will help show the basic process if I ever do!

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