I Survived: Highjackers Take Control of Plane – Full Episode (S2, E5) | A&E

After five ruthless highjackers take control of an EgyptAir flight and begin executing passengers, a woman silently says goodbye to her loved ones when the hijackers pick her to be the next one to die.

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“I Survived a Crime” takes viewers on a journey into the experience of being a victim of a sudden crime, from the moment those attacked first perceive the danger through the potential long-lasting effects.

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42 thoughts on “I Survived: Highjackers Take Control of Plane – Full Episode (S2, E5) | A&E

  1. I’ve just watched the first segment of Stephanie’s story and what a way to pay someone back who took your wife and kids in so they wouldn’t be homeless because you weren’t being a man at the time and making sure they had a roof over their head, you go and attack this lady?? WITH her kid in the bed? So she sacrificed her comfort and convenience to protect YOUR kids and you subjected hers to witness you attacking her?? The amount of heartlessness people exhibit sometimes baffles me.

  2. I am sitting here so angry right now because of those people refusing to help her. That seems to be a theme in these stories. Someone thats dying needs help and everyone refuses to help. I cannot FATHOM turning away a person whose life is at stake. I don't care if the killer is right behind them, I'm still opening my door, I'm still stopping the car, I'm still getting involved! And if you are one of these people, I promise you, you are a terrible POS human being. You're not even fit to call human.

  3. Wow. The lady in the hijacking situation, the way she tells the story so calm and put together is amazing. Such strong people. Many blessings to anyone who sees this, I hope something amazing happens to you today. 🙏 ❤

  4. Wow the shark attack one… I’ve found every episode I’ve ever seen of this show very captivating, but the dolphins trying to protect that shark attack victim really blew my mind. My jaw literally dropped and I said “no f***ing way”. Insane. Dolphins are awesome. Lol.

  5. That sky marshal was kind of irresponsible no? I mean, opening fire like that on an airplane full of people and armed high jackers? Idk, maybe I’m wrong, but I think he just put everyone in even more danger and got himself killed unfortunately.

  6. Apathetic individuals not willing to help someone in complete distress, even with a child, deserve to die alone. They are worse than the ones committing the crimes.
    Thank God for dolphins who have way more compassion than most human beings. So thankful for all their survival and their chance to share their stories. Hope all are well and healed fully past their ptsd.

  7. Dolphins were more willing to help someone in distress meanwhile a human driving to work can't even stop to help a woman that was raped and brutally attacked because they don't want to be to work. WTF.

  8. I can relate to Srephanie’s story when she was asking for help. I once had a terrible nose bleed and was choking on my blood. I managed to drive myself to a gas station and I started calling 911 but I had no idea what my location was so I started to walk up to people asking for help on getting the directions or address to the gas station. One man on his motorcycle literally ran away from me when I tried to go up to him and ask for help. This other lady I went up to got in her car and locked her door. Another couple ignored me so I finally just went back into my car and started crying. I wasn’t crying because I was scared of what was happening to me. I was crying because of how heartless people could be.

  9. Worst thing about being raped is that even if you do survive more likely than not there will be no justice served. 13 years is not enough. I stand by all women, men, and children like Stephanie and her traumatized little one. These offenses need to be more severely punished.

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