Athletes face obstacles at Tokyo Olympics amid COVID-19 emergency

Visitors have to quarantine once they arrive in Tokyo ahead of the games, and some national teams have had a hard time getting to Japan.


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41 thoughts on “Athletes face obstacles at Tokyo Olympics amid COVID-19 emergency

  1. Well the Tokyo Olympics were not an Armageddon event after all. They were successful, even without crowds. In fact future Olympics could be much cheaper to stage if stadia were not built to accommodate spectators. They can see it all just as well, and more often better, if they just watched it all on television. Spectators make up only a fraction of the money the Games make – most money for the Games comes from television rights. These games showed it is perfectly possible to host the games without spectators present.

  2. While international players sleeping on 6ft kids paper box bed, no refrigerator in rooms during 100+ degree humid weather, remote control in Japenise NO ENGLISH, 6ft short bathroom, packed them in building like chickens to share COVID and feeding Fukushima radioactive raised foods for advertising while their own people avoid eating them due to causing cancer in the past to their Fukushima advertising actors got sick or died. What piss me off is Japenise players are staying in luxury hotel sleeping on regular king size bed, training in comfort and eating separate food from international players. World doesn't know how cruel Japenise are due to bribing foreign media and politicians. IOC is one of them got bribed by Japenise government staying at 5 star luxury hotel that cost tens of thousands a night and gifted with Rolex watches. What you can do to pay back Japan is to make sure Japenise do not win in any events.

  3. South Korea ' local broadcaster , JTBC, reported on Friday that a senior diplomat(Soma Hirohisa) at the japanese embassy made sexually inappropriate comments('masturbation') about President (of the Republic of Korea) Moon Jae-In during a lunch meeting with its reporter.

  4. There is no best preparing in Tokyo. They did worst prepare. Actually, nothing prepare. That Japan accept using flag of war. And that's insane also. That is definitely apposite for Olympic spirits. But IOC doesn't say anything about that. And because of corona, and they didn't prepare anything at all, the athletics got covid at there. This is fckin insane Olympic and crazy fckin Japan.

  5. Here's why the olympics must be called off.. not only for the covid, but meals that will be served in the olympics village will contain ingredients from Fukushima, the city that underwent nuclear disaster and still highly radioactive. I think this is a much more serious matter that many people overseas are not well aware of. Japan seems to take advantage of the olympics to prove and advertise that Fukushima produces are okay now, which even not a few Japanese still consider dangerous and tend to be reluctant..

  6. Another covid clown world event. Wake up folks. This is all fear mongering and media hype. Big media and big pharma along with corrupted politicians will not stop until they have broken you into submission. …then they will go after youe children. Cease paying attention to these fraudsters and begin listening to that little voice in your head.

  7. yeah so far journalists and coaches and officials arrived for olympics are being diagnosed as positive within a week, that's after they got 2 exams prior and received negative test result. the place triathlon is taking place smells like sewage and the beds for athletes are made out of cardboards. outside food/own ingredients forbidden because they can't wait them to feed the radioactive Fukushima produce- basically it's Japan's big plan to bring down everyone else- sure if you spend last 5 years training, it will mean a lot, but really? mean more than your life? Radiation won't show right away but oh it will show in time. Consuming it as food is the worst way of taking it and they won't allow anything else to eat!!!

  8. This Olympic shouldn’t take place at all. I’m so sad the committee decided to put all the athletes in danger. Even some win, they can not be proud of their performance because their opponents may be affected by the mind pressure of pandemic.

  9. I hope all players will survive Japan's unsystematic prevention of corona and the exposed radioactive foods they provide. 💪

    It is a pity that the Olympics were held in a country that lagged behind the prevention of corona and was not good at dealing with it.

  10. Is Japan's luck this far?
    The USIFS, a global future society institute, announced that the Tokyo Olympics was Japan's biggest disaster.
    During the Olympics, 2,3 typhoons were expected to flood Japan, and the average number of Corona infected people would be more than 50,000 a day.
    In addition, earthquakes of more than 10 intensity and tsunami are predicted in Tokyo belonging to the Pacific Rim geological zone.,The institute said that all of this seems to be a causal response to the atrocities of Japanese ancestors who invaded greed, history distortion, and many countries during World War II and took many lives.
    For reference, the athletes from each country who participated in the Tokyo Olympics seemed to be thrilled by the new experience of shaking the ground with the magnitude 10.

  11. Everyone knew about the restrictions and obstacles they were going to have to face. So lets just get on and get it over with. Athletes and officials are proud to represent their country. Spectators don't mind watching it live on TV, which is not too bad, this day and age. Just my opinion.

  12. What's the point since athletes cannot stay more than 48 hours after either they are eliminated or event ends? I always thought the Olympics was about fostering world understanding and peace by love of sport. No fans. Athletes have major restrictions. No fun.

  13. Just be glad you live in the United States. I know that of late we have been a bit divided but at the end of the day, we are still the greatest country in the world. If you lived in another country, you would probably be sick. Be thankful that we have the medical people that we have in this country. I know that sometimes we by nature complain about our healthcare system is sometimes, and how outdated it is.. But at the end of the day, we are still the United States, just understand that. We could be India or Africa like a Third-World impoverished nation with no medical at all it just puts life in perspective. Be glad that we are a higher income country compared to some others. Just be glad you don’t live elsewhere. I know that the Delta variant has caused upticks in some States of late, and I know that we have seen a little bit of a spike in recent days but we still have been successful in our vaccination progress. Let’s don’t brag about it to other countries but be humble about it let’s don’t brag about it either but just pray for other countries hoping that they soon too will be in our position. That is wishful thinking but it’s never wrong to help other countries or to pray for them to become less sick or have a better government. I know we complain about our government sometimes. I know that we complain about how bad our country is sometimes out of our own opinions. But honestly I’m glad that the former guy is no longer the man in charge of our country. Just be thankful that you live in the country where you live. We have it made compared to many other countries just be thankful just say your prayers, and thank God that we live in the USA. Not all but many countries who are good too envy us. Even Canada is not as good as we are. 2nd-World allies would do anything anything to be like us to have freedom to have a democracy like we have not all countries but some countries would do anything some countries don’t give a darn but other countries especially those that are our allies would do anything to be like us. I’m not talking about evil countries a la Russia, N. Korea, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, China, and not exactly Japan by any stretch at all.. I don’t think that any other country two weeks ago had fireworks to celebrate how good they are how great of a nation they are to celebrate their Independence. I don’t think that anybody else two weeks ago cooked barbecues with their lovely families with three little girls, and two little boys with young mothers having a good time on the beach for example or on the lake. We are lucky we’re very lucky people. It’s been this way forever it’s been this way for 200+ years. Despite how we complain sometimes still we are America! America 🇺🇸 is still even today the greatest country be happy that you live thank God every day that you live in a land of opportunities. Be happy that we have people who take care of us like healthcare workers who put their lives at risk to keep us happy, and healthy to keep us from suffering like we did a year, and a half ago as well in addition to our healthcare workers Epidemiologists who save us from pandemics that come from rogue countries like China, investigators who catch Russians for hacking, Border patrol who catch illegals at the border as bad as it is, military who fight to make us live in a free land of choice who sacrifice their lives to save us from outsider enemies who could threaten to attack us in countries like I named, TSA Officials who keep us safe on airplanes even during COVID-19, investigators who investigate bad people from other countries, police officers who protect us from criminals, drug dealers, and mentally ill Teenagers who do hate crimes, and illegal “Mass Shootings,” by staying out of harm’s way, and others. At the end of the day, even as we have allies, still, there is no greater country in the world even today in 2021 then the United States that can compare. Be thankful when you could live in Istanbul. That’s why we are by far the greatest nation in the world it’s in our constitution. As divided as we are today still nothing has changed even today. Look forward to LA when it comes after Paris that’s the real Olympics we should be very excited about it as Americans. The Olympics are coming back to the United States it’s going to happen! Be excited it’s coming here to the greatest nation our country that’s a big deal! It has not happened since Atlanta in 1996 that was many decades ago a long time ago. That was like 3 decades plus 4 years ago. By then it will be even longer ago it will be even more exciting. We are closer to Atlanta in 96 now then the year it will come to the Olympics then timewise. Honestly, even though Atlanta may have seemed long ago even though it may have been three decades ago relatively speaking in reality in all relative it wasn’t that long ago honestly 1996 was not as long ago as it seems it may seem like many many many years ago in some cases it may seem like an eternity ago but really in reality it wasn’t that long ago in all relative it wasn’t long ago at all it was a few years ago in all reality. 1996 wasn’t long ago it was a few short years ago in relative times. That’s all I’m going to say.

  14. "Don't come to Japan," Akiko Matsuo, an advocate of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Anti-Flower Demo, said at a press conference of the Tokyo Foreign Correspondents' Club on July 12.
    It has attracted 450,000 signatures against the Tokyo Olympics, and no one is paying attention. Now, because of the Olympics, millions of people are dying of corona or being driven to the streets. Suicide is increasing across generations. People living in apartments run by the province are being kicked out for the maintenance of the Olympics. It was decided to be indifferent, and some suggested mobilizing children. Why do we have to do this kind of Olympics? I beg you not to come to Japan.

  15. So stupid… No yelling? No high fives? No sweating? No talking? Wear a hazmat suit everyone!! That even protect you against the new variant, Zord, that’s a million times more contagious. You might need 69 booster shots im the ass plus a dose of zinc.

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