US sends federal agents to Haiti as another suspect arrested in assassination plot

Haitians are facing political turmoil and economic devastation after the assassination of president Jovenel Moise.

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34 thoughts on “US sends federal agents to Haiti as another suspect arrested in assassination plot

  1. The British European Rulers and british european elites came with Ships and Powerful Guns to Steal Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Africa. For example, the British European Rulers and british european elites came with Ships and Powerful Guns to Steal Australia from the Hands of Aborigines who are ligistment Landlords of Australia.

  2. Over the years I have survived multiple assassination attempts for disregarding criminal recruitment into Treason forces. Covered in blood or hunkering down with my cellphone on a 911 dispatch call; fighting for my life. The transnational criminal enterprise still uses special weapons and tactics to suppress me as I assume gang stalking. I had got the notice of a criminal assignment to kill the president when it seemed to me like a familiar pattern of enemy activity; one I've endured in the USA now Haiti. The special reconnaissance group is highly technological and is capable of infiltration of all National Security levels. Paramilitary disregard for me is commonplace as they would wait watch and see dead innocent people; women, children, men, uniform Serviceman, and high ranking officials. I warned federal agencies that I've combated this threat before terminating thousands in Active warfare. I do not have the capacity to seek and eliminate targets but will defend myself as they come to yield me for reprisal.

  3. The assassination of president Jovonel Moïse was no great surprise to me. The day I was returned to Haiti a coup d'etat fallowed just as I warned National Security about in the past; about terrorist acquisitions. I have a case against the group at the tribunal (criminal recruitment) but my family would not support me in this effort neither DCPJ. I Spoke to a BRI member in front of the DCPJ building with a staff member regarding the threat as only one USGPN was dispatched. Another report earlier at the DCPJ criminal report department of a hostile entity too fell short now for me former Ccpt.; Millions plus one dead; this time again a high ranking official. I sent a message to the U.S. GENERAL; "as they come" and have been fighting ever since then as my Kill count rises with my ire.

  4. I can't stand when other countries ask America to bud into their business that's why I can't stand America that's the reason why Taliban whoop their asses for 20 years they need to be here in this country getting these laws and streets in order instead trying to take over another country

  5. wHy HaItI iS sO pOoR ?
    1915 USA invade Haïti and takes possession of their gold reserve.
    1922 National City Bank ( Citybank ) takeover the banque nationale of Haïti
    1984 USA create the Carribean Basin Initiative killing Haitian agriculture in the process
    1995 USA commits economic genocide by "dumping rice" in Haïti, killing the haitian rice production.
    2006 Haïti stops buying US oil, it enters Venezuela' petrocaribe program
    2018 Haïti is pushed out of petrocaribe program, and the US novum energy corp takes over oil- exports to Haïti at higher rates.

    And the list goes on and on.

  6. Chérizier and his Delmas gang: James Alexander, of the Baz Krache Dife ; Ezeckiel Alexandre of the Baz Pilate ; Christ Roy Chery, of the Nan Ti Bwa ; Albert Stevenson, of the Simon Pelé's, Serge Alectis, of the Baz Nan Chabon ; Jean Emiliano Micanor, of the Waf Jérémie ; Cendy Marcellin, of the Nan Boston ; Andris Icard, of the Belekou.

  7. Got a bunch of idiots mercenaries and brainless 'masterminds'. The interrogators will beat the crap out of them till they spill everything!!?? Unless the masterminds rule over the interrogators …..

  8. Listen up ya dummies. Haiti is a US territory, Haiti has a high risk of a civil war at the moment.
    The US was not behind the assassination, you’re acting like the US hasn’t had its own presidential assassinations. Haiti has always and will always receive our help.

  9. Come on, we know these who have been arrested are just pawns, including this doctor who is allegedly the mastermind. The US govt normally wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Haiti because it’s such a poor nation. But it would get involved if it’s for geopolitical reasons. I’m guessing this Haitian president is either not so pro America, or too cozy with China, Cuba, or Venezuela

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