Texas High School On Lockdown After Shooting | NBC News

Police are responding to reports of a shooting at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas.

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Live: Texas High School On Lockdown After Shooting | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


40 thoughts on “Texas High School On Lockdown After Shooting | NBC News

  1. After two years of social engineering, and trauma bonding from all you folks in MSM. Controlling the narrative of this very political and economical pandemic. And helping complete the objectives, of forced inoculation.

    Believe when I say that your viewers are quite content and desensitized. That we need to bring back public hangings.

    In this day and age of high speed digital fibre optics, and high definition devices. This would mean many views, likes, and subscribers for your news media monetized channels.

    Please put in a good word to your nepotistic friends in government who fund all of you, for this to happen in the near future.

    Thank you.

  2. No ..bcuz bad ppl will always. ..get their hands on guns…n that is no reason to take guns away from good ..ppl .. N leave them defenseless… N say because of a bad person…everybody who is a responsible gun owner should loose that right to bear arms. This is a sociotal failure… Poor kids ..suffering bcuz of the breakdown of sociotys morality.. Basically…I pity kids today they are so traumatized ..

  3. This is really aggravating,because the way this started was because some kids were bullying him and they made him strip down naked in front of the whole school and the administration didn’t do nothing about it . And the stuff with a pregnant teacher fell like that was not his fault because I’m pretty sure a bunch of people fell and that’s not his problem .

  4. His family came out and said he was being bullied for living a rich lifestyle and that he bought the gun for protection. He started shooting at other students AFTER the argument was over. He started shooting at students and a teacher that he wasn't even arguing with. His family is trying to use their privilege to let him get away with it. He is a school shooter period. I don't understand why his family is trying to turn this into an anti bullying crusade. It's not. Their son is so spoiled that he thinks he can get away with anything. There is never an excuse to bring a gun to school. No excuse for past school shooters, no excuse for this one either.

  5. Person of interest, the boy was identified as Tiimothy George Simpskins
    Police said what that looks like 👍
    ( HE was referred as " THAT".
    The NBC reporter female ,Asian looking enumerated, 1,2,3?
    The name was number next. She went off at 3. So I just had to comment.

  6. NICE VIDEO !!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END. Nevertheless business and investment are the best way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the Oval Office

  7. Bullying is a natural thing iam 63 get bullied by many people men & women @ the store driving on the road can't stop it watch the birds outside window bigger birds taking everything from smaller how can you end something that natural my ex and many more have bullied me. Just saying it's in every school

  8. School days, School days,
    Here are golden rule days,
    Reading and writing, 'rithatic!'
    Taught the tune of hickory stick.
    You are my queen of Calico.
    I am your favorite Bastien beau,
    A I write in my slate,I love your Joe,
    when we were a couple of kids.


  9. I am crushing myself to serve and serve! So for how long Middle Class is supposed to suffer for the Rich and High Class? They have been cutting $300 taxes from my every paycheck and I have been working seven days a week to be able to survive! So where is your Justice???

  10. Teach your children not to be a bully’s! This crap didn’t have to happen if the adults would be more watchful! He was frighten! Please people be fair about this issue

  11. _ fox'll say no one was killed so what the he__ is the problem, move on people … no 15 year old girl involved so no one was shot & killed … where's a trigger-happy safety officer when needed _ oh yeah that was in California – southern Calif., ok folks ?!?

  12. Well is the Texas governor allowing children to carry guns to school now?? That didn't take long, it's the beginning of the school year. God help those kids!

  13. Waittttt a minute…defund the police. The police is not needed the social workers will figure it out they’re equipped to find this man. Do not call the police.

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