Unraveling the Haitian presidential assassination plot

ABC Newsโ€™ Marcus Moore reports on the impact on Haitians as violence grows and gang power rises, while the search for suspects in the assassination plot goes on.

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27 thoughts on “Unraveling the Haitian presidential assassination plot

  1. The holocaust is rememberd yearly. We all must never forget the horrors that nazi Germany had brought to espacially jewis people. We must also not forget the horror of 400 year slavery. That was done by the West. Never forget! Remember and honor those who sufferd, and were killed by cowards the losers in life. The losers who attack those without weapons, the losers who seek a fight with every country. And attack the young and helpless, the older and defenseless. Start being kind to yourselves make yourselves happy, and find ways to be free from the West's barbaric dictatorship. Goodluck

  2. and whats so crazy, is it could not even be the Columbians they caught! SmH sad. We should send our troops, but they not gonna help them over there because they dont do it on they own soil! all the black people that voted for Biden lol. The new prime minister is probably the killer.

  3. Question everything. Esp. anything by the MSM, which is owned lock, stock and barrel by Globalists, who were not about to let Haiti's President continue to refuse the Covid vaccine.

  4. This man really serious who Elect this people he said Iโ€™m not paying attention and he supposed to be a leader wow if youโ€™re not paying attention I was supposed to be paying attention

  5. This was shared by a missionary who has been in Haiti 40+ years and was a personal friend of the president:
    It definitely sheds some light on the level of corruption that is a part of Haitian governmentโ€ฆ

    "President Jovenel was NOT illegitimate, nor was he a corrupt dictator responsible for terrorism in Haiti. Jovenel was a businessman; a wholesale banana farmer and exporter when he was tapped by President Michel Martelly to be a candidate for Haitian presidency in 2015. Jovenel Moise was a self made man; his father was a mechanic and farmer.
    In 2015 presidential elections, Jovenel won the first round and the second round for president, but the Opposition Oligarchs denied the outcome of the election and forced a third election which Jovenel easily won in 2016.
    He was then inaugurated on February 7, 2017 to a constitutional FIVE year term which would expire in February 2022. He immediately began to rescind lucrative government contracts to the Opposition Oligarchs because they over charged the Haitian government and then bribed politicians w the proceeds and kick backed large percentages to the president in power.
    For example, an oligarch w the electricity contract offered Jovenel $2,000,000.00/month to keep his contracts; Jovenel refused. For road construction, Opposition Oligarchs were getting $2,000,000.00 per mile for a 1/4" of asphalt and no drainage; Jovenel put the road construction for bid and the Dominicans did it for 1/8 the price, $250,000.00 with thick asphalt, and drainage on both sides! This is why he was so hated; Jovenel was an honest, good man and his goodness threatened wickedness.
    As for being a dictator, nothing could be farther from truth. The Parliament holds the power and responsibility to pass election law; they refused to vote through their own elections and thus their terms expired b/c they THOUGHT that Jovenel would issue a mandate to extend their terms. The plan backfired when President Jovenel did not extend the terms of Parliament but allowed them to expire and began to rule by decree. This was not his duty or responsibility; it was fully the duty of the Parliament and they shunned it purposely.
    Destabilization is the result of 76 militias that terrorize Haitian citizens w kidnapping, murder and block main arteries so fuel, food, medicine, work, school, church and hospital cannot be attended or supplied. Over 10,000 Haitian have fled their homes b/c of the reign of terror by militias who are funded, directed and armed by Opposition Oligarchs.
    Eleven million Haitians have suffered under the boot of these militias and the Opposition Oligarch since Jovenel was inaugurated, simply b/c they must convince the International Community that President Jovenel is responsible for the terror, when in fact it is Opposition Oligarchs who fund and direct the terror of Haiti to unseat President Jovenel and regain their contracts w a president who can be bought.
    On Jul 7 at 1:00AM, twenty hired assassins used heavy weapons and explosives to breach the Presidential residence; they exchanged weapons fire w security for 30 minutes and told them to stand down b/c they were DEA which they were not. When they entered President Jovenel's home; they brutally tortured him and the First Lady Martine b/c they were ordered to by their employers.
    Today President Jovenel's assassination screams of hatred, jealousy and greed manifested in the barbaric death of a beloved President who built more roads, opened more power plants, developed more dams and agricultural irrigation than any Haitian president before him.
    If the US mainstream media cared for truth or the Haitian people they would not defame a righteous, innocent, duly elected President Jovenel with false charges of illegitimacy, corruption, dictatorship and terrorism, when the facts prove Opposition Oligarchs are guilty of all these atrocities. They would weep and mourn with us who are stunned and grieved by the barbarism that tortured Jovenel and Martine while their three children were in their home; and they would laud a national hero who dared to break the back of corruption and develop his beloved Haiti."

    -Yvonne Melchionne Trimble

  6. Blame the people who you do not like. (America) Then the wife goes to an American hospital. I think the wife had something to do with it. Then they want everything from America. (O please help us Americans we are a poor country we've spent all the money you gave us on my wife's new shoe collection (thank you by the way).). The whole island's corrupt except for the Dominican Republic that's not corrupt. Isn't that weird that Big Island only half of it's f*** up and half isn't f*** up. That's awesome. Anyways u steal money from people your gonna pay somehow, and it sucks but he paid with his life. He should've built a school or a hospital with the money from Venezuela's oil, but he'd rather go out to eat every night and buy his wife whatever she wants. O anyways anyways I hope the regular people don't get the worst of this. Because Haiti is a beautiful place, the white people should've stayed off the island back in the olden days.

  7. because the whole world signed a treaty not to allow Haiti to have import and export that's why the country of Haiti is in the condition that it is if we( Haitian people) had import & export we will have jobs we will have businesses and we will be flourishing whole world signed a Treaty against Haiti due to them getting independence in the 1804 that's why Haiti is poorest country in the Western hemisphere the world wanted that way that's why still midle in our affairs and change our Constitution in 1925

  8. The west should please start minding their own business and stay out of the affairs of sovereign nations. ALKEBULANIANS DOES NOT NEED YOUR INTERFERENCE in our domestic affairs! Stop spinning LIES and killing people, the children of ALKEBULAN ARE AWOKEโœŠ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒโœŠ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒand WE WILL DECOLONIZE OUR MINDS, LAND, RESOURCES and PEOPLE!!! Enough is Enough COLONIALISM MUST END!

  9. Did Moses hit Martine with his hand? Where are the children. Doesn't anyone mention it? Where are the videos at the time of the murder in Moses' room? Nobody talks about this. Who is the woman who will take the place of Moses? Where is the cell phone with which Moisรฉs made the call?

  10. Who lobbied to change the outcome of the operation? Why do all the people involved end up in the same place and not in two places? Who lobbied to change the outcome of the operation? "Was he in charge of protecting the president? Where are the videos inside the residence at the time of moise's death? Who is the woman who was going to take the place of the president?

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