Pandemic looms largely over start of Olympics

Team USA didn’t medal on day one for the first time since 1972.

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42 thoughts on “Pandemic looms largely over start of Olympics

  1. I'm worried about the Tokyo Olympics.
    The WHO informed the athletes of each country that when the athletes returned home after the Olympics, they should take a precise examination of the radioactive cesium test of Fukushima ingredients and the physical condition caused by the heat of the heat.,In particular, the players who swam in Tokyo Bay dung water were sure to be tested.
    Meanwhile, Bollomberger said it would consider charging the Japanese government for damages in cooperation with the IOC if there is a problem with the health of athletes after the Olympics..

  2. It is better Tokyo gets the new covid cases rather than the U.S. But on the flip side those same people will be docking off of cruise ships in Florida later this year and will spread the delta variant at that time.

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  4. 1916年のベルリンや1940年の東京のオリンピックみたいに中止になるよりいい。

  5. ⚡Great news ! I just got my first Covid
    19 reparations check from China !👍.. 10,000 yuan !.. and it arrived with a nice letter of apology, signed by Xi Jinping. I guess the CCP is stepping up and taking responsibility. 🤗

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  7. The electricity went out here in Fort Worth Texas in the Parker County area, I do not know if in all DFW but Oncor has a recording which will be restored until tomorrow Monday 26 at 5am it will be 24 hours without electricity, someone knows something about it or what's going on?

  8. I understand these athletes train years, putting their sweat, blood and tears just to take part in the Olympics, BUT WE HAVE A GLOBAL PANDEMIC GOING ON. If this don’t scream money grubbing mfs I’m not sure what does. Life clearly isn’t important!

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  11. Positive test for young athlete is nothing! They even do not have symptoms! Even if is true that again virus spread LET people play games and let fans to enjoying in sport! You are annoying with Delta, Alfa, Beta..

  12. “The Olympics are one of Earth’s great symbols of international cooperation, but this year the Games are also a mass gathering in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century, where people from nearly every country on Earth will gather in a vast congregate living setting and compete in some close-contact sports, sometimes indoors. What could possibly go wr—“

  13. Imagine saving mucus from my cousin who tested positive for COVID 6 months ago in a freezer… then imagine I sell that mucus to an Olympic volleyball coach for 20k.

    Then imagine my cousin also had a bad herpes breakout at the time. EEee

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