Tokyo sets record for COVID cases just over a week from the Olympics

New rules are in place and some athletes are now in isolation ahead of the opening ceremonies.

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  1. I'm worried about the Tokyo Olympics.
    The WHO informed the athletes of each country that when the athletes returned home after the Olympics, they should take a precise examination of the radioactive cesium test of Fukushima ingredients and the physical condition caused by the heat of the heat.,In particular, the players who swam in Tokyo Bay dung water were sure to be tested.
    Meanwhile, Bollomberger said it would consider charging the Japanese government for damages in cooperation with the IOC if there is a problem with the health of athletes after the Olympics…

  2. Why is the olympic games because people are risking they lived and people had got awful because it is going to be disaster because of the virus I think it is going to be an in invitation for the spread for the virus that people going to be spreading to othe t countries I think that it won't be got because they will be no people and the opening is not going to be got I think Tokyo is in a state of emergency I think that the olymic games should be cAncelled

  3. While international players sleeping on 6ft kids paper box bed, no refrigerator in rooms during 100+ degree humid weather, remote control in Japenise NO ENGLISH, 6ft short bathroom, packed them in building like chickens to share COVID and feeding Fukushima radioactive raised foods for advertising while their own people avoid eating them due to causing cancer in the past to their Fukushima advertising actors got sick or died. What piss me off is Japenise players are staying in luxury hotel sleeping on regular king size bed, training in comfort and eating separate food from international players. World doesn't know how cruel Japenise are due to bribing foreign media and politicians. IOC is one of them got bribed by Japenise government staying at 5 star luxury hotel that cost tens of thousands a night and gifted with Rolex watches. What you can do to pay back Japan is to make sure Japan do not win in any medals.

  4. South Korea ' local broadcaster , JTBC, reported on Friday that a senior diplomat(Soma Hirohisa) at the japanese embassy made sexually inappropriate comments('masturbation') about President (of the Republic of Korea) Moon Jae-In during a lunch meeting with its reporter.

  5. When asked about the possibility of the Olympics being canceled, Secretary-General Muto said at a press conference on the same day that he was monitoring the number of people infected with COVID-19 and that "we will consult with the organizers if necessary," Reuters reported.

    "It is not possible to predict what the number of people infected with COVID-19 will be," he said.

    "We have agreed to convene the five-party talks again depending on the situation of COVID-19," he said. "As the number of infections may increase or decrease around this time, we will reconsider what we should do if the situation occurs." added.

    The five-party talks will be attended by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Andrew Parsons, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee President Seiko Hashimoto, and Olympic Minister Marukawa Tamayo from Japan. .

    In Tokyo, Japan, the host city of the Olympics, the spread of Corona 19 continues, with more than 1,300 new confirmed cases on that day. In addition, 10 additional confirmed cases within one day within the Athletes' Village increased the total number of infected to 68. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has declared a state of emergency throughout the Olympics.

  6. Korean brought their own food for Korean athletes at the 2021 Olympics BUT Japan banned it.

    At the Pyeongchang Olympics, Japan brought their own Japanese food.

    Japan demands athletes to eat Fukushima food.
    Why do athletes have to eat Fukushima radiation-contaminated food?

  7. Here's why the olympics must be called off.. not only for the covid, but meals that will be served in the olympics village will contain ingredients from Fukushima, the city that underwent nuclear disaster and still highly radioactive. I think this is a much more serious matter that many people overseas are not well aware of. Japan seems to take advantage of the olympics to prove and advertise that Fukushima produces are okay now, which even not a few Japanese still consider dangerous and tend to be reluctant..

  8. The smell of poop in Tokyo Bay…
    Like players are giving up their games with abdominal pains.
    Japan said it was the result of releasing human resources without a purification facility, saying that it was inevitable, and that players should overcome it with mental strength.

  9. if we had any brains we would of flipped it around and put the para olympics first as they should be getting the vacation first. then do the other after that.

    they will bring a new strain of covid 19 home, godzilla covid on steroids with herpies……..

  10. COVID is only the half the story. Japanese is feeding athletes with the food that is full of radioactive material sourced from Fukushima region. It is a fact and Japanese government has been promoting that the food from Fukushima is safe now.

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