Federal judge deems DACA program unlawful

The Texas judge said President Barack Obama exceeded his authority when creating the program.

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49 thoughts on “Federal judge deems DACA program unlawful

  1. For all my DACA recipients just marry an American citizen to obtain American citizenship. The process to become an American citizen is purposely made to be as hard as possible for immigrants so the U.S. government can milk as much money from them as possible. Don't expect much sympathy from White Americans. Also, don't worry about what they think about you since they wouldn't hate you any less if you were born here. Just look at the way they treat American-born minorities, when they tell you to come here legally it's just code for leave and don't come back. Do what you have to do for your futures and simply get a green card through marriage. The United States government has been f@#king over Latin-americans countries for decades through their policies which evidently led to the poverty and necessity to immigrate here in the first place. Time to turn the tables on these bastards and give them a taste of their own medicine.

  2. Just so everyone knows DACA recipients are not limited to Latinos, let that sink in your head so there's no ethnicity or racial discrimination towards them.
    People from all Europe, all Africa and all Asian can apply if eligible.

  3. Y’all just scared that dreamers will get their papers and will be better qualified for yalls jobs, dreamers more than likely speak 2 or more languages. They know the struggle, speak and write better than people born here haha I can see why they don’t want them here, just admit you’re scared of them 🙈🙊😂

  4. The ignorance and stupidity of some people on these comments it’s actually very American and we’ll known so not surprised. Y’all do know that Dreamers or people with papers or not are still working and making money. And without a SSN they may or may not pay taxes. So these people rooting that the process was stopped can’t understand that it’s better if they get documents because this way they will for sure pay taxes and help the economy. They are already HERE. Just because they don’t get documents doesn’t mean they’ll leave. If they’re smart enough they will go on to marrying citizens and obtaining their documents that way. So why not start charging them now so they can get their documents, pay taxes, help the economy grow. It’s common sense. All these ignorant people against it, y’all need to wake up of your little bubble and learn something or it’s just time to develop some common sense.

  5. Their parents or they broke the laws of the USA. They shouldn’t benefit FROM broking our laws. criminals are sent to prison. they are just being sent back home or the place they were born. They are their parents should’ve did the paperwork 1st. Then waited for permission to entry the USA Legally.

  6. ABC "news Readers "are still at it, they will back the illegals
    and the Socialist agenda
    all the way to China .Good decision, same horrible news reading with liberal spin 👎👎👎👎👎
    George Stephanopoulos
    is a slimy swamp creature who's mission in life is to deceive America ! 👎

  7. Are any of you dirt eating dump voters able to explain what a young child is supposed to do when their parents bring them here against their will? No of course not, all you do is impotently rage, sprinkle some obama and hilary into your sentences, and instead of providing a solution you callously dismiss human lives. Irredeemable douche bags, the lot of you. Good thing I don’t have a say in what happens in your lives, the way you try to have a say in these children’s lives. Because if I did, I would have you set on fire

  8. EVERYBODY KNEW THIS! It was created by Obama out of thin air! Remember – Trump gave the Democrats a very reasonable DACA compromise and they turned it down! Prob. to keep the issue alive for strictly political reasons – leaving all those 'kids' in limbo!

  9. This whole issue is the fault of Congress. Neither side wanted to actually address immigration law. They are the ones who have the constitutional power to solve this issue. Executive orders cannot remake laws. I support the ruling but I also exhort Congress to fix this problem. These young people were brought to this country illegally, but they had no say. We need a path to citizenship. That way they can become lawful American taxpaying citizens.

  10. Albert Pike said they would use incompetent politicians to wear down the public as they usher in their new world order. Frustrate and anger the people long enough and they will scream for a new system of government and waiting in the wings in the UN.

  11. Sunday 18 July 2021 / 19:00 gmt hours night
    Legislative Police will investigate gesture of Presidential aide in session in the Senate
    🇧🇷 🔍
    While Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco was speaking,
    Filipe Martins made a gesture with his right hand, and repeated the
    signal. 🔍🤔

    According to the coordinator of the International Relations course at USP, this gesture started to be used as a way to identify those who defend white superiority.

    The Senate Legislative Police will investigate Filipe Martins, special advisor to the Presidency of the Republic. The reason was a gesture he made with his right hand during a Senate meeting.

    The session was to listen to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo. Filipe Martins, special advisor for international affairs for the presidency, was seated behind the minister. While Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco of the Democrats was speaking, Filipe Martins made a gesture with his right hand, and repeated the signal.

    The senators reacted on the spot. “This is unacceptable, president. In a session of the Federal Senate, during the speech of the President of the Senate, a man is proceeding with obscene gestures, he is mocking the speech of the President of our House. No, President, this is unacceptable, it is intolerable. I ask you, Mr. President, in a matter of order, to take this gentleman immediately, if he is still there, out of the Federal Senate's premises, ”said Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, of Rede-AP.

    "I don't even know what gesture, it doesn't matter so much if it is a neo-fascist, if it is a derogatory offense, the fact is that here is neither the place nor the time to be funny," criticized Senator Jean Paul Prates, from PT-RN.

    The coordinator of the International Relations course at USP, Felipe Loureiro, explained that the gesture started to be used as a way to identify those who defend white superiority: “In recent years, the gesture has been used repeatedly by white supremacist groups for, exactly, give this idea of ​​white power, of white supremacy. The three fingers literally representing the letter ‘W’, from white – in white English – and the one from the circle represented ‘P’, which in this case would represent the word power. What happened is a crime within the Federal Senate in Brazil in full meeting in the federal senate.


  12. I appreciate you learning the public to what is recent in the legalization treaty. Now its where Misses Harris is pledging to be apart of even monitoring the process of proving your justificated right to vote in the event it may be harder to let the congress through Texas strip the process to prove that it should be easy to vote.now there calling out congressional speakers for even allowing it to. Be difficult to prove that you. Could vote in america.

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