Climate change’s impact on mental health l ABC News

The effects of climate change are not only seen in the physical destruction it causes but also on the mental well-being of the people living in communities across the U.S.

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  1. Hahaha, what fools you are. You just can't think for yourselves. Do you believe from a scientific perspective that the current warming of the earth is caused by humans? Of course, you do, but not because of science. You just believe it in your bones: lots of cars spewing out CO2, ergo, it must be the case, right. It doesnt matter that the predicted change in earths temperature over the next century is only 1 degree C, irrespective of why or how, and It doesn't matter to you about how the lie of human induced global warming got started, deceptively written, as it was, using not only faulty science and statistics but also data manipulation. Sometimes, however, one only needs common sense to solve, what at first glance appears to be a math or science problem. Think about this: two-mile-high ice cubes (glaciers) were covering Mother Earth from the North Pole to deep within Russia, Europe, Canada and parts of America for the better part of 90,000 years only 11,000 years ago. Where did they go? We didn't melt them. Of course, as ice cubes melt they not only provide less thermal cooling they reflect less heat back into the atmosphere and reveal patches of exposed, heat-absorbing earth. The result of all this is that the earth and the ambient temperature goes up. So, faster and faster the ice cubes continue to melt (logrithmically for the mathematically inclined) and faster and faster the earth continues to heat up and faster and faster the ambient temperature goes up. Now, why this process started (and repeats) in the first place is moot: Milankovitch cycles or the theory of Dunn and Ewing be damned. What matters is that the Earth is at the end of this, another, cycle. And people like you and Al Gore and Michael Mann with all your false "statistics", politicking and gibberings are not going to change it. Mother Earth will do what she will do. If you can't stand the heat move, and quit playing God and pretending that you actually know something. Did I change your mind?

  2. The Biden administration is currently working on an infrastructure package and I believe it should set up a US Gov't laboratory whose mission is to solve the climate change problem, given a $10B/yr budget. This money could be used to:

    • Develop factories that mass produce equipment that makes green hydrogen gas (H2), and green liquid ammonia (NH3).

    • Develop factories that mass produce generation 4 nuclear reactors, and automate the construction of nuclear reactor buildings.

    The $10B/yr initiative automates, to the extent required, to make green energy cheaper than carbon-based fuels. This gets us worldwide decarbonization, since customers will buy green to save money. And this gets us capital market participation, which means banks and bond markets will pay for green energy power stations, and factories that supply them. Economic principles state that customers favor lowest cost products, and capital markets follow customers.

    There is a video that talks more about this:

  3. In the UK mass immigration is not helping, building sites all over the countryside, causing fooding etc. Air polution, too many people and too many births escalating more polution and contrubutiong to more polution

  4. Most of you commenters are unbelievable. No one should be able to comment until they have lived 60-70 years. You haven't seen anything yet so shut your holes. And an education wouldn't hurt. So many dumb people with dumb comments.

  5. There's also a widespread constant stress of knowing climate change is here, worsening, and yet we're not doing anything about it. It's like watching humanity collectively walking towards a cliff and you may already be dead when humanity gets to the edge but you know your kids and grandkids won't be.

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  7. Oh I remember thia one; Al Gore's dumb movie that these idiot democrats believed was reality. That's very interesting, the Clintons molested small children and had the star witness killed in jail, why would ABC viewers worry about that when they're saving the planet. Saving the planet justifies a lot primitive behavior from the Democrat party these days. Check this out, mark Zuckernerg sponcered 2000 ballot harvesting programs nation wide last election. Ballot harvesting is illegal. In fact, only in 3rd world American blue states, is mail in voting legal, nowhere in European countries is it allowed FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. But democrats are all cowards and petty thieves, gangsters, weirdos that rub up on whatever to get their rocks off

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