Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Oct. 6

The CDC is encouraging people who are not vaccinated to delay domestic travel, Texas Gov. Abbott warns of new migrant surge set to hit the southern border and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies whistleblower allegations in a blogpost.  
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Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Oct. 6

  1. Mandate could work or it could cause an uprising gee I wonder how much longer until they start trying to force people on social security to get vaccinated what's next are they going to cut off our paychecks if you don't get vaccinated can't buy or sell because if they take our check away and then we have no money to buy anything then we definitely don't have anything to sell laugh-out-loud hence the point buy and sell pretty s*** position to be in not for nothing but this type of aggressiveness enforcing people 2 take a vaccine is crazy I mean over half of the police department in Chicago are against it this is ridiculous if the government keep pushing don't be surprised if the people pushed back not saying I will participate in this but that's how history works sometimes sometimes history repeats itself like when they took the capital if you got these people mad enough they met even consider doing a civil war we have no idea of how many people are actually against this and clearly of law enforcement against it then this quite a lot of people and may even become a civil war God forbid most likely just a riot either way it's not the direction to go

  2. This facsimile of a president has a strong history of saying “we’re not going to do..xxxxxx” and then doing just that. Just a few, not going to leave Americans behind stranded…well, guess what? Also said “ we’re not going make vaccines mandated..xxxx”? Hmmm, guess what? Vaccines are now mandated. Need I say more

  3. Why is this British person making comments about Facebook? I know face book covers the world, but if the "Facebook Spy" testified here in America; then why is this woman calling Zuckerberg dangerous to kids? Isn't it the parents responsibility to monitor their kids Facebook page? I'm not a Facebook member, but if Mark started this company, he has the right to run it the way he sees fit! That is what we Americans call the American Dream!

  4. The Russian Film Industry has had a STRONG Connection to Science Fiction Films for several decades. Many of their films used the best science of the time to create more believable movies. They are not always the best in terms of entertaining, but most of the Boomers watched at least 1 or more these films on T.V. late nights like a Friday when Networks didn't broadcast in past.

  5. Corp/Wealthy TAX SHELTERS… Recall All U.S.A. Dollars back to the U.S.A and if by XXX Time Your Assets are not in the U.S.A. Then that MONEY IS LOST will be forfeited to the TREASURY.

    If 'The WEALTHY's' Hidden money reappears it will be INVESTGATED and FINED.

  6. Defund Billionaires – & – limit inheritances to siblings to no more than 1-10 Million Dollars each.

    Put the money in the USA and RAISE Minimum Wage to $60 Dollars an Hour.

    Use Technology to reduce the Work Week to 25 hours a week. ($72,000 a year)

  7. Military Budget: $2,000,000,000 Billion Dollars a Day = Your Cost per Day $6.00 each.

    Build Back Better: $1,000,000,000 Billion Dollars a Day = Your Cost per Day $3.00 each.

    Out of the $6.00 Dollars, $4.50 Military Profits BILLIONAIRES,

    ….. But seize the day to save your life… Republican's don't work that way!.

  8. I am crushing myself to serve and serve! So for how long Middle Class is supposed to suffer for the Rich and High Class? They have been cutting $300 taxes from my every paycheck and I have been working seven days a week to be able to survive! So where is your Justice???

  9. Can we hang Biden, Zuckerberg, Schumer, Karmala, Gates, Rothschild's and the rest of these Billionaires yet? I mean we can all agree you don't break that millionaire to Billionaire barrier being honest and caring about people right?

  10. HA HA! Keep those money presses rolling. When the other forgien countries debt collectors come demanding the trillions of funds this government has borrowed to stay afloat? Then it well no longer be known as america. The new Asian continent well arise out this greed driven fiasco been a long time in the making!

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