Texas Officials Give Details On High School Shooting, Confirm Four Injured

Texas officials provide an update on the Timberview High School shooting, saying four people were injured and that the suspect remains at large, “armed and dangerous.”» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Texas Officials Break Down Of High School Shooting, Confirm Four Injured


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44 thoughts on “Texas Officials Give Details On High School Shooting, Confirm Four Injured

  1. Welp if folks can champion the 17 yr old who killed people illegally carrying a firearm in a non open carry state(Kyle Rittenhouse) who is out right now throwing upside down 👌 signs everywhere. I hope they keep that same stand your ground energy for this young man and don't dig in his background for when he stole a candy bar in pre k…

  2. Only in America-look around at other countries. This is NOT NORMAL.

    As a Canadian I will never cross the US border again. TOO MANY idiots allowed to walk the streets with guns in their car in their purse and on their hips.

    NO thank you

  3. CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS, including aerospace/defense contractors, must be held to address something that transcends politics and we will never properly advance until it happens: The 75+yr ongoing-constitutionally illegal,

    EXTRATERRESTRIAL cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

  4. Playing in a Nuclear Sandbox
    The AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Deal, in which the US and the UK will sell nuclear submarine building technologies to Australia so it can build its own nuclear subs, has made big waves over the past two weeks. There has been much ado over France taking offense with Australia for walking out of a nearly done deal with it to buy similar technology. A lot of money is involved, but pride is more a factor here than money. The frightening thing here is not the nuclear submarines themselves, but the fact that the parties are behaving like kids in a sandbox squabbling over a toy shovel. But in this case, it is a nuclear toy, and the ramifications of these games will impact all eight billion of us.
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    The options are clear and simple: Unite, or the Earth will explode.
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    No one says we need to go hungry or deny ourselves the things we need. But if we all strive to take as much as possible rather than as much as we need, we will end up having nothing.
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  5. The video shows one unidentified person assaulting another unidentified person. How did four people get shot? I'm finding it difficult to believe that the shooter was being bullied.

  6. Yeah noticed this story is getting little to NO coverage… I had to literally search to find news on this story! We all know if the color was different you wouldn’t stop hearing about this it would front and top of every newspaper and website and that’s a fact!!! If color is influencing the news and media’s decisions then that’s absolutely RACISM… everything they proclaim to be against the ARE! The Hypocrisy is sickening…. The leftists and left media are the racists, creating division and racism while tearing the country apart… divide and conquer and it’s working!!! Don’t be a fool see through the lies we the people need to come together or our future and our children’s future will be sold to communism!

  7. Amazing that he was so quick to name the suspect right away AND SPELL HIS NAME for the public to hear. If this was a white shooter we would have to search far and wide to find out what his name is.

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